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Fonseca Trending 10/20/21

Fisher-Price's Iconic Toy Telephone Can Now Make Real Phone Calls

Remember the classic toy phone Fisher-Price made that looks like a car with a face on it? They came out in 1961, and every kid had one in the '80s and '90s too . . . usually a hand-me-down. Well, the newest version just got a major upgrade. It can now make REAL phone calls. Fisher-Price is selling a new Bluetooth version of it that looks like the classic toy, but pairs with your smartphone. So you or your kids can use it to make actual phone calls. It's still got the classic rotary dial that spins around . . . so, have fun teaching your kids what THAT'S all about. And a man's voice says each digit out loud when you dial . . . so you can learn your numbers.

They cost $60, and you can only get them at Best Buy. They're not on sale yet, but you can pre-order one on their website. Fisher-Price is still selling the normal, non-Bluetooth kids' version for $10. But with that one, you'll have to go back to just pretending you're on the phone.

10 Pre-Pandemic Irritations That Are Back as Things Return to Normal

Now that some things have returned to normal . . . or at least a NEW normal . . . we can go back to complaining about the stuff we used to complain about before we complained about the pandemic. A new survey asked people what everyday irritations they are NOT happy to have come back . . . and the most popular response was "sitting in traffic." Now that we are all back on the roads, traffic is a thing again. Not everything on the list is an OLD annoyance. For example, the second-most popular answer is "taking COVID-19 tests."

Other popular responses include: Filling up the car with gas more often . . . commuting . . . having LESS spare time to do household chores . . . finding a parking space . . . having to clean the house for visitors . . . Having to attend social events . . . going to meetings in person . . . and having to visit extended family members like the in-laws.

It's Official . . . We Hate Cooking Again

Remember at the start of the pandemic when everyone discovered cooking and LOVED it? Yeah, that's officially over . . . 35% of Americans say the pandemic has, quote, "exhausted their love for cooking." And just under 40% say their patience in the kitchen is at an all-time low. The fact that life is starting to get more hectic again has a lot to do with it. Almost half of people said they're too busy to cook now, and being in the kitchen is the LAST thing they want to do. Here are five more quick stats on America's cooking habits . . . 1. 77% of us feel confident in our cooking skills. But ideally, we want to spend less than 25 minutes on a meal. A lot of people said it usually takes more like an hour. 2. 69% of people said they'd enjoy cooking more if there was less clean-up afterward. 3. Another reason we're sick of cooking is we tend to make the same meals a lot. 51% said it feels like they just make the same recipes over and over again. And 26% get frustrated deciding on what to make. 4. 41% say that just thinking about their next meal feels draining. 5. And finally, what would we do with all that free time if we didn't have to cook so much? The #1 answer was . . . watch more TV.

Top 5 Signs Your Child is Addicted to Technology

Is your kid begging for the new Fisher-Price toy phone that actually makes calls through Bluetooth connectivity? Then add that to today's list of the . . . Top 5 Signs Your Child is Addicted to Technology. You bribe him to finish his vegetables with Bitcoin. She used Legos to build a cloud infrastructure. He doesn't know how to ride a bike. He DOES know how to hack the Federal Reserve. For a bedtime story, you told her about this magical place called "outside." You held his birthday party at an Apple Store. For Halloween she's going as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Somehow, he taught the dog how to use Venmo. Her favorite book is "Oh, The Places You'll Deepfake". Know how some kids make a pillow fort? Yeah, he made a pillow hot-spot.

Who's Most Likely to Overspend on Halloween? Parents and Gen Z

Halloween may not seem like an EXPENSIVE holiday, but if you have kids it can get pricey. According to a new survey, 75% of Americans say they'll spend money on Halloween this year . . . mostly on things like candy, pumpkins, carving supplies, outdoor decorations, and costumes for kids. 41% of parents with kids under 18 say they're "splurging" on Halloween this year. So are 57% of Gen Z'ers. The main motivation for parents is "making their children happy," and the main motivation for Gen Z is FOMO . . . fear of missing out. Social media is also driving people to spend more, likely on special costumes and decorations.

The survey also asked how people will celebrate Halloween this year, and the top responses were: Watching a scary movie . . . buying Halloween treats . . . decorating their home . . . and dressing up to go trick-or-treating.

Here's a Trick That Lets Couples Get a Whole Row of Airplane Seats to Themselves

Are you flying somewhere for the holidays with your significant other? Before you buy tickets, here's a trick that might make your trip a little more comfortable. Someone came up with a hack that lets two people flying together get a whole row of seats to themselves. It's not foolproof, but it's worth a shot. Here's what to do . . . First, look for rows with all three seats open. If there aren't any, or the flight gets fully booked, you're out of luck. But that's step one. And book two of them . . . the window seat, and the aisle seat. Maybe you've tried that part before, because obviously the middle seat is the worst. Those are the last seats people pick. And even if someone does end up between you, they'll probably switch seats, so you can sit together. But this second part is where the magic happens: If possible, choose seats in row THIRTEEN. A lot of people get superstitious, especially when they know they'll be 30,000 feet up with no control. So if you book a window and aisle seat in row 13, there's even less of a chance someone will book the seat between you.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. KATE BECKINSALE revealed the cause for her ER visit last month. She threw her back out trying to put on a pair of leggings in her hotel room. But she's much better now. 2. ADRIAN HOLMES, who plays Uncle Phil in the upcoming "Fresh Prince" reboot, was involved in a fatal traffic incident Monday night. He and two other drivers hit a man who was just living in the road in downtown L.A. The man died from his injuries. 3. Former Victoria's Secret model ERIN HEATHERTON says she started taking a drug nicknamed "bathwater meth" when she felt like she was gaining weight. Quote, "I was just like, 'Let me Lance Armstrong this because I'm renovating my condo. I can't lose my job right now.'" 4. On yesterday's "Inside the NBA", SHAQ said he was a better center than WILT CHAMBERLAIN. Well, that didn't sit well with CHARLES BARKLEY, who yelled, quote, "Oh, you're not better than Wilt! . . .Stop it! You're already getting petty!" 5. HARRY STYLES has a cameo in "The Eternals" as Eros. He's the brother of Thanos, but they're nothing alike. Eros is a good guy, and his powers include being able to stimulate people's pleasure centers. 6. MEGHAN MCCAIN says "The View" was a toxic environment, where she felt ganged up on for being the only Republican. The thing that finally convinced her to leave was when she returned from maternity leave, and JOY BEHAR made a nasty comment about not missing her. 7. ADELE's choice for her last meal ever is McDonald's. She likes to get Chicken McNuggets, a Big Mac, and fries . . . she said she eats it at least once a week. 8. A list of rock and metal icons that make for fun Halloween costumes includes: any member of KISS or Slipknot . . . Slash . . . David Bowie . . . and Alice Cooper. 9. The #1 rap song on iTunes is "Let's Go, Brandon" by a guy named Loza Alexander. It's an anti-Biden song inspired by fans at a NASCAR race chanting "[Eff] Joe Biden," which a reporter mistook for "Let's Go, Brandon". 10. DUSTIN LYNCH admits that being a country star is a "hell of a pickup line." And yet, he has to be cautious . . . because country stars have an image to keep up. 11. ASHLEY MCBRYDE is still sore and dealing with dizzy spells from last month's horse riding accident. But she's back to performing, which she believes is helping with the healing process.

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