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Fonseca Trending 10/04/21

Fast Food Fries Ranked . . . and McDonald's Isn't #1?

The people at conducted a subjective French fry taste test . . . and somehow, McDonald's did NOT end up at #1. Here's how they ranked the fries at every fast food joint: 1. Five Guys, Fries 2. McDonald's, French Fries 3. Rally's / Checkers, Seasoned Fries 4. Popeyes, Cajun Fries 5. Wendy's, Hot & Crispy Fries 6. Arby's, Curly Fries 7. Wienerschnitzel, French Fries 8. Farmer Boys, Always Crispy Fries 9. Taco Bell, Nacho Fries 10. Chick-Fil-A, Waffle Fries 11. Carl's Jr., Criss-Cut Fries 12. Raising Cane's, Crinkle Cut Fries 13. Jack in the Box, Curly Fries 14. Wahlburgers, Yukon French Fries 15. In-N-Out, French Fries 16. Del Taco, Crinkle Cut Fries 17. Jack in the Box, French Fries 18. KFC, Secret Recipe Fries 19. Burger King, French Fries 20. Sonic Drive-In, French Fries 21. Shake Shack, Crinkle Cut Fries. They call the fries, "an insult to everything else on Shake Shack's menu." 22. Dairy Queen, Fries 23. Arby's, Crinkle Cut Fries. They say, "Compared to the frozen pre-cut potatoes you can buy at the grocery store, these fries are . . . somehow worse." ( has commentary on each

An updated list of the scariest movies . . . according to science . . . is here. 250 victims wore heart monitors to watch 40 different scary movies, both new and classic. These are the Top 20 to get the heart pumping: 1. "Host", 2020. 2. "Sinister", 2012. 3. "Insidious", 2010. 4. "The Conjuring", 2013. 5. "Hereditary", 2018. 6. "Terrified", 2017. 7. "It Follows", 2014. 8. "A Quiet Place Part II", 2021. 9. "Paranormal Activity", 2007. 10. "The Conjuring 2", 2016. 11. "The Babadook", 2014. 12. "The Descent", 2005. 13. "Hush", 2016. 14. "A Quiet Place", 2018. 15. "The Ring", 2002. 16. "A Nightmare on Elm Street", 1984. 17. "Halloween", 1978. 18. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", 1974. 19. "IT Chapter One", 2017. 20. "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It", 2021.

The Most Popular Halloween Decorations in America

When it comes to Halloween decorations, it seems like there are only two types of people. The ones who are ALL-IN . . . and the ones who put out a pumpkin, and just stop maintaining their yard. A new study combined polls with Google Trends data to come up with a list of the most popular Halloween decorations in America Skeletons are #1. Pumpkins are second, followed by spiders . . . witches . . . bats . . . ghosts . . . tombstones . . . animal skeletons . . . black cats . . . and corn stalks. The research also shows that Utah is the state with the MOST Halloween decorations, followed by Illinois . . . New Jersey . . . Texas . . . and New Mexico.

They also figured out the most popular decoration in each state. Generally speaking, bats are popular out west . . . witches are big in the northern part of the country . . . and pumpkins are #1 in the southeast. And they say the average household spends $145 on Halloween decorations, and 3.3 hours putting them up.

The Average Couple Spends Just Four Hours a Day in the Same Room

If I asked you how many hours you spend in the same room with your significant other, chances are the number would start out high . . . then slowly go down the more you thought about it. A recent survey in the U.K. found that the average couple spends just FOUR HOURS a day in the same room as each other. We're assuming that does NOT include sleeping . . . although 17% said that they don't sleep in the same bedroom, often because of snoring. On a typical weekday, couples spend seven-and-a-half hours in the house at the same time . . . but only 57% of that is in the same room. And on weekends, couples spend nine hours under the same roof, but only 60% actually together. Some of the main reasons couples aren't in the same room include: Conflicting work hours, different interests, and alternative bed times. Also, around 20% said they "mutually agree" with their partner to spend time in different rooms . . . but 10% poetically admitted they are like "passing ships in the night."

If You're Hosting Thanksgiving, the CDC Suggests . . . Buying a Window Fan

Over the weekend, the CDC released some tips to celebrate the holidays safely. They include many of the greatest hits, including: Getting vaccinated . . . wearing a mask . . . social distancing . . . and celebrating virtually.

They also remind us that outdoors is safer than indoors. But here's a new one: If you're going to be inside, they suggest buying a WINDOW FAN. They say to open doors and windows, and set the fan up to blow air out. This will also pull fresh air in through the other open windows.

Top 5 Signs You Need to Spend More Time with Your Spouse

A poll finds that married couples only spend four hours a day in the same room. For more red flags you and your partner need some cuddle time pronto, check out today's list of the Top 5 Signs You Need to Spend More Time with Your Spouse. You're pretty sure his name is "Greg." When she tells you she got a promotion, your response is, "You have a job?" At parent-teacher conferences, you introduce yourselves . . . to each other. You bought her the wrong perfume for her birthday. And also, it's not her birthday. The last movie you watched together was on LaserDisc. You start dinner conversations with "So, how's your 2021?" You just realized she colored her hair. And she just realized you lost yours. When you ask what he wants for Christmas, he says, "I'm Jewish." Your role-playing fantasy in bed is "couple who spends time together." When people see you together, they say, "I didn't know you were married!" And those people are your kids.

There Are Three Times of Day with the Most Kidnappings

This is a serious subject, but good info if you're a parent . . . The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says there are three times in an average day when kidnappings and abductions are most likely to happen. In general, they're more likely on a weekday than on weekends. But here are the three specific times to remember. The first two make sense, but the third one's not as obvious . . . 1. Between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. That's when most kids are on their way to school, so they're less likely to be with an adult. 2. Between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. So, right AFTER school. 3. Between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM. That's right after dinner for most people, when kids might be outside playing without supervision. One of the top tips they give parents is don't let your kid walk to and from their bus stop alone. If you can't be there to pick them up, try to set up a buddy system so they walk home with another kid.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. KELLY CLARKSON has had another win in her divorce battle with Brandon Blackstock. She gets to keep her $10.4 million ranch in Montana as well as her other two Montana properties. Time to hand over the keys, Brandon. 2. A lot of actors are so good at faking an American accent you'd never suspect they're from somewhere else. That list includes: Tom Holland . . . Antony Starr, who is Homelander on "The Boys" . . . and KJ Apa from "Riverdale". 3. People's heart rates were monitored while they watched 40 scary movies, to determine the scariest of all time. The top three scariest movies were "Host" from 2020 . . . "Sinister" from 2012 . . . and "Insidious" from 2010. 4. A couple bought a house outside D.C. without knowing that there was an alleged case of possession there that inspired "The Exorcist". But they're not worried because, quote, "Demons are not attached to locations. They're attached to people." 5. The Netflix show "Squid Game" is so popular that the Korean man who makes a candy that was featured on an episode has seen sales jump by more than 100%. He's selling more than 500 of them a day, when he used to sell less than 200. 6. On the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live", the "Weekend Update" guys paid tribute to NORM MACDONALD. The segment ended with video of Norm telling some of his classic jokes. 7. JERRY SEINFELD admitted there's kind of a sexual aspect between the bee and the female florist in "Bee Movie". And he said, quote, "It really was not intentional, but after it came out, I realized this is really not appropriate for children." 8. EMILY RATAJKOWSKI says that ROBIN THICKE groped her breasts while they were filming the "Blurred Lines" video. The video's director confirmed it, but she says Robin apologized, and she thinks he only did it because he was drunk. 9. Before he could afford a drum kit, DAVE GROHL taught himself drum rhythms using his teeth. He used to do it so much, he once got scolded by his dentist for an unusual deterioration. 10. KACEY MUSGRAVES appeared to be naked while performing "Justified" on "SNL". It was a nod to Robin Wright'scharacter in "Forrest Gump" who did the same thing. Kacey even Tweeted out a photo from the movie. 11. EDDIE MONTGOMERY's new album, "Ain't No Closing Me Down", will be out October 29th. If you're worried that he's slowing down, don't. He says the new album has plenty of songs that "will raise a ruckus."

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