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Fonseca Trending 10/18/21

New Trend? "Slow Living"

Does it seem like people are always trying to stay BUSY? They've got a jam-packed calendar and brag about it . . . like it's a GOOD thing. It's as though being "busy" automatically mean you're successful . . . popular . . . productive . . . and driven. But perhaps some of those people are ACTUALLY tired and on the brink of burning out. That could be why the concept of "slow living" is starting to pick up steam as something good. There are more than 3.5 million posts for #TheArtOfSlowLiving on Instagram, and things like self-care, "me-time," and saying "no" to invites are now being celebrated on social media. "Slow living" fans argue life is better when you can appreciate things as they happen . . . rather than manically ticking things off your to-do list. It's unclear if the pandemic had an impact on this becoming a thing. But it definitely forced people to spend more time at home . . . and it cut back on the running around that many people did in their pre-pandemic hustle.

Name a Weird Ingredient That Will Instantly Make a Food Even Better

Do you have a go-to food hack? Someone asked people to name a secret ingredient that can make your favorite food even better. Here are some of the weirder suggestions we've seen . . . 1. Instead of salting your popcorn, use ramen noodle seasoning. Just tear that little silver packet open and dump some of the powder on with melted butter. 2. Mustard in your mac-and-cheese. A little bit of Dijon adds some zest and gives the flavors more depth. Just don't overdo it. You don't want it to actually taste like mustard. 3. Tajin seasoning on fruit. This one's not that weird. A lot of people swear by it. It's called a "Mexican Fruit Cup." 4. Instant coffee in your chocolate chip cookie batter. The person who suggested it says instant coffee works best, because it dissolves. Regular coffee messes with the texture too much. 5. Making grilled cheese with mayonnaise instead of butter. Put a little mayo, hot sauce, and garlic powder in the pan instead of butter. It's supposed to be much better. 6. Sour cream in your scrambled eggs. Before you cook them, mix in a tablespoon of sour cream, and use less milk than normal. It's supposed to make them fluffier, and they'll also taste better.

A List of Things People Only Pretend to Like Includes NFTs and "Other People's Kids"

People online are debating the things everyone just PRETENDS to like . . . and somehow "other people's kids" was not the most popular answer. Someone suggested it, but a bunch of people said they LIKE other people's kids . . . sometimes. But everyone is in agreement that STRANGERS' kids are horrible.

Here are some more things everyone only pretends to like . . . NFTs . . . company holiday parties . . . TV shows like "The Voice" and "The Masked Singer" . . . watching golf on TV . . . neighbors . . . vacationing with extended family . . . pregnancy . . . running . . . going to church on Sunday . . . Facebook . . . "influencers" . . . the injected lips trend . . . small talk . . . working a corporate job and using phrases like "manage client expectations" and "circle back" . . . and "people," just in general.

Heinz Is Selling "Tomato Blood" Costume Kits for Halloween

Have you ever used ketchup as fake blood? The people at Heinz claim a lot of people do it. So now they're selling a new ketchup "costume kit" for Halloween. Each kit comes with a normal, 20-ounce bottle of Heinz ketchup . . . except the label says "Tomato BLOOD." You also get a makeup palette, brushes, makeup sponge, eye-dropper, fake tattoos, rhinestones, vampire teeth, and false eyelashes. You can score a kit for $20 at until they sell out. Or if you only want the "Tomato Blood" ketchup bottle, they're selling them in grocery stores nationwide.

Hooters Forced Waitresses to Wear Even Skimpier Shorts, but Promptly Reversed Course

Hooters waitresses have to deal with a lot . . . like your drunk uncle who actually BELIEVES they're super into him. But this was a bridge too far . . . Hooters just changed the shorts its waitresses have to wear, and made them skimpier . . . which is saying something, because the old ones were already pretty skimpy. The new ones are like THONG underwear, so most of your butt shows. They have to wear leggings under them, or they might accidentally reveal a little TOO much. And initially, it was mandatory. They couldn't wear the old shorts anymore. Someone got their hands on a copy of the memo Hooters sent to employees. It basically said that if they didn't like the new shorts, they should test drive them for two weeks and see if they could get used to them. If not, they had two options: They could ask to be transferred to a, quote, "non-image based position" at the restaurant, but probably make less money. Or they could quit. There was immediate backlash online from employees who didn't want to wear them. One said she didn't think it was fair, because they're not the shorts she agreed to wear when they hired her. And it looks like all that attention on social media worked. Hooters just put out a statement that says they're updating their policy. Staff members will now have the OPTION of wearing the new shorts. Or, they can keep wearing the old ones that offer more coverage.

Jack-o'-Lantern Hack: Use a Power Drill to Hollow Out Your Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving can be a fun way to spend quality time with your family. But if you just wanna get to the actual carving as fast as possible, this'll help . . . There's a pumpkin hack making the rounds on social media that lets you hollow them out a lot faster. Normally, you have to cut the top open. Then you scoop all the seeds and other gunk out with a spoon, or your hands. A lot of people find that part gross. But it's less of a mess and a whole lot faster if you use a POWER DRILL. You'll also need a power mixer, or at least an egg beater attachment from one. Just take one of those . . . put it in a power drill like a drill bit . . . and go to town. It'll scrape down the inside of your pumpkin out a lot faster. And when you turn the pumpkin over, everything should fall right out.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. SEAN PENN and his wife LEILA GEORGE are divorcing after just over a year of marriage. Sean is 61, and Leila is 29. She's also the daughter of actor VINCENT D'ONOFRIO, who's only a year older than Sean. 2. KATEY SAGAL from "The Conners" and "Sons of Anarchy" was hit by a car while crossing an L.A. street on Thursday. She's okay, though. She was only briefly hospitalized. 3. AARON RODGERS rushed for a touchdown to seal the Packers' victory over the Bears yesterday, then he turned to Chicago fans and yelled, quote, "I've owned you all my [effing] life! I still own you! I still own you!" 4. RYAN REYNOLDS said it's time for a, quote, "little sabbatical" from making movies after filming the upcoming Apple TV+ Christmas movie, "Spirited". He said, quote, "I'm gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists." 5. The version of Morpheus that YAHYA ABDUL-MATEEN II plays in the new "Matrix" isn't the same one LAURENCE FISHBURNE played in the original trilogy. He's, quote, "a different iteration of the character." 6. "America's Got Talent: Extreme" has temporarily halted production after a contestant was nearly killed rehearsing his stunt. 41-year-old Jonathan Goodwin was sandwiched between two cars in midair, then fell and hit his head on the ground. He's in critical condition. 7. DirecTV did a survey where they asked 2,200 people if they recognized the theme songs to 15 shows. The most recognizable was "Jeopardy!", closely followed by "Seinfeld", "Friends", and "The Simpsons". 8. MOTLEY CRUE singer VINCE NEIL was performing with his own band on Friday night when he fell off the stage. He had to be rushed to the hospital because he broke a few ribs. 9. MICK JAGGER responded to PAUL MCCARTNEY's comments about THE ROLLING STONES being a, quote, "blues cover band." Mick said during last Thursday's concert, quote, "Paul McCartney is here . . . he's going to help us . . . he's going to join us in a blues cover later on."

10. LUKE BRYAN's wife Caroline was asked what it's like being married to a sex symbol, and she gave the best response ever. She said Luke's "ass shaking" has made them a lot of money.

11. Remember JOE DON ROONEY's DUI arrest last month when he crashed into a tree? TMZ got the police report, and Joe Don blamed it on a deer that ran into the road. They also discovered that he failed several sobriety tests. 12. CHRIS STAPLETON had to cancel his concert on Saturday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota because of laryngitis. He posted an apology to his fans and re-scheduled the show for November 14th.

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