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Fonseca Trending 09/14/21

Hidden Valley Is Selling Treat-Sized Ranch Packets for Halloween

Here's what to hand out on Halloween if you want to be the WEIRD one on your block . . . Hidden Valley Ranch is selling treat-sized packets of RANCH DRESSING to give out to trick-or-treaters this year. Each packet has a half-ounce of ranch. That's half of what they consider a normal "serving size." They're selling them in bags of 30 on Each bag costs $20, plus $7 shipping. So almost a dollar per packet. Even at that price, they'll probably sell out. So get your orders in now . . . or you could be the COOL house on the block and hand out full bottles of the stuff. They're also selling an official Hidden Valley Ranch costume, so adults can dress up as a bottle of ranch dressing for $40. They don't have kid sizes.

People Are Huffing Onions Because They Think It Kills Coronavirus

This sounds more like a prank than anything. And it's another reminder that social media isn't the best place for reliable health advice: People are now huffing the fumes from ONIONS because they think it kills the coronavirus. Memes claiming it's true have been circulating on Facebook, especially in Asia. They say to cut an onion in half . . . cup it against your nose and mouth . . . and take a series of deep breaths. But there's ZERO evidence it actually does anything except make your eyes water and your breath stink. It's gained so much traction that the news outlet AFP felt the need to debunk it. One doctor they talked to said it's just more bogus misinformation that could actually be harmful to the general public.

Top 5 REAL Signs Your Partner is "The One"

Couples say they realized things were getting serious when they met each other's parents. But couples WE surveyed were way more specific, as you'll see with today's list of the . . . Top 5 REAL Signs Your Partner is "The One." She gets why it's only pass interference when the other team commits it. Whenever you ask, "How do I look?", he knows to lie. She acts like that smell really did come from the dog. He remembers important dates like your one-year anniversary. And six-month anniversary. And three-month anniversary. And one-month anniversary. And . . . She comforts you when you start crying in front of the TV instead of saying, "You know wrestling's not real, right?" When he wants the thermostat at 70, but you want it at 75, he compromises and sets it to 75. She doesn't say, "Oh, I already loosened it," after you open a jar for her. Even though you both know she already loosened it. He gives you 90% of the shower caddy. No questions asked.

The Top Reasons We've Unfriended People During the Pandemic

14% of people who are vaccinated say they've ended a friendship with someone who isn't. That's about 1 in 7. Unvaccinated people were much less likely to say they've unfriended someone in the past 18 months Around 1 in 6 people who've unfriended somebody say they've ended at least THREE friendships since the pandemic started. But not all of them had to do with the virus. 16% of people who've dumped a friend said it was over politics . . . 15% said the person started dating or sleeping with an EX of theirs . . . 12% said they were gossiping about them . . . and 7% say they found out their former friend is just a big liar

Six Things That Make Your Instacart Shopper Angry

More of us have groceries delivered now, and Instacart is a great side-gig for a lot of people. But one guy who works for them posted a list of annoying things customers do. Here are six things that can make your Instacart shopper angry: 1. Adding too many items after your order starts. One or two extra things is totally fine. It gets annoying when people end up doubling the number of items they want. 2. Not responding to texts. It's a lot easier on them if you keep your phone nearby to answer any questions that pop up. And it can delay things when you don't. 3. Being too picky about replacements. Just be reasonable, or choose the option for no replacements. One customer the guy had got angry because they wanted a pack of eight tortillas and got a ten-pack instead. 4. Bad directions, or an incomplete address. People forget to list their apartment number a lot, and don't answer their phone. So the shopper has to sit on hold with Instacart support. Then people complain because their frozen stuff is all thawed out. 5. Not tipping them. Most Instacart shoppers make just over minimum wage. So tips are a big part of their income. It's especially important for big orders. 6. Giving them a bad rating for no good reason. They're sent fewer orders if their rating drops, and it can take a while to get it back up to where it was. So don't be brutal just because your order was a little late, or they didn't find everything on your list. 81% of Homeowners Have Done DIY Projects During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, a lot of people spent more time at home, watching YouTube, and avoiding unnecessary contact with strangers. So it's not surprising that Do-It-Yourself projects have been on the rise. In a new survey, 81% of people who own a home say they've done at least one project since the start of the pandemic . . . and almost half have done more than four. Over 40% say their DIY projects were more challenging and expensive than expected. And nearly 80% made a "minor" or "major" mistake. Saving money is the main reason people DIY. But others include: Having more spare time . . . thinking it would be fun . . . and wanting to learn a new skill. As for inspiration, DIY TV shows did it for a lot of people, but other contributing factors were social media . . . and "wanting to prove someone wrong about their ability to do it." Not surprisingly, MEN out-numbered women in that category. In a separate survey, 38% of people say they look back on their DIY projects and think, "I should not have done that." The riskier DIY projects for amateurs typically involve electric, gas, and water.

Signs a Relationship Is Serious Include Meeting the Parents and Deleting Tinder

When did you know your relationship was SERIOUS? A new poll found it takes an average of two years of dating before you know you want to be with someone long term. Couples were asked to name the moment they realized things were starting to get serious. Here are the top ten answers . . . 1. Meeting your friends, or a family member. 2. Meeting your parents. 3. Buying an engagement ring. Yeah . . . probably pretty serious at that point. 4. Labeling the relationship. Like saying you're "excusive," not just "dating." 5. Seeing each other more than once a week. 6. Deleting dating apps like Tinder from your phone. 7. You text or call to say good night, or good morning. 8. You don't have to make plans, because it's expected you'll hang out. 9. You've shown each other your favorite hangout spots. 10. You've visited them at work.

Movies That Had to Scrap Their Original Endings

HIGHLIGHTS: A list of movies where the original ending was scrapped includes "Legally Blonde", "Get Out", "The Lion King", and "Pretty in Pink". Sometimes filmmakers get the endings of their movies WRONG. But the lucky ones figure it out and fix it before the movie goes out to the general public. Here are some examples . . . 1. "Legally Blonde". The original ending had Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair a year later, handing out Blonde Legal Defense Fund pamphlets on campus. Fans at a test screening didn't think it was exciting enough, so they changed it to Reese giving a speech at her graduation. 2. "Get Out". In the original ending, Daniel Kaluuya's character ends up in PRISON for the murders of the Armitage family. But it "sucked the air out of the room" at test screenings. That convinced Jordan Peele that the ending needed to be positive, to give viewers a hero and an escape. 3. "Happy Death Day". The movie originally ended with Tree just being stuck in the time loop AGAIN . . . and seemingly forever. But after she worked so hard to become a better person, the audience felt betrayed that she didn't get a happy ending. So they let her discover who her killer was and end the cycle. 4. "Speed". Originally, it ended with everyone getting off the bus. But the studio didn't think the movie could be set entirely on a bus . . . so they added some action scenes away from it . Most notably, the elevator scene at the beginning, and the subway scene at the end. 5. "The Lion King". If you can believe it, there was a version of the script where Scar KILLS Simba but then burns up in the flames that surrounded them during their final fight. Storyboards were even drawn up for that ending. But it was changed during the natural process of script revision. 6. "Pretty in Pink". Molly Ringwald was always meant to end up with Jon Cryer's dorky character, Duckie. But the GIRLS at test screenings wanted her to hook up with the CUTE boy, played by Andrew McCarthy. So they reshot it. John Hughes was never convinced that was the right way to go, though. So his next movie, "Some Kind of Wonderful", had a similar story, but lead actor Eric Stoltz ends up with the "outcast" character instead of the hot girl.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. JEFF BRIDGES announced his lymphoma is in remission and his large mass is now the size of a marble. He also revealed that earlier this year he caught COVID-19 from his chemotherapy facility. 2. TIFFANY HADDISH wants COMMON to propose with an apartment building, not a ring. She said, quote, "Come at me with a deed, baby, don't come at me with a ring." 3. PETE DAVIDSON and KALEY CUOCO might be a thing now. They're making a romantic comedy together called "Meet Cute", but sources on the set seem to think something's going on. Plus, they went to Six Flags together last month. And they both just happened to become single during the shoot. 4. Actor DON COLLIER has died. He was 92. He did a bunch of Westerns, but he was also the "Gumfighter" in those old Hubba Bubba commercials in the '70s and '80s. 5. A list of movies where the original ending was scrapped includes "Legally Blonde", "Get Out", "The Lion King", and "Pretty in Pink". 6. STEVE-O shared three "Jackass" scenes that were cut for being too graphic and they all involve JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. These include Johnny rolling down cement stairs in a taped up box . . . shooting himself with a handgun . . . and intentionally getting hit by a car. 7. "Cops" is coming back. Fox News is reviving it on its Fox Nation streaming service, beginning October 1st. The show was canceled last summer amid protests over police brutality. 8. Nine of the top 10 songs on the Hot 100 come from DRAKE's new album "Certified Lover Boy", including the Top 5. Not surprisingly, that performance set several records. 9. NICKI MINAJ is waiting on getting the COVID vaccine until she does more research. So until then, she decided to sit out this year's Met Gala . . . and she revealed her absence at the "VMAs" was because she caught COVID.

10. TIM MCGRAW says performing is like being an athlete in high school on game day. He's full of energy and adrenaline and can't wait to "get going and hit it."

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