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Fonseca Trending 09/17/21

Top 5 Undeniable Signs You're Getting Old

A new poll finds that most people start feeling like an adult at age 25. But age isn't the only indicator you're turning into a blue hair, as you'll see with today's list of the . . . Top 5 Undeniable Signs You're Getting Old.

You buy a shirt for the pocket. You think the next "Jeopardy" host should be Jonathan Taylor Thomas. You stop in a parking lot to admire a Subaru. Lester Holt's voice reminds you that it's almost dinner time. You recently started a rant with "As a taxpayer . . . " You kept a houseplant alive for more than a week. Whenever someone mentions "crypto," you tilt your head like a dog hearing a strange sound. You don't mind spending a Saturday afternoon at Costco. You remember when Clint Eastwood only sort of looked like tree bark. That song playing at CVS? You remember dancing to it in high school.

The First Adult Purchase We Get Excited About Happens at 22

You could argue that anyone who USES the word "adulting" isn't a real adult yet. But I'm about to use it, so never mind . . . A new poll on "adulting" asked people how old they were the first time they got excited about a LAME adult purchase, like buying a vacuum cleaner. It actually happens pretty young. The average answer was 22 years old. The average person doesn't start feeling like an adult until 25 though. Here are a few more random stats from the poll . . . 1. The top signs you're a true adult include: Saving money . . . doing taxes . . . sticking to a budget . . . buying life insurance . . . and making regular doctor's appointments. 2. 39% of us feel like our friends are significantly better at adulting than we are. 3. 51% of adults go to older people with questions about things like taxes, mortgages, and life insurance. 4. 43% of parents say that having kids has made them a more careful driver. And just under a third said they're more likely to read nutrition labels now.

Five Ways to Perk Up from an Afternoon Slump

It's Friday! If you've had a long week and think you might struggle getting through the day, here are five tips on how to perk up from an afternoon slump and cruise into your weekend . 1. Drink some water. Dehydration makes us tired . . . even mild dehydration levels can affect our performance. And it's easy to forget to hydrate while staring at screens all day. 2. Go outside. If you feel sluggish after lunch, try going outside. Research has found that more intense light can make you feel more alert. 3. Take a power nap. It's easier to nap on the job now that so many of us are working from home. Just keep it short . . . 20 to 45 minutes max. 4. Talk to someone. If you notice your slump hits around the same time every day, try scheduling phone calls or meetings for that time so you're busy and engaged. 5. Eat something. Especially foods that are good for the brain, like broccoli, grains, lentils, and egg

The Top 10 Feelings We Have When We Wake Up in the Morning

The FIRST feeling you have when you wake up can depend on whether you're a morning person . . . how much sleep you got . . . or how many adult beverages you had the night before. A new survey asked people what they generally feel as soon as they wake up . . . and here are the Top 10 responses: 1. Refreshed 2. Tired 3. Energized 4. Groggy 5. Happy 6. Peaceful 7. Excited 8. Moody 9. Grumpy 10. Angry

It's Constitution Day . . . and Just 56% of Americans Can Name All Three Branches of Government

Today is Constitution Day. September 17th is the day in 1787 that the Constitution was signed. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania do an annual poll . . . and this year, they found that 56% of people could identify all three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. That may not SEEM like something to brag about, but it's actually a 15-year high. Back in 2006, just 33% of people could name all three. Also in the poll, 74% of people correctly stated that the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech . . . but fewer people knew that it also protects the freedom of religion (56%), freedom of the press (50%), the right to assembly (30%), and the right to petition (20%). That said, a LOT of people misunderstand what "freedom of speech" is. When asked if the First Amendment means Facebook must let all users freely express themselves on their website, 61% said YES. That's not true. The First Amendment protects you from GOVERNMENT censorship, but social media companies are private, so they can censor you all they want. And it doesn't protect you from being "canceled." There's nothing "protecting" you from being held accountable for what you say.

Half of Us Dream About What We're Going to Eat the Next Day?

If you see someone sweating in their sleep . . . moaning . . . and licking their lips, it's possible that they're dreaming about a big bowl of macaroni and cheese. In a new survey, 45% of people say they DREAM about what they're going to eat the next day. And that doesn't mean fantasize. They dream . . . in their sleep. But despite that, no one actually wants to wake up to COOK food. 69% of people said they're not willing to get up before 8:00 A.M. just to make breakfast. 64% of people with jobs say they often get so busy with work that they end up skipping meals. 57% of them are too busy to make breakfast during the workweek, which leads 20% of them to skip breakfast regularly. More than half of the parents in the survey say they prepare breakfast the night before to sleep in a bit more. The other option is to go out. The average American is spending just under $1,500 a year on breakfast that they don't cook themselves. Which is a lot. That's at least 100 breakfasts . . . IF they're only counting their own personal meals.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. MARY COSBY from "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" is accused of running a CULT out of her Faith Temple Pentecostal Church. And yes, the show is milking the controversy for ratings. 2. TOM BRADY was asked if he could play football until he's 50, and he said, quote, "I feel like I can just play and glide into retirement. I think I can, I think it's a yes." Tom just turned 44. 3. Fans want LIZZO and CHRIS EVANS to star in the remake of "The Bodyguard". Well, Lizzo heard about it, and yeah . . . she agrees. 4. "Dune" director DENIS VILLENEUVE says the Marvel movies are a "cut and paste" of each other, and they have, quote, "turned us into zombies a bit." 5. The new Clint Eastwood movie "Cry Macho" is in theaters and on HBO Max this weekend. It's up against a Gerard Butler hitman movie called "Copshop". 6. MAYIM BIALIK and KEN JENNINGS will split "Jeopardy!" hosting duties for the rest of the year. There's no word if either of them will be named permanent host after that, but it seems likely. 7 A new book about "Grey's Anatomy" says that PATRICK DEMPSEY was basically "terrorizing" people on the set in the runup to his firing. Apparently, he was no longer enjoying himself, but he stayed because they were throwing money at him. 8. ELTON JOHN will be getting hip surgery after sustaining a bad fall this summer. He will still perform at the Global Citizen Live event on September 25th, but had to postpone his European tour dates to 2023. 9. SMASH MOUTH isn't happy that "Rolling Stone" left "All Star" off their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. And they want answers. They tweeted not only to the "Rolling Stone" account, but also to multiple writers. 10. Are you a BILLIE EILISH fan? If so, did you know Billie thinks of you as her skin? Quote, "I think of them like part of me and how I get through stuff . . . They always have my back." 11. This week's New Music Releases include new music from Lil Nas X, Lindsey Buckingham, Billy Idol, and "Idol" winner Laine Hardy. 12. DAN SMYERS finally revealed why DAN + SHAY has a plus sign between their names. Quote, "The vision was that if we headline arenas, we'd have a "plus" stage in the middle of the floor and make it do all kinds of crazy stuff."

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