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Fonseca Trending 10/27/20


- CBS says sales of board games have jumped by 21% since the coronavirus pandemic started.

- ABC says outdoor pumpkin workouts are trending ahead of Halloween.Individuals and health clubs are using the pumpkins when squatting, when doing curls, when doing chest presses and when balancing.

- The NY Post says Apple is redesigning its Airpods for next year. They plan to trim their stems.

- Pop Culture Country says Gwen Stefani has recorded a new holiday song for the Hallmark Channel called "Here This Christmas''.

- MovieWeb News says Tom Holland has arrived in Atlanta to begin shooting his third Spider-Man movie.

- The Daily Mail says Gucci is selling a $1,200 feather down jacket for babies. The jacket is for children ages three to six months. Kids will most likely outgrow the jacket after that.


Election Night Survival Kit Sells Out:Marketing Dive says Babe Wine has sold out of their Election Night Survival Kit. The $30 kit included a stress ball, Kleenex, a pillow with the words SCREAM HERE, bottles of red wine and a four pack of Babe Rosé wine. Babe Wine says they may be able to restock their kits by this Thursday

Lewis Capaldi tells the Press Of Atlantic City that he is a foodie."Food is amazing for any occasion. When someone dies, there’s sandwiches at the funeral. When someone gets married, what's that - yum! And of course, when you’re on a date you’re eating the food off the table and if you’re into that sort of thing, in the bedroom!"

Niall Horan tells ITV News that he and Lewis Capaldi have been drinking beer and writing songs during the pandemic."We’re good friends. He’s working on his album at the moment and I’m just writing bits and pieces. He’s been down to London, made some pieces. We’ve had a few more pints than we’ve written songs and that kind of gives away the friendship more than anything."

Gabby Barrett tells Amazon Music that her career didn't immediately take off after 'American Idol.'"None of the record deals in town wanted anything to do with me. Everybody initially passed. And so, I just stuck my nose to the ground really riding on writing. Coming off a television show where you do mainly cover songs, nobody knows if you're able to do any original music, if it's able to sound good. So I really just focused on writing and diving into the Nashville community."

Jason Derulo tells The Guardian that having nieces makes him think about becoming a father."I have three nieces. I try to be a cool uncle, give them experiences I didn’t have. I’d be lying if I said the thought of having kids didn’t cross my mind. As the years go by you’re like, “What is it all for?”"

Life & Style Weekly Magazine says Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. are allegedly planning to move in together.A source tells the magazine,  ''Holmes is crazy about Emilio and it shows. He feels the same way, and their relationship is moving really, really quickly. They’re practically living together anyway. Katie seems to be rushing the relationship. She’s blinded by love.''

The National Enquirer claimsTom Cruise is allegedly concerned about what Cher is going to say in her new memoir about their past relationship.A source tells the magazine, “Cher has only good things to say about their relationship. Cher has some explosive secrets and intimate details. They had a strong physical attraction when they met at a White House event back in the 80’s and eventually, they hooked up. It was very hot, very intense, and over in a matter of weeks, but it left a nice impression on Cher. Cher won’t tell anyone about the book’s contents until it’s complete. Lockdown has given her a lot of time for reflection and she’s promising to finish it by the end of the year.

WJET says Jamie Foxx's 36 year-old sister, Deondra Dixon, has died.

Jamie posted, “My heart is shattered into a million pieces… my beautiful loving sister Deondra has transitioned. I say transitioned because she will always be alive… anyone who knew my sis… knew that she was a bright light. I can’t tell you how many times we have had parties at the house where she has got on the dance floor and stolen the show. She gave her “boyfriend” Chris Brown “a run for his money.” Well I know she is in heaven now dancing with her wings on…tho my pain is unbelievable I smile when I think of all of the great memories that she left me.''

Entertainment Tonight saysThe Rock recently got injured while working out.Blood was streaming from over his left eye. He said, “We ain’t playin’ tiddlywinks and we ain’t reciting nursery rhymes – it’s called the #ironparadise for a reason and things get extremely intense.” The Rock needed several stitches to close his wound. He hit himself in the head with a 50 lb chain

We Got This Covered says Brie Larson wants more female superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.She is pushing for Marvel to cast more heroines alongside her in ''Captain Marvel 2.'' No word on which female superheroes would star with Brie 

AV Club says Adam Sandler is going to star in a new Netflix movie called "The Spaceman of Bohemia".He will play an astronaut who’s “sent to the edge of the galaxy to collect mysterious ancient dust.”

10 Most Haunted States In America  … From a new study by the group Ghosts of America

 1. Texas: 

2. California

3. Ohio:

4. Michigan: 

5. Illinois

6. Indiana

7. Pennsylvania.

8. Oklahoma

9. New York

10. Virginia:

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