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Fonseca Trending 10/16/20


- Fansided says Miller High Life has created a breakfast beer called Brunch So Hard IPA? It has hints of orange and mango and pairs well with French toast, pancakes and Eggs benedict.

- QSR magazine says Taco Bell is bringing back its  'Steal A Base, Steal A Taco' promotion for the 2020 World Series.   Taco Bell fans will receive a free taco after the first base is stolen in the World Series

- Variety magazine says 3.6 million people watched the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night. That's down 55% from the year before 

- DisInsider says Disneyland is facing a $2 billion revenue loss this year because of the coronavirus 


Hormel Creates Bacon-Scented Coronavirus Mask: The Daily Star says Hormel has created a bacon-scented coronavirus mask. The description for it reads; ''Breathable Bacon is a revolutionary face mask “featuring the latest in pork-scented technology. It features a two-ply multi-fibre filter to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around your nose and mouth.”

Hormel's website crashed yesterday because of people trying to get the mask 

Justin Bieber tells Teen Vogue magazine that he has one complaint about married life."I love the fact that we get to wake up next to each other every morning, no matter how bad the day before was. Something I don’t like is that Haley (Baldwin) steals the weighted blanket from me at night.”

Just Jared says Lady Gaga is going to begin filming her new movie, ''Gucci'', in Italy in March.Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Adam Driver and Jared Leto also star in the movie about Gucci's wife killing him in 1995 

Beverly Hills 90210 director Joel Fiegenbaum tells the Beverly Hills 90210 Show podcast that someone was pranking Jessica Alba when they told her not to make eye contact with the show's stars."It's very possible someone could have said that to her, either seriously or not. I can't imagine who it would have been. It certainly wasn't one of the cast. The only other people it might have been, an AD (assistant director) or maybe somebody in the makeup and hair trailer. I don't doubt that she heard that somehow, but I certainly was never aware of it and you certainly never saw that on the set anyway. Who knows? It could have been maybe even before she ever came to 90210, before she was even cast in the part. For all I know, somebody else was messing with her, but to my knowledge, that certainly wasn't a rule on the set by any means. All of the regular cast was extremely friendly and really open to the guest stars."

We Got This Covered claims Ryan Reynolds has allegedly asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige if he can find a role for his wife, Blake Lively, in the Marvel Universe.The website says Blake might play Deadpool's love interest if Morena Baccarin leaves the franchise.

Metro UK says Matthew Perry is getting in shape to star with Meryl Streep in a new comedy called "Don't Look Up." He tweeted; ‘I just booked a movie with Meryl Streep! If you need me, I’ll be on the treadmill for the next 6 weeks. #Don’tlookup.’ 

The film also stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothee Chalamet, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill and Ariana Grande. 

Philly Voice says Adam Sandler is in Philadelphia filming a new Netflix movie. He called a local guitar shop because he needed a guitar for an acoustic recording. The folks at Dipinto Guitars brought several guitars to Adam's movie trailer. He added a DiPinto Galaxie 2 double humbucker to his collection

Celebrity Insider saysa petition has been started to get Lisa Rinna booted from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.Over 2,000 people have signed the petition. It reads: ‘Lisa Rinna’s tweets and actions she has recorded and posted on social media [are] hateful and disrespectful to fans [and] viewers of the show. She prompts toxic responses from people and is alienating people from watching the show. Her presence is killing the show.’ saysLeBron James celebrated his fourth NBA championship by buying a $2 million Mercedes Maybach.he SUV has silver rims and a beige and black interior. A source tells the website, “Lebron celebrated his big win with a very big reward for himself, a rare Mercedes-Maybach SUV worth almost $2 million. It’s such a rare vehicle and hard to find because there were only 99 made. It’s been something he’s wanted to add to his car collection, so he’s had his feelers out for a while. One came available and the timing was perfect for him to treat himself after the big win.”

Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Pets ... According to a new survey by the National Retail Federation 

1 Pumpkin

2 Hot dog

3 Superhero

4 Cat

5 Bumblebee

6 Ghost

7 Dog

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