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Fonseca Trending 10/14/22


- The Verge says Netflix will debut it's new less expensive option in November.The basic service will show ads and will cost $6.99 a month.

- Business Insider says Disney has increased the price of its tickets to its California theme parks by $15 a day. They cite inflation as the reason for the price hike. Tickets to Disney's Anaheim theme parks have jumped from $104 to $179 a day.

- Real Chicago says ''Planes, Trains and Automobiles'' is being re-released on November 22nd on Blu-ray. The new release will feature 75 minutes of never-before-seen footage.

- The JoBlo movie website says Martin Scorsese is planning to direct the new Gangs of New York TV series. The show will feature new characters who weren't in the original movie.

- The Enterprise Record newspaper says participating Panera Bread stores are selling Pink Ribbon Bagels throughout the month of October to promote breast cancer awareness. Proceeds are going to several charities that fight breast cancer

- WJET says Taco Bell is testing a new item called the Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco. The soft shell taco is filled with beef and three types of cheeses. It's then grilled and comes with either a nacho cheese sauce or a red hot sauce.

- PennLive says Kellogg's is bringing back Cinnabon cereal. The cereal was discontinued in 2017, but has been brought back due to strong fan request

- Totally the Bomb says Walmart is selling a glittery food spread. Flavors include cotton candy, fruity cereal and blue raspberry. The glitter can be placed on pancakes, waffles and other foods. The spread sells for $3.48

- A new survey by Florida and YouGov reveals that 17% of people would allow themselves to be attacked by a shark if they knew they would survive and have a cool story to tell.


The NY Post says Madonna attended Post Malone's Madison Square Garden concert earlier this week. After the show, she went backstage and gifted him with croissants and wine. The two posed for pictures.

Jax tells the Official Charts Show that her song ''Victoria's Secret'' is better than therapy for her when it comes to body positivity. ''I got to see a really impactful body positivity movement in my lifetime, and we still have a long way to go. I just told my own story in a pop song, and then a bigger story was told when people used the song to share their own experiences with their body images. That was never my intention, but I can’t express enough how much it’s helped me personally. I’ve been calling it group therapy! The reaction to the song has not only made me feel less alone, but it’s been able to accomplish something for me personally that therapy never has. I’ve been WAY more kind to myself when I look in the mirror and I feel like I made so many new friends who have been through similar things.''

OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder tells that simplicity is the key to making good music. "Simplicity. I don't know if this is the right word: memorability. A simple concept: simple melody and one that I think packs an emotional punch. And the other element would be a basic human concept and you need to say it in a way that hasn't been said before."

Charlie Puth tells Billboard magazine that he loves getting feedback for his songs online. “Getting people's opinion of my music on Tik Tok is extremely helpful. It feels like you're making music with millions of people in the room. You really get the vibe of what people want to hear, and their criticisms can really help you fine tune a song.”

Em Beihold tells Billboard magazine that Tik Tok is the ultimate tool for artists. "I wouldn't be where I am right now without Tik Tok. It's the best way to get your music out in our society right now."

The Wrap says Paramount Pictures is rebooting the Naked Gun movie franchise. Producers are in talks with Liam Neeson about starring as Lieutenant Frank Drebin. Leslie Nielsen originally played the police detective.

Radar Online claims Gwen Stefani allegedly wants Blake Shelton to lose Adam Levine's number because of Adam's cheating scandal. A source tells the website, “For her it’s personal. She isn’t worried about Adam being a bad influence on Blake, this is about principle. When Adam left the show the two of them didn’t have to pretend anymore. They haven’t spoken in a while. There was no big dramatic falling out, but they both just moved on. It happens all the time with work relationships.''

Giant Freakin Robot, citing the Hot Mic podcast, says Harrison Ford is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will play Thunderbolt Ross in ''Thunderbolts''. William Hurt initially played Ross, but passed away in March.

Ralph Macchio's new memoir, ''Waxing On: The Karate Kid And Me'', is going to be released on October 18th. In it, he writes that he received wild Karate Kid spin-off ideas back in the 1990s. ''Then there was one of my favorites... This was after the Hilary Swank version, The Next Karate Kid, had come and gone. I remember the enthusiasm with which the writer gave his "elevator pitch" to John [Avildsen], me, and the studio execs. John had directed both Rocky and The Karate Kid, so that lent itself to this writer's conceptual idea. It was basically a version of this: 'What if Rocky Balboa had a kid and Daniel-san had a kid and they were both f---ups and you, Ralph and Stallone, come together between New Jersey and Philadelphia to join in a Miyagi/Mickey style of fight training. People would go nuts!'"

Lenny and Zoe Kravitz were recently doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight when he asked her to ask Channing Tatum for a role for him in the next Magic Mike movie. "Well I figured, you know, your boyfriend might give me a job. I eat clean. I I do take care of my body -- my mind, my spirit, all of it. It's all important to keep moving in this life."

Ace Showbiz says Spider-Man star Zendaya recently purchased a $1.9 million home for her father. The house is located in the San Fernando Valley. It has five bedrooms, an entertainer's kitchen, a pool, a spa, marble floors and a barbecue pit.

Side Action Sports says Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may retire after this season. Sports journalist Michael Balko Jr is quoted by the website as saying; “I’ve spoken to some people within the #Packers organization, they told me that QB Aaron Rodgers has “made it clear” that he plans to retire following the season.”

The Daily Mail says things are getting serious between Renee Zellweger and Ant Antsead. He was moving items from his home into a storage unit and her Laguna Beach, California house. The two have been living across the street from one another since June 2021.

The Daily Mail says "90210" star Brian Austin Green is allegedly receiving platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to prevent hair loss. He Instagrammed footage of himself getting the treatment with the caption, "I'm getting old."

Ghost Survey A new survey by the real estate transactions from Clever reveals that 58% of people would be willing to purchase a haunted home. 25% of people believe they already have. Other findings:

- 60% of people have experienced a supernatural event

- 70% of people believe in the paranormal

- 25% of people have seen a ghost

Dental Survey

A new survey by Byte reveals that 70% of people hate going to the dentist. Other findings:

- 50% of people have dental anxiety.

- 60% of people purposely delay dental appointments

- 44% of people don't go to the dentist because they fear them

- 51% of people hate the way their teeth look

Top 10 Things Where A Little Goes A Long Way … According to a new survey by Gala Bingo

1. A smile

2. Laughter

3. A compliment

4. A free drink

5. Respect

6. Brisk walk outdoors

7. Flowers

8. A piece of chocolate

9. Confidence

10. A joke

Dear Fonseca

I am getting blowback from several parents about my son's birthday party this Sunday. I sent out invitations and included a line at the bottom that said NO HOMEMADE GIFTS. Now, several parents are jumping on me about my request. They say it's rude, crass and inappropriate. I disagree. I'm paying for a DJ, a three-man band and a fully catered lunch with a chocolate fountain. The least you and your family can do is go out and buy my four-year-old son a great gift. Whose side are you on?

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