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Fonseca Trending 10/15/20


- The NY Daily News says Pfizer has gotten FDA approval to test their coronavirus vaccine on kids as young as 12.

- Brobible says Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has tested positive for the coronavirus. He is at home and has no symptoms.

- The Chicago Sun-Times claims the NFL has canceled this year's Pro Bowl in Las Vegas because of the Coronavirus 

- The Wrap says XFL owner Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson plans to support players, who kneel during the National Anthem. He says, “If our players decide to stand or kneel, they do it in unity… Us as owners it’s our job to identify what their pain is and to take care of them.”

- We Got This Covered says Disney wants Robert Downey Jr. for a future Star Wars project. Disney insiders aren't saying anything about the role or storyline.

- Deadline Hollywood says Joaquin Phoenix is going to play Napoleon in a new movie titled "Kitbag". The movie will chronicle Napoleon's quick rise to power and his relationship with his wife, Josephine 

- Yahoo News says Coffee Mate has created an M&M's-flavored coffee creamer.The new creamer will hit store shelves in January 2021 

- Totally the Bomb says Starbucks is celebrating Halloween by adding a Chucky (Child's Play) Frappuccino to its secret menu. The drink is made with a white mocha Frappuccino base, strawberry puree, pumpkin spice and whipped cream.


TV Trending

- TV Insider says the upcoming season of Tim Allen's ''Last Man Standing'' is going to be its last. The show has been airing on Fox since ABC dumped it in 2017 

- Uproxx says Amazon is turning the movie ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'' into a TV series. The original film starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze Jr.

- BroBible says MTV is rebooting "Cribs." The show will premiere in early 2021. Caitlyn Jenner's home is going to be featured on an international version of the show 


The Sun says people are trying to convince Kanye West not to run for President.


A source tells the newspaper, "Kim wants Kanye to drop out of this race now and she told him if he does not she may drop him! Her and her sisters were horrified, first of all, to see Kanye interacting indoors with people without a mask on and that alone was enough to make her freak out,” they said of the lack of CDC guidelines followed at the event. Kris told Kanye that he must quarantine for two weeks now before he can see her or the kids. He was not social distancing and he was not wearing a mask. There were clearly a lot of people around as well.”

OK! magazine claims Jamie Foxx doesn't care that Katie Holmes is dating Emilio Vitolo Jr. The magazine quotes a source as saying,  “He is happy for her and wishes her the best. Jamie has moved on and is unbothered by Katie and Emilio’s romance.”

Another source tells the magazine, “He (Emilio) is charming and funny, and — unlike when she was dating Jamie on and off for six years — Katie isn’t hiding anything. She is being herself again and has never been happier. For a long time, she thought she would never be in love again.''

Director Kevin Smith tells Entertainment Weekly that the entire Mallrats cast is returning for the sequel.“Looks like we’re heading toward it now in 2021, which is very exciting for us. It takes place 25 years after the original and features the entire cast, [and] a new cast of characters as well. Mallrats’ is a movie that’s a little bit lost in time in many ways. It’s a real relic of its era, but at the same time, maybe except for the lack of cell phones and the haute couture, that movie still plays today, probably better than it did in 1995.”

Worst Halloween Candies … According to a new survey of 20,000 people by Candy Store

1 Licorice 

2 Good & Plenty 

3 Mary Janes 

4 Tootsie Rolls 

5 Necco Wafers 

6 Smarties 

7 Wax Coke Bottles 

8 Circus Peanuts 

9 Peanut Butter Kisses 

10 Candy Corn 

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