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Fonseca Trending 10/25/21


- Fox News says Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective in kids.

- A new survey by the NPD Group reveals that 51% of consumers will start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving

- BroBible says Mike Tyson is going to fight YouTube star Logan Paul in February.Tyson believes the pay-per-view will generate over $100 million

- KHOU says a Houston furniture store owner, named Mattress Mack, has made a $3.3 million bet on the Astros to beat the Braves in the World Series. If they do, he will win $36 million.

- The Banner Press says Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, recently married Lewis Thornton Allen. Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster attended the wedding. Vin walked Meadow down the aisle

- WGHP says Peter Scolari, who starred alongside Tom Hanks in the 1980s sitcom ''Bosom Buddies'', has died at the age of 66 after a two-year battle with cancer.

Entertainment Tonight says Corey Feldman is auctioning off his prosthetic ear from the movie ''Stand By Me''. He says, “I don’t know what you’re going to do with the ear. Wear it for Halloween, throw darts at it, use it as a coaster! The possibilities are limitless.” The auction starts on Sunday, October 31st

- The Verge says Lego is selling a $250 Home Alone Lego set. It has 3,995 pieces and is an exact replica of Macaulay Culkin's home in the movie. It also features Joe Pesci's character

- Totally the Bomb says Crocs is launching their own line of boots. They sell for $75 at Famous Footwear.

- TMZ says Brian Laundrie's family plans to cremate him and then keep his remains in their home.

- The Daily News-Record says the price for a regular gallon of gas has jumped 13 cents over the past two weeks to $3.44 per gallon. That's up $1.22 from a year ago


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. Dune - $40.1 Million (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $165 million to produce)

2. Halloween Kills - $14.5 Million

3. No Time to Die - $11.8 Million

4. Venom: Let There be Carnage - $9.1 Million

5. Ron's Gone Wrong - $7.3 Million

6. The Addams Family 2 - $4.3 Million

7. The Last Duel - $2.1 Million

8. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - $2 Million

9. The French Dispatch - $1.3 Million

10. Free Guy - $258K

Halloween Costume Shortage: NBC says a Halloween costume shortage is now occurring because of supply chain issues. Consumers are having a hard time finding makeup, spandex and angel wings. Some Halloween retailers aren't experiencing a shortage because they saved all of their costumes from last year. Many people didn't trick or treat last year because of the Coronavirus. Some people are having a hard time finding cow costumes so costume shops are telling customers to paint black spots on white t-shirts. Toddler costumes are also in short supply

Xmas Light Shortage: Slate magazine says a Christmas light shortage exists due to supply chain issues. Many of the lights are made in Asia where there is a labor shortage due to the coronavirus. Christmas trees and their decorations are quadrupling in price due to the issues.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shortage: Business Insider says an ugly Christmas sweater shortage is occurring because of supply chain issues. says many of the 100,000 sweaters they are expected to sell this year haven't arrived yet because of shipping issues. The company is selling 93 different types of holiday sweaters this year ranging in price from $52 to $60.

Couple Has Wedding Photoshoot At Subway: Newsweek magazine says a Livonia, Michigan couple recently had a wedding photoshoot outside of the Subway restaurant where they first met. Julie Bushart and Zach Williams met when her mother played matchmaker during lunch. The couple posed with sandwiches and next to a Subway convertible.

Julie says, "Mom and I cooked up the master plan of how she'd chase him down in the parking lot to give him my number written on our receipt. When he got up to leave, I never saw my mom move so fast. All of our guests at our reception were huge fans of the late-night snack table, filled with our favorite Subway subs and cookies, too. A huge heartfelt shoutout to Subway for making this happen and making it the coolest experience we'll remember forever."

The NY Post, citing Showbiz411, says Alec Baldwin was given a gun with real ammunition before he accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his new movie "Rust". A source tells People magazine, ''Baldwin was hysterical and absolutely inconsolable for hours following the shooting. Everyone knows this was an accident, but he's absolutely devastated. It's going to take him time to figure all this out. He needs to take a while to himself, to be with his family."

The NY Post says Alec is being haunted by a former tweet he posted about a California police officer shooting a violent suspect. In 2017, Alec posted; “I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.”

The NY Post says Hutchins was killed by a live bullet and not a blank. Someone placed the live bullet in the gun before giving it to Alec. The police are continuing to investigate

The Sun says Alec's wife, Hilaria, fled New York with their six children on Friday. No word on where they were being taken.

Halyna Hutchins‘ father, Anatoly Androsovych, says, “We still can’t believe Halyna is dead and her mother is going out of her mind with grief. But I don’t hold Alec Baldwin responsible; it is the responsibility of the props people who handle the guns.”

The Los Angeles Times says six camera crew members walked off the set to protest poor working conditions. They were upset with the long hours and trouble getting their paychecks.

Alec released a statement saying, “There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother, and deeply admired colleague of ours. I’m fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and I am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family.”

Radar Online says Alec's gun handler, Hannah Reed, was reportedly careless with a gun on the set of Nicolas Cage's movie ''The Old Way''. A source says, "She was reloading the gun on the ground, where there were pebbles and stuff. We didn't see her check it, we didn't know if something got in the barrel or not. She was a bit careless with the guns, waving it around every now and again. There were a couple times she was loading the blanks and doing it in a fashion that we thought was unsafe."

OK! magazine claims Alec Baldwin's accidental shooting was allegedly caught on camera. A source tells the magazine, “The camera was facing Alec who was shooting in the cameras general direction during a rehearsal scene that was being recorded. The cameras captured Alec shooting but Halyna and Joel were behind the camera so I don’t think the cameras captured them being shot.”

The Rock tells Vanity Fair magazine that he is leaning against running for President.“Conversations always swirl when it comes to me running for POTUS one day. The latest poll showed that 46% of Americans would support me running for President. For my @vanityfair interview, I spent a lot of time with my writer (and tequila drinking buddy:), Chris Heath about my honest feelings regarding this unbelievable support I potentially could have. At the end of the day, I don’t know the first thing about politics. I care deeply about our country. And I care about every American who bleeds red — and that’s all of them. There’s no delusion here. I may have some leadership qualities but that doesn’t necessarily make me a great Presidential candidate. And that’s where I am today.”

Deadline Hollywood says Ryan Gosling is going to play Ken in the new Barbie doll movie starring Margot Robbie. The film is expected to start shooting early next year. Ryan cleared part of his schedule to do the film.

TMZ says Shaquille O'Neal has sold his Orlando, Florida mansion for $16.5 million. It has 12 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a Chef's Kitchen, a pool, a recording studio, a home theater, an aquarium room and a cigar and wine bar. Shaquille listed the home in 2018 for $28 million.

The NY Post says Paris Hilton plans to wear a Valentino wedding dress when she marries Carter Reum. Paris' wedding registry has over $60,000 worth of merchandise on it including a $4,885 Baccarat vase, a $1,845 caviar vodka set, $250 ice tongs and a $1,000 crystal caviar server with a spoon

ABC says Harrison Ford recently lost his credit card while filming the new Indiana Jones movie in Italy. A Good Samaritan found the card and gave it to the police. They tracked Harrison down and returned the card. He took a selfie with the police officers.

Star Wars star Mark Hamill tells The Blast that he no longer scares his neighborhood kids at Halloween. “I love the trick-or-treaters. I have, it’s up in the attic, this really creepy Nosferatu, over-the-head mask, and I answered the door with this on my face and to see the four- and five-year-olds just recoil in horror, [my wife] Marilou saying, ‘It’s not a good look for you to be scaring these kids,’ so I retired that.”

Stress Survey

A new survey by One Poll reveals that Americans feel most stressed at age 36. Other findings:

- 31% of people drink alcohol to de-stress

- 29% of people eat junk food to de-stress

- 40% of people exercise to de-stress

- 46% of people listen to music to de-stress

- 35% of people watch television or movies to de-stress

- 29% of people limit their screen time in order to de-stress

Halloween Costume Survey

A new survey by Goodwill reveals that 28% of people will dress as a TV, movie or video game character for Halloween this year. Other findings:

- 25% of people with dress as either a witch, a ghost, a zombie or a werewolf this year.

- 24% of people are planning to design a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume this year

Top Halloween Candy ... According to a new survey by RetailMeNot

M&Ms ... 55%

Reese’s ... 54%

Kit Kat’s ... 50%.

Snickers ... 48%

Hershey Bars ... 44%

Twix ... 42%

Skittles ... 29%

Candy Corn ... 28%

Dear Fonseca

My mother is 61. She teaches Zumba to stay busy and in shape. One of my friends told me that my mom started a Tik-Tok account. I thought they were joking until they showed it to me. My mother is posting Zumba and dance videos. She's barely wearing anything. I confronted her about the videos over the weekend and told her that she is too old to be posting things like this. She disagrees and says she doesn't care what people think. Should there be a cut-off age when people can post videos like this on social media? Should my mom be doing this because she's not only embarrassing herself and me, but the rest of our family including the grandkids? I think she's selfish for not taking this into account.

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