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Fonseca Trending 10/12/21

Is Coffee Becoming Less Popular? 63% of Gen Z Adults Never Drink It

Is coffee becoming less and less popular? Or is it just something you don't lean on until you're older and more exhausted? A new survey found young adults are drinking WAY less coffee than the rest of us. 63% of Gen Z adults say they never drink it. That's compared to 33% of Millennials . . . 34% of Gen Xers . . . and 29% of Baby Boomers who never drink coffee. Gen Zers who do drink coffee are also less likely to drink a lot of it. Only 6% said they have more than one or two cups a day. For all other age groups, around 20% drink multiple cups a day. And 2% of older adults said they drink at least SEVEN cups a day.

Gingerbread-Flavored Mountain Dew Is Coming for the Holidays

We heard rumors about this last year, but now it's official. Mountain Dew is releasing a GINGERBREAD soda for the holidays. It's called Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd. On the bottle, it's described as Mountain Dew with a, quote, "blast of artificial gingerbread flavor." They haven't revealed a release date yet. All we know is it'll hit shelves before the end of the year. This isn't the first holiday flavor they've come up with. It's replacing a cranberry-pomegranate flavor called Merry Mash-Up that they've been selling since 2018. That one's discontinued now.

The States That Call into Work Sick the Most and Least

Remember when people HATED on their coworkers for calling in sick? Now you're just as likely to be thanked for it, because it could be covid. But see if you can muster that sick day anger again, just for a minute . . . Someone went through Google Trends data, and ranked all 50 states according to how often people search for the phrase "call in sick." They figured that anyone googling it is probably planning to call in sick . . . or looking for a better excuse than, "Sorry, I'm hung over." According to the results, the state where people are most likely to call in sick is OREGON. The ten states that google "call in sick" the most are: Oregon, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Arkansas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Colorado. NINE states tied for least likely to call in sick: Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maine, Alaska, Wyoming, West Virginia, South Dakota, and North Dakota. And New Jersey is 10th.

A Guy Built a Rotating House for His Wife Who Wanted Better Views

Give this guy credit for starting a project and sticking with it. But wouldn't it have been a whole lot cheaper to just add more windows? A 72-year-old guy in Bosnia and Herzegovina says he was sick of his wife complaining about the views from their house. So he built her a new house that ROTATES 360 degrees. It's built on top of a contraption he engineered that rotates the entire building all at once. So the house itself hovers about two feet off the ground. He says his wife can sit in one spot now, and rotate the house if she gets bored with what she's looking at, or wants more sun. So she can be looking at a river one minute, and then rotate the house to watch the sunset if she wants to. She also has the option to make it spin slow or fast. It can do a full turn every 24 hours. Or if she wants a thrill, its top speed is a full rotation every 22 SECONDS. The husband says he did all the engineering and construction himself, because he's retired and had the time. It took him about SIX YEARS from start to finish.

The Top 10 Things Dogs Shouldn't Eat . . . But Do

We're always hearing about things being BAD for us: Watch your carbs . . . don't drink too much . . . avoid sweets . . . don't do meth. So today, we're going to shift gears and shame DOGS. There's a new and somewhat random list of things that dogs should NOT eat, but do anyway . . . according to the narcs who own them. Here are the Top 10: Socks . . . garbage . . . children's toys . . . paper . . . "people food" . . . grass . . . leaves . . . rocks . . . poop . . . and dirt.

39% of American Adults Say They Work Out Zero Times Per Week

It's been more than 18 months since the pandemic started, and some people are STILL using it as an excuse not to work out. That, or they're just not interested in exercise. In a new survey, 39% of American adults say that they work out ZERO times per week. And working out was defined as "going to the gym, biking, jogging, or ANY moderate to intense physical activity" for at least 20 minutes. The survey was conducted last month, but it wasn't specifically about COVID-19, or changes in behavior . . . it just asked if people are currently exercising. 23% of people said they work out "one to two times" per week . . . 20% said "three to four times" a week . . . 11% said "five to six times" . . . and just 8% said they work out every day. The states with the least active residents are: Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, and Kansas . . . and the ones with the most active people are: Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. Superman is coming out as BISEXUAL in the comics. This Superman is Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. In the November 9th issue, he becomes romantically involved with a college friend. 2. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON says that if a comet were heading toward us, we shouldn't blow it up, because we don't know what the pieces would do. Quote, "It's safer and it's more controlled to deflect an asteroid from harm's way." 3. DAVID ARQUETTE recently bought the rights to BOZO THE CLOWN, and he has big plans. He says, quote, "You have to kind of think of it as 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'." So, a BOZO-VERSE. 4. MATT AMODIO's 38-game winning streak came to an end last night on "Jeopardy!". He earned a little over than $1.5 million during his run, and now has the second-longest winning streak.

5. Helicopters from "The Matrix Resurrections" can be seen in the background of scenes in "Venom: Let There Be Carnage". Both movies filmed in San Francisco at the same time, but "The Matrix" got to control all of downtown since they booked it first. 6. Netflix says it's not scrapping DAVE CHAPPELLE's new special, "The Closer", even though it offended trans people. They said they don't believe the show was designed to, quote, "incite hate or violence." 7. A list of hard rock breakup songs includes: "Love Bites" by Def Leppard . . . "Monkey Wrench" by Foo Fighters . . . and "Snuff" by Slipknot. 8. ROBERT TRUJILLO opened for METALLICA on their 1993 tour when he was a member of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. He said the band was, quote, "so kind and amazing," and they even gave his band $1,000 bonuses. 9. During a SMASH MOUTH gig this weekend, STEVE HARWELL was wasted. He was mumbling, swearing at the crowd, dropping drinks, and even gave a Nazi salute. Steve recently missed a few gigs due to heart issues. 10. A new singer named CONNER SMITH released a song on Friday called "I Hate Alabama", and people are saying it jinxed the University of Alabama football team because they lost the next day. It was theirfirst loss in 680 days. 11. REBA MCENTIRE and her boyfriend actor Rex Linn. have talked about and giggled about" getting married. But there's no official announcement yet. Also, Reba's bringing an all-female lineup as openers on next year's tour.

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