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Fonseca Trending 11/02/21


- WFXP says Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is returning to its pre-pandemic form with 15 giant character balloons, 28 floats and 36 inflatables. The parade will also have 800 clowns, Santa and a Baby Yoda balloon. Carrie Underwood will headline

- PR Newswire says the Butterball turkey talk-line has officially opened for the holiday season. The number is 1-800-288-8372. Operators are standing by to help answer turkey questions ahead of Thanksgiving and Christmas

- The BBC says Apple has lost $6 billion in sales because of the current chip shortage.

- BroBible says Kobe Bryant invested in the sports drink Body Armor before his death. Body Armor is selling their brand to Coca-Cola. Kobe's family will receive $400 million from the deal. Kobe originally invested $6 million in the company in 2014

- Cheat Sheet says Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has purchased a new Ferrari with license plates that spell out 'Singlewide'. The plates are a direct reference to the trailer park Dak grew up in in Princeton, Louisiana

- Collider magazine says Dan Levy is going to be hosting a new cooking competition show on HBO Max called ''The Big Brunch.'' Amateur and professional chefs from across America will create homemade brunch specialties. Dan's father, Eugene is hosting a new travel series on Apple TV+ called ''The Reluctant Traveler''.


Man Gives Corona To Dog And Cat: The Daily Mail says an Arizona man has become the first human to transmit the coronavirus to an animal. The man's dog and cat got the virus after he contracted it. The unvaccinated man is 28 years-old. Both animals were asymptomatic.

We Got This Covered says Jim Carrey may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a villain named Modoc. The character is expected to debut in the new Disney+ series ''She-Hulk''. Modoc also appears in the Ant-Man comics.

The National Enquirer claims Kris Jenner and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, allegedly make 'his and hers' liposuction appointments. A source tells the magazine, “They needed to nip their matching pair of love handles in the bud. Kris is accustomed to getting fat sucked out of her a couple of times a year. She sat him down and told him that his doughy dad bod was bad for the family image. Gamble is noticing amazing results from liposuction. Jenner and Gamble don’t worry about what they eat now because they “can just make another lipo appointment!”

Chain Store Age magazine says Elton John is teaming with Walmart for a new eyewear line called Elton John Eyewear. The glasses will cost up to $100. Over 100 frames will be available at Walmart and Sam's Club. Each frame will have the letter "E"

Radar Online claims Pete Davidson has been pursuing Kim Kardashian for several weeks. They went to a theme park this past weekend. A source says he was extra friendly to her when she hosted ''Saturday Night Live''. “Pete uses the show as his personal dating service. That’s how he met Ariana Grande and that’s how he became friendly with Kim. Pete was more supportive than anyone in the cast when Kim hosted. He went out of his way to make sure she was comfortable and even took time to privately coach Kim to make sure all her jokes landed. It’s the only place in the world where staff is not discouraged to date. Colin Jost met Scarlett Johansson at the show and who can forget Ben Affleck hooking up with the show’s producer Lindsay Shookus? Let’s just say it, Pete loves dating super famous people. He loves the attention and getting chased around by photographers. Right now, press is camped out outside his home in Staten Island, hoping to catch him with Kim, and he loves it. The only time photographers care about Pete is when he is dating someone famous. With Kim he has hit the jackpot. Kim might be the only person in the planet who gets more attention than Ariana Grande. Pete is in heaven right now. His only problem is that Kim doesn’t want to date him.”

Uproxx says Chris Pratt has been cast as the new voice of Garfield. Bill Murray voiced Garfield in the 2006 movie ''Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties''. Davd Reynolds, who wrote Finding Nemo, is writing the script to this new movie.

The Internet reacts ...

Only Bill Murray can voice Garfield. I think it says so in the Constitution…

wtf bill murray is still alive and working

first mario, now garfield

Radar Online says Carole Baskin is suing Netflix. She wants all of the footage of her removed from ''Tiger King 2''. She says producers are passing off old interview footage as new. Carole says the footage misrepresents her and her organization. She also says Netflix and Tiger King make her look responsible for her first husband's vanishing.

The Daily Mail says Hulu is doing a documentary on Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime show. The documentary will reveal what really happened when Justin ripped off Janet's top and bared her breast to millions of people. The FCC received 540,000 complaints. The documentary is called "Malfunction".

The NY Post says Leonardo DiCaprio went to a Halloween party in Beverly Hills, California dressed as a 100-year old man. A source tells the newspaper, “Leo went as a 100-year-old man in professional makeup so no one recognized him.”

The NY Post says Happy Days star Henry Winkler is auctioning off Fonzie's jacket.The other Fonzie jacket was sold to the Smithsonian Institute in 1980. The jacket, Fonzie's jeans, a T-shirt and motorcycle boots are expected to sell for $70,000

Radar Online says Chris Tucker owes the IRS $9.4 million. They recently hit him with a federal tax lien. The IRS has told Chris that they will start seizing his assets if he doesn't start paying his taxes.

We Got This Covered says Sofia Vergara is in talks to play the lead in a new Narcos spinoff called ''Emerald''. The Netflix show will chronicle the life of famed drug lord Griselda Blanco. Blanco ran drugs in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She became a billionaire by bringing in $80 million a month. Jennifer Lopez was in talks to play Griselda

The National Enquirer claims Nick Cannon is allegedly paying people to be a part of his studio audience for his talk show. An online casting call for the show allegedly reads; “Studio Audience / 20-50 / Woman / White, Eastern European / Non-union $60.” A source says “It’s clear the show is having a hard time filling the seats, particularly among certain demographics. Every time crew members see a fresh face they beg the person to come to a taping within the next 24 hours. But the show is new — they’re still trying to generate buzz and get it off the ground.”


High School Football Team Loses 106-0: KCBS says Inglewood High School, in Ingleside California, is under fire for beating Inglewood Morningside High School 106-0 in football. Inglewood quarterback Justyn Martin threw 13 touchdowns. His team is undefeated. Basketball announcer Dick Vitale criticized Inglewood with the following post; “This violates everything you want from a leader of a HS team. How can anyone in their right mind defend the Coach of Inglewood? He is up 104-0 & goes for 2 pt conversion to win 106-0.”

THE 10 WORST CHRISTMAS PRESENTS YOU COULD EVER BUY.. According to a new survey by the Olio app

1. A dead plant 34%

2. A cheap or out-of-date box of chocolates 29%

3. Toilet roll 29%

4. Perfume that smells awful 26%

5. The same present someone gave you last Christmas 25%

6. A mop and bucket 24%

7. Ill-fitting clothes 23%

8. baked beans 22%

9. A diet book 21%

10. A dustpan and brush 21%

Holiday Gift Survey

A new survey by The Toy Association reveals that 62% of people say they spend too much time on holiday shopping. Other findings:

- 41% of parents say their children are disappointed if they don't get them the gifts they want

- 62% of kids want toys for Christmas. 58% want Electronics

- 80% of parents feel pressure to make the holiday season the most memorable one ever for their children

- 74% of parents feel guilty if they can't afford the toys their children want

WHAT CAUSES THE MOST HOLIDAY STRESS? …. According to a new survey by Walgreens

Gifts being delivered late/getting lost in the mail (48%)

Safety/health concerns of in-person events and shopping (48%)

Traffic when shopping/traveling (43%)

Weather conditions while shopping/traveling (42%)

Safety/health concerns at family gatherings (40%)

Bigger crowds when shopping in-person (39%)

Staying within budget (25%)

Seeing family/friends for the first time in months (23%)

Dear Fonseca

We left several bowls of Halloween candy on our porch on Sunday night because my husband and I were tired and went to bed early. Last night, he was bored so he checked our Ring camera to see, who visited us on Halloween. My husband got about 10 minutes in before going ballistic. Our camera caught one of our neighbors stealing all of our candy. My husband is outraged and plans to speak with her and her teenage children today. He wants to be reimbursed for the candy. He says if we don't get paid than he is going to the police to file a report for theft. Our next door neighbor says we are blowing things out of proportion. Where do you stand on this? Is my husband right?

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