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Fonseca Trending 09/29/21

Ten Deals for National Coffee Day

It's National Coffee Day, and a bunch of chains have deals. Here's a round-up of a few you might want to take advantage of . . . 1. Starbucks is giving out free coffee to anyone who shows up with a clean, reusable cup. It just has to be 20 ounces or less. You can also sign up online to get a free seven-ounce, sample-size bag of Starbucks coffee in the mail. (The reusable cup deal is at "participating locations," but that's usually most of them.) 2. Dunkin' Perks members can get a free medium coffee with any purchase. 3. 7-Eleven is also giving rewards members a free coffee with any purchase, and you can choose any size you want. 4. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is giving out free coffee if you spend at least $2. 5. Caribou Coffee Perks members who stop by today will get a chance to win free coffee for a YEAR. They've got smaller prizes too. 6. Circle K is giving out free coffee coupons. Just text the word "FREE" to "31310". 7. Krispy Kreme reward members can get a free coffee AND a free donut today. 8. Panera is giving parents and caregivers UNLIMITED free coffee today. Just let them know, and they won't charge you. 9. Tim Hortons has 99-cent coffee in any size if you order through their app. 10. Wawa has been giving teachers free coffee all month. But today they're letting ALL customers get in on it. Any size coffee is free.

Top 5 Things We Wish We Could Still Do Like When We Were 21

A scientist says people who can't fit into the jeans they wore at 21 are at risk of diabetes. Now let's enjoy all the other ways timehas ravaged our bodies with today's list of the . . . Top 5 Things We Wish We Could Still Do.Like When We Were 21. Eat dinner when it's dark outside. Ignore the foot care aisle while grocery shopping. Get out of bed without popping like bubble wrap Get carded when we buy beer. Walk barefoot in the house and not step on a Lego. Skip the nose hair check. Crank Aerosmith without anyone around us going, "Look at that idiot in the minivan!" Pop pills that we didn't just pick up at CVS. Look at our calves and not see veins. Get laid.

2021's Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids, Adults, and Pets The National Retail Federation put out their annual Halloween survey. And dressing up is only the THIRD most popular way we'll celebrate this year. Handing out candy is first, followed by putting up decorations. But if you're planning to dress up, this might help you avoid wearing the SAME costume as someone else. They looked at this year's most popular costumes for kids, adults, and PETS. Here's what they found . 1. The ten costumes for adults this year are: Witch . . . vampire . . . ghost . . . cat . . . pirate . . . Batman . . . zombie . . . Superman . . . the Joker . . . and a tie between Spider-Man and Dracula. Avengers characters also made the list. 2. The ten costumes for kids are: Spider-Man . . . a princess . . . Batman . . . other random superheroes . . . a witch . . . a ghost . . . pumpkins . . . Superman . . . a zombie . . . and the Avengers. 3. And the ten most common costumes for PETS this year are: A pumpkin . . . a hot dog . . . a superhero . . . a cat . . . a bumblebee . . . a ghost . . . a bat . . . a lion . . . a dog . . . and a witch. Devil and pirate also ranked high. They also found households with kids will spend an average of $147 on Halloween this year. Households without kids will spend about half that, just under $74. The overall average is $103. Experiences Will Be More Popular Than Physical Gifts This Christmas

It seems early to start talking about Christmas gifts. But around 30% of Americans have already started shopping, or will start next month. So maybe not . . . A new poll asked people what they're planning to buy their friends and family for the holidays this year, and also what they're hoping to get. And it looks like EXPERIENCES might be more popular than physical gifts this year. 54% of Americans plan to spend more on experiences than they do on stuff. And the #1 thing we're planning to give people are gifts that create memories, like tickets to concerts or sporting events. The top thing we want to GET also falls into that category. VACATION-related stuff is #1, including money for flights and hotel rooms. The top five things we're planning to give this year are: Experiences . . . electronics . . . clothes . . . vacations . . . and jewelry. Home décor, cosmetics, and fitness equipment also made the list. The list of things we want to get has some overlap. The top five are: Vacation-related things . . . clothes . . . experiences . . . jewelry . . . and home décor. The poll also found 59% of people would rather go on a big trip this year than have a traditional family get-together at home.

The Top Baby Names We're Googling in 2021

The website does a list each year of the most popular baby names. This year's top names were Olivia and Liam. But those lists are based on people who've already had babies. So this is more like a teaser for NEXT year's list . . . Google Trends looked at the top baby names we've been googling over the past year. And Olivia is still number one, but Liam didn't even make the top ten for boys. The top-trending girl names are: Olivia . . . Autumn . . . Everly . . . Isla . . . Naomi . . . Ariana . . . Amelia . . . Eliana . . . Mila . . . and Aria. The top boy names we're currently googling are: Luca . . . Aiden . . . Kai . . . Caleb . . . Maverick . . . Levi . . . Jaxon, spelled J-A-X-O-N . . . Jaxson again, but spelled J-A-X-S-O-N . . . then Logan in 9th . . . and Hunter in 10th place

The Most Neighborly City in America Is . . . Madison, Wisconsin

If you're looking to borrow a cup of sugar, there's one city in America that you're almost GUARANTEED to find a helpful neighbor: Madison, Wisconsin. The Neighbor app just released its second annual ranking of the "Most Neighborly Cities in America." They consider a whole slew of things, including charitable giving, nonprofit organizations, volunteering rates, happiness rankings, and most importantly . . . "neighborly behaviors," like borrowing sugar, I guess. This year, Madison ranked #1 . . . partially because it ranked #1 as the happiest city in America, and it also leads the nation in donations to nonprofits. Rochester, New York was second, followed by Portland, Oregon . . . Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . Des Moines, Iowa . . . Washington, D.C. . . . Boston . . . Seattle . . . Pittsburgh . . . and Milwaukee, which is a 90-minute drive from Madison. The survey didn't find the LEAST-neighborly cities.

Listening to Stories with Someone Else Makes Your Hearts Sync Up If you're driving right now with someone else in the car, listening to us may have made your HEARTS sync up. We're not joking, it's science.

A new study in France found that our breathing and heartbeats tend to synchronize during shared experiences, like someone telling you a story. So just listening to us talk about this right now might be doing it. It also happens with other shared activities, like listening to music or just having a deep conversation. But it only happens if you're both paying close attention. It's less likely to happen if one of you zones out or gets distracted by something like your phone.

Five Ways to Find Deals on Amazon

Is it possible you don't really know how to use AMAZON? The coupon site did an in-depth review of ALL the ways you can save on there. Here are a few tactics you might not know about . . . 1. "Amazon Warehouse." It's the part of their site that sells used and open-box items. When people return stuff, that's usually where it ends up. So you can score some pretty good discounts on there. 2. "Amazon Outlet." It's a section that only offers overstocked items. Most of the products are knock-offs, or generic brands. But you can still find lots of good stuff. 3. "Today's Deals" and "Lightning Deals." There's a whole "Today's Deals" page that only shows products with deep discounts. And there's a subsection called "Lightning Deals" with even bigger mark downs that might only last an hour or two. 4. "No-Rush Shipping." Sometimes if you opt for slower shipping, you can get bonus perks. Just look for "No-Rush Shipping" when you check out. Sometimes they'll give you a cash-back reward if you're willing to wait a few extra days to get your stuff. 5. "Amazon Treasure Truck." Amazon picks a product . . . usually a popular one . . . and sells it at a discount, sometimes 30 to 40% off. You can sign up for text alerts to make sure you know each time they post a new one.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. Not surprisingly, BILL COSBY thinks R. KELLY was "railroaded", and both men are victims of, quote, "an assault on successful black men who are doing great things." 2. NICK CANNON upped the ante in his prank war with KEVIN HART, by putting a huge wrap of himself on Kevin's private jet. Kevin appeared on Nick's new talk show and admitted defeat . . . for now. 3. A list of the real-life cost of fictional homes from movies and TV shows includes: The Rosebud Motel on "Schitt's Creek" for $3.5 million . . . "The Addams Family" mansion for $2.8 million . . . and the McCallister's house in "Home Alone" for $1.6 million. 5. At a music festival in Ohio, SHAQ attempted a stage dive. The crowd tried to hold all 300 pounds of him up, but he pretty much went straight to the ground. He seemed to enjoy himself, though. 6. JENNIFER TILLY didn't want to be Tiffany in "Bride of Chucky" at first because, quote, "I just came off of 'Bullets Over Broadway', an Oscar nomination, and I thought I was gonna be like DAME JUDI DENCH or something." 7. The organizers of this weekend's Women's March in Washington, D.C. are banning "Handmaid's Tale" costumes. They say it creates racial and class divisions. 8. Next Monday night is Britney Spears Night on "Dancing with the Stars". Obviously, everyone's dancing to a Britney song . . . because why not exploit her . . . while sending the message that you're against exploiting her? 10. RIHANNA says it's hard for her to accept that she's a billionaire now because she never forgets her humble beginnings. For every dollar she makes, she wants to give back to help and inspire others. 11. A Canadian DJ Tweeted that some "New ADELE" was coming out this week, but there's been no official confirmation. Adele's last album, "25", came out in November of 2015.

12. ALAN JACKSON has a neurological disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder. He's had it for a while but waited until now to say something because it's affecting how he moves on stage, and he wants people to know why. 13. ZAC BROWN has tested positive for COVID-19, so the Zac Brown Band had to cancel four shows. They are: Tomorrow in Clarkston, Michigan . . . Friday in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania . . . Saturday in Syracuse, New York . . . and Sunday in Saratoga Springs, New York. 14. CHASE RICE does NOT like talking about his private life. Quote, "My personal life needs to be my personal life, because that's the part of my life that's sane. That's the part of my life that's safe and normal. And if you lose that, I don't know what would happen to me, but I wouldn't like it."

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