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Fonseca Trending 10/04/22


- Mashed magazine says Starburst has teamed up with a safe manufacturer called Mycube Safe to create an "All-Pink Unshare Pack." The box resembles a large pink Starburst and can only be opened through a biometric lock that reads the Starburst owner's fingerprint.

- Metro UK says Doritos is launching two new flavors called three cheese pizza and loaded pepperoni pizza

- CNN says KFC is bringing back their Twister Wraps. The wraps were pulled from menus in 2014. KFC is now testing them again. They come in three styles: a classic chicken wrap, a macaroni and cheese chicken wrap and a chicken tender coleslaw wrap. Each item costs $3.

- Radar Online says Vladimir Putin wants his goddaughter to be thrown in jail for spreading falsehoods about Russia's government agencies. Ksenia Sobchak opposed Putin in Russia's 2018 presidential election.


Dahmer Becomes A Hot Halloween Costume: TechnoTrendz says ''Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story'' has become one of Netflix's hottest series. Now, men are planning to dress like Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween. They are buying blonde wigs and glasses that resemble Jeffrrey's.

The Internet reacts ...

“Remember, dressing up as a fictional slasher is not the same as dressing up as Ted Bundy or any other real killer.''

''I don’t want to see Jeffrey Dahmer on Halloween, especially in light of the recently released series.''

“If I see any Jeffery Dahmer Halloween costumes I’m gon’ start swinging”

Baller Alert says Dahmer's prison glasses are still up for sale for $150,000.

Gawker says Tom Brady recently sent a warning to young men, who want to date his nine-year-old daughter, Vivian. He posted a picture of a tombstone that read: “ANYONE WHO DATES MY DAUGHTER.” Tom circled the tombstone in orange and captioned the picture with; “I want to be crystal clear about this''

Epicstream says Angelina Jolie is trying to ignore stories about Brad Pitt dating supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. A source tells the website, "Angelina's aware of the rumors linking Brad to Emily, of course, the news caught her eye, but it's not a big concern for her because the only thing that matters to her when it comes to Brad's dating life is how it will affect her kids. Angelina has a policy to ignore stories in the press about Brad and who he may or may not be dating. The day he comes to her and says he plans to introduce someone to their kids she will pay attention but until then it's really of no interest to her."

A source tells People magazine, "He was introduced to Emily by a friend in the art world. There is an attraction, but nothing serious going on. She is obviously gorgeous and very into art as well. They have a lot to talk about and always have a great time when they hang out. They stay in touch when they don't see each other."

Radar Online says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may be having marital issues.A source tells the website, "He's a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and now Jennifer is trying to tell him what he can and can't wear. Ben doesn't clean up after himself, which irritates the hell out of Jennifer," another source stated. They aren't just allegedly fighting over those issues either. She absolutely hates Ben's cigarettes," the source explained. "He promised to give it up, but with all her nagging he's smoking more than ever. She's been known to yell at him and point her finger," the first insider added. "It makes people wonder if she mistakes him for the dog!"

The Daily Mail says Paris Hilton is consulting with various "pet psychics " to help locate her missing chihuahua, Diamond Baby. The dog has been missing since September 14th. Paris Instagrammed, "I have spoken to seven credible pet mediums/communicators that all say she is alive and that someone has her. So that gives me hope, and at this point, hope is the only thing getting through. Please keep an eye out for my little girl, and if you know someone who has her, please have a heart and contact me and you will receive the full reward. Thank you."

The NY Post says Olivia Newton-John's daughter, Chloe, is having her lip fillers dissolved and her breast implants removed. She posted, “I’ve had the fillers removed from my face. When I had it done, I had body dysmorphia so I had very low self-esteem. I think I started doing [fillers] about 10 years ag. My face looked very puffy and strange. There’s a product called hyaluronidase that can take it out, it basically dissolves it, which is an ongoing process that I go through.” The paper says Chloe has had $550,000 worth of work done

BuzzFeed News says Kim Kardashian's son flipped off fans. One fan posted a picture along with the caption; “I was having a picture in Paris when suddenly…Kim K’s kids flipping the bird at the window.”

Female First says Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are trying to patch up their marriage following his emotional cheating scandal. A source tells the website, "Behati is upset but she does believe him that there was no physical affair. They have been together this entire time. She feels they are happily married and is shocked to find out what was going on behind her back. There are no excuses for his inappropriate behavior but he says it was nothing physical. He's disappointed in himself and upset that he has hurt his family like this. It's a wake-up call and has made him realise that he has a lot to work on."

Jason Bateman tells ABC that he and Ricky Schroder almost ran Michael Jackson over with their bicycles when they were children. “Rich Schroder and I almost ran over Michael Jackson with our bicycles. This is while we were doing Silver Spoons at Universal and we’d need to have our bikes because kids gotta play. Michael was there to see [Schroder].”

Rams LB Crushes Monday Night Football Protestor: Total Pro Sports says a protester interrupted last night's Rams-Niners game in San Francisco.A Rams linebacker blindsided the man as he attempted to run onto the field with a pink smoke bomb. Security hauled the man off


Pet Psychic Says Pets Know Their Nicknames

Maine pet psychic Danielle McKinnon says pet owners should not use negative nicknames when addressing their pets. She tells The Daily Mirror, "Dogs recognize their proper names as well as the names we call them when we think they aren't listening. They are also well aware when their nickname is something negative like, Mr Grumpy. Because they are intuitively tapped into us (their humans) at all times, they always know when and how we're talking about them and can be sensitive about that. This is why I always advise people to speak kindly to and about their dogs - their dogs know!"

Halloween Survey

A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that the average person is going to spend $100 on Halloween candy, decorations and costumes. Other findings:

- 69% of people are planning to celebrate Halloween this year. That's up 4% from last year.

- Top ways people plan to celebrate Halloween ... handing out candy followed by decorating their home and yard, wearing a costume, carving a pumpkin and attending a Halloween party

Top 10 Things That Make A House A Home ... According to a new survey by Redrow

  1. Sleeping in ‘your own’ bed

  2. Feeling safe locally

  3. Family photos

  4. TV being set up

  5. A fridge full of food

  6. The sofa being set up properly

  7. The kids feeling settled

  8. Artwork on the walls

  9. A bookshelf filled with books

  10. Plants

Dear Fonseca

My wife and I are hardly speaking because of an incident that happened at Walmart over the weekend. She and I and our three kids were waiting to check out when a woman cut in front of us. I didn't say anything. On the way home, my wife lambasted me in front of the children saying I should have said something. I wanted to teach the kids that conflict is not a solution. I told my wife I allowed the woman to go because it was more important to her than us. My wife inferred that I am a wimp and should have blasted her. I disagree and think it would have sent the wrong message to the children if I had done that. My wife says it would have showed that it is ok to stick up for yourself. Where do you stand on this? Am I a wimp? Should I have said something?

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