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Fonseca Trending 09/09/21

People Want to Be Remembered as Kind and Generous After They Die . . . Not Wealthy and Powerful

There's been a trend of high-profile BILLIONAIRES promising to give away a large chunk of their fortune . . . eventually. And THIS might be why. Someone conducted a survey on how people would like to be remembered after they pass away, and 43% of people want to be remembered as a "good person." Other popular responses were: Kind . . . caring . . . loyal . . . helpful . . . a good listener . . . loving . . . happy . . . a good spouse . . . being true to yourself . . . a good parent . . . easy going . . . hardworking . . . funny . . . and generous. The list did NOT include things some people might like being known as while they're alive: wealthy, powerful, famous, ruthless, and important. In the survey, 65% of people said they believe it's important to leave behind a positive legacy. And 46% say they'll give a small percentage to charity in their will.

The States Where the Most People Are Killed by Wild Animals

Everything's bigger in Texas . . . including your odds of being mauled to death by a wild animal. Someone went through a bunch of stats to find out which states have had the most deadly animal attacks over the past 20 years. And Texas is #1. Because of car crashes, deer kill more people in the U.S. than any other animal. But that stat always skews the numbers, so they only looked at actual ATTACKS. They also didn't factor in bees, dogs, cows, or horses. So we're just talking about wild animals, and fight-for-your-life type stuff. In the past 20 years, 520 people have been killed in Texas, and California is second at 299. The rest of the top ten are Florida . . . North Carolina . . . Tennessee . . . Georgia . . . Ohio . . . Pennsylvania . . . Michigan . . . and New York. Meanwhile, there have been NO recorded wild animal deaths in Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island over the past two decades. Bears are the top offender in North America, followed by sharks, snakes, alligators, and mountain lions. But keep in mind, it's still VERY rare to be killed by a wild animal in the U.S.

How Many Hot Dogs Could You Eat in Ten Minutes?

Labor Day marked the end of "Hot Dog Season." That's a real term the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council uses. It runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So it's a weird time to ask this question, but okay . . . A new survey this week asked 7,000 Americans how many hot dogs they could eat in ten minutes. For reference, Joey Chestnut ate 76 this year. How many could YOU eat? The most common answer was . . . only two. 26% said one or two . . . 24% said three or four . . . 13% said five or six, and it dropped off after that. Only 4% of Americans think they could eat more than TEN hot dogs in ten minutes. 13% said they never eat hot dogs, so zero.

Cats Have Seven Personality Traits, and One of Them Is "Litterbox Issues"?

Dogs are a lot easier to read than cats, who just kind of stare at you. So figuring out what cats are thinking takes a little more effort . . . A new study at the University of Helsinki identified SEVEN distinct behavioral traits in domestic cats. The point was to get a baseline of what "normal" behavior looks like. Then they'll use it in future studies to gain insight into why cats do the things they do. In other words, it's seven things that might signal something about the current mood they're in, but we still don't know exactly what they mean. Here are the seven traits . . . 1. Activity or playfulness. Like playing with a toy, or tracking birds out the window. 2. Fearfulness. Like when they get spooked or hide under the bed. 3. Aggression toward humans. Like when they bite you for no reason. 4. Friendliness toward humans. Things like purring, or wanting you to pet them. 5. Socializing with other cats. That includes good and bad interactions. 6. Litterbox issues. Like peeing outside their box, or not burying it well enough. 7. Excessive grooming, which could be a sign of stress.

Miss America Will Now Judge the Contestants' "Health" Instead of Beauty

Here's the Miss America pageant's latest attempt to survive in a world where its values no longer gel with those of the general public. The pageant issued a statement saying, quote, "Miss America is pivoting their mission to define women's wellness as being based on optimal health, rather than physical appearance." What that means is anybody's guess at this point. But Miss America did ditch the swimsuit competition in 2018 . . . which they bragged about in the new press release. They said, quote, "By eliminating the swimsuit competition, it created an opportunity for us to redefine women’s wellness and what it means to be a great woman today in modern America."

39% of People Say Their Phone Is Their Most Important Possession

Remember when the coolest thing you owned was your car, or maybe an old T-shirt from your first concert? 39% of Americans now say their PHONE is their most important possession, according to a new poll. That's around two in five people 18% say it's even worth going into debt to make sure you have the newest phone. And 15% of Americans judge people if their phone looks old or outdated.

Here Are the Best Jobs for Lazy People

Sorry if you have one of these jobs and DON'T consider yourself lazy. But you might have it made. Someone posted a list of the best jobs for lazy people . . . 1. TV or Film Critic. It's a hard job to get. But once you have it, you're just watching movies in your PJs all day. 2. House Sitter. If you're trustworthy, people pay good money for you to take care of their house when they're away. A little cleaning, and then sipping Mai Tai's by the pool. 3. Mystery Shopper. All you have to do is shop at stores that you already go to. 4. Test Proctor, or someone who monitors people while they take tests. All you have to do is sit at a desk and look stern. 5. Sommelier. Once you pass the test and get your first gig, you pretty much just talk about wine all day. And you get paid to drink it. 6. Video Game Tester. Getting paid to sit on the couch and play games all day. 7. Polysomnographic Technologist or "sleep tech." Again, it takes time to get your license. But once you do, you get paid to watch people sleep. 8. Security Guard. But only if it's at a place that no one would ever want to rob.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. ANYA TAYLOR-JOY's friends keep her grounded. Quote, "[They] tease me mercilessly if I even hint at being overworked or stressed. They're like, 'Oh yeah, honey, it's so sad that you have to go get on a plane and go do whatever.'" 2. MATT DAMON revealed he has a private Instagram with 76 followers. And it didn't take long for the Internet to find it . . . because nothing is ever safe online. 3. A list of changes that were made to movies, shows, and video games after 9/11 includes: "Sesame Street" adding a fire at Mr. Hooper's to deal with trauma, and images of the World Trade Center being removed from "Sex and the City", "Serendipity", and "The Sopranos". 4. Miss America is trying to modernize again. The organization says it's going to, quote, "define women's wellness as being based on optimal health, rather than physical appearance." Whatever that means. 5. Two Red Sox fans who didn't even know each other decided to go in together on the 50/50 raffle and split the prize if they won. And they did win . . . $18,000. 6. Hitting a baseball is possibly the hardest thing to do in sports, mainly because of the speed of the pitch, and the fact that both the ball and the bat are rounded, so you have a very tiny bit of space in which to hit the ball squarely. 7. JAMIE LEE CURTIS thinks "Halloween Kills" speaks to the current times. She said, quote, "We're a divided world . . . and I think evil is seemingly winning a bit lately . . . I hope that this film is as much a mirror to the world as it is an entertainment for people who love movies." 8. The celebrity cast for the new season of "Dancing with the Stars" has been announced. It includes: "Cobra Kai" villain Martin Kove . . . Melanie C, a.k.a. Sporty Spice . . . Brian Austin Green . . . Olympic gymnast Suni Lee . . . and country singer Jimmie Allen.

9. BOB ODENKIRK is back to work on "Better Call Saul", a little over a month after suffering a heart attack on the set. He says, quote, "So happy to be here and living this specific life surrounded by such good people." 10. GREEN DAY ended the Hella Mega Tour with a bang this week, coming out during WEEZER's set in disguise. One wore a horse costume, another wore an Elvis jumpsuit, and one who appeared to be TRE COOL came out in a Speedo. 11. KACEY MUSGRAVES was "shocked" by how much dating had changed after her divorce. Especially the "hookup culture" and dating apps.

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