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Fonseca Trending 09/07/21

It's National Beer Lovers Day! Here's the #1 Trashy Beer in All 50 States

It's National Beer Lovers Day, when we're supposed to appreciate the craftmanship that goes into a good beer. But instead, let's focus on TRASH beers. Someone used Google Trends to find the most popular "trashy" beer in all 50 states. Meaning cheap brands beer snobs hate, but the rest of us are okay with. Here are the most popular "bad" beers based on how many states google them the most . . . 1. Natural Light, ten states. (Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah.) 2. Michelob Ultra, seven states. (Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.) 3. Bud Light, four states. (Alaska, Iowa, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.) 4. Coors Light, four states. (Arizona, California, Minnesota, and Nevada.) 5. A tie between Budweiser, Keystone, and Yuengling with three states. (Budweiser in North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Wyoming . . . Keystone in Colorado, Oregon, and Oklahoma . . . and Yuengling in Florida, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.) Miller Lite, Keystone Light, and Stroh's got two states each. And 11 more got one state apiece: Busch . . . Coors Original . . . Genesee . . . Lone Star . . . MGD . . . Narragansett (Nair-uh-GAN-set) . . . National Bohemian . . . Old Style . . . PBR . . . Rainer . . . and Schaefer. (Workshopedia)

Things People Did as Kids That They Later Realized Were Dangerous

It's normal to feel hyper-protective of kids, but think back on all the crazy stuff YOU did, and you made it through okay. Well, mostly. Buzzfeed has a list of things people say they did as kids, and then later, as adults, realized were really dangerous. The highlights include . . . Catching and playing with spiders . . . shooting fireworks at friends . . . destroying stuff in old buildings with asbestos . . . goofing around with lawn darts . . Jumping off the roofs and lofts of sheds and barns . . . putting a car in neutral while in a parking lot . . . messing around on streets or roads at night . . .Climbing more than 12 feet up a tree . . . fooling around on staircases . . . walking out on a frozen pool or pond . . . and sticking things in electrical outlets

It's "Telephone Tuesday," the Day Businesses Get the Most Phone Calls If you field a lot of phone calls at work, you might need that extra cup of coffee today, because it's "Telephone Tuesday" . . . the day of the year businesses supposedly get the most phone calls. The first Tuesday after Labor Day always sees a big spike in phone calls to businesses. It's because everyone's back at it after the long weekend, when most businesses weren't answering the phone. Plus, it's the unofficial start of fall. So summer is over . . . the holidays suddenly seem like they're right around the corner . . . and people want to get a head start on planning.

The Best Things from the '90s Include "Friends," "Titanic," and Game Boys

You know the '90s are trending when a stat like this exists: 37% of people in a new poll said it was the BEST decade to be alive. Three in five adults feel nostalgic about the 1990s. A third of Gen Z'ers now think '90s fashion and culture seemed fun. And 14% of people who lived through the '90s still wear at least one piece of clothing from back then. People were asked to name the BEST things about the '90s, and the show "Friends" took the top spot. Here are the highlights . . . 1. Other TV shows also made the top 50: "The Simpsons" . . . "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" . . . "Saved by the Bell" . . . "Baywatch" . . . "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" . . . "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" . . . "Dawson's Creek" . . . and "Power Rangers". 2. A few movies made the list: "Titanic" . . . "Romeo & Juliet" . . . "10 Things I Hate About You" . . . "Clueless" . . . and "Space Jam". 3. A few music groups ranked high: The Spice Girls . . . Britney Spears . . . Backstreet Boys . . . 'N Sync . . . Destiny's Child . . . and New Kids on the Block even though they started in the '80s. 4. And several products made the list: VHS tapes . . . Nokia cell phones . . . Game Boys . . . Tamagotchis . . . Beanie Babies . . . Polly Pocket . . . and Pogs.

Ten Car Repairs We Can Do Ourselves

Car prices are crazy because of the big computer chip shortage, and now experts think it might last another year or more. So if you can keep your old junker going a little bit longer, you might save a few bucks. A recent poll asked people what type of car repairs they can do THEMSELVES. Here are ten things people said they've done without the help of a mechanic . . . 1. Install new windshield wipers. 36% of Americans have done it before. 2. Add more wiper fluid, 34%. 3. Change your own oil? 28% of Americans have done it themselves. 4. Install a new battery, 27%. 5. Change your air filter, 26%. 6. Change a tire, 21%. 7. Replace a headlight, 21%. 8. Replace a spark plug, 15%. 9. Change a fuse, 14%. 10. Replace a side mirror. Only 6% have done that one.

Only 26% of Americans Say Labor Day Is the True End of Summer

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. But it turns out not many people actually agree with that. Only 26% of Americans feel like Labor Day marks the true end of summer. 19% said it's when school starts back up. And 39% are keeping summer alive until the OFFICIAL first day of fall on September 22nd. The poll also found 7% of people had their WORST summer ever, compared to 16% who said the same last year. Only 2% of Americans said this was the BEST summer of their life.

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" Broke the Labor Day Weekend Box Office Record

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" now holds the box office record for the largest Labor Day four-day weekend opening with $90 million. This nearly TRIPLES the previous Labor Day record held by ROB ZOMBIE's "Halloween", which earned $30.6 million in 2007. "Shang-Chi" has a three-day total of $75.5 million, which is the second-biggest theatrical debut for 2021 . . . falling right behind "Black Widow" at $80.3 million. It's also worth mentioning that unlike "Black Widow", "Shang-Chi" has an exclusive 45-day theatrical release, so you won't be able to catch it on Disney+ Premiere Access just yet. Star SIMU LIU had this to say about Marvel's first Asian superhero movie, quote, "I've said before that this film will change the world . . . A smile where there wasn't one before. Pride where there was shame. Compassion where there was ignorance.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. ANGELINA JOLIE says she fought with BRAD PITT because he worked with Harvey Weinstein, even though he knew Harvey once tried to sexually assault her. Quote, "It was hard for me when Brad [worked with Weinstein] . . . Of course it hurt." 2. MICHAEL K. WILLIAMS from "The Wire" died of a suspected heroin overdose yesterday. He was 54 years old. Williams was best known as Omar Little on "The Wire". 3. Former "Today" show weatherman WILLARD SCOTT died Saturday. He was 87 years old. He started on "Today" in 1980, and stepped aside in 1996, but continued to appear until his retirement in 2015. He also created and was the first person to portray Ronald McDonald. 4. STANLEY TUCCI was diagnosed with cancer three years ago when a tumor was found at the base of his tongue. After a regimen of radiation and chemotherapy, he's cancer-free and says it's unlikely to return. 5. MEGAN FOX and MACHINE GUN KELLY hinted that they had sex on a kitchen table in their Airbnb. Megan captioned a photo, quote, "When I tell you that the table at this Airbnb saw some things." Then MGK replied, quote, "I'm really glad that's not our table anymore." 6. KALEY CUOCO and Karl Cook are getting divorced. They said, quote, "our current paths have taken us in opposite directions." But they added that there's "no anger or animosity." 7. "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" set a new Labor Day box office record with $90 million. Star SIMU LIUsaid, quote, "This film will change the world . . . Pride where there was shame. Compassion where there was ignorance." 8. A list of Cameo's top performing TV stars for 2020 includes: Big Ed from the "90 Day" franchise . . . Josh Sussman from "Glee" . . . and Brian Baumgartner a.k.a. Kevin Malone on "The Office". 9. "Donda" by KANYE WEST debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts with 309,000 copies sold. That's the biggest release of the year so far. But DRAKE's "Certified Lover Boy" should replace it next week, with around 600,000. 10. KEITH URBAN shared video of an Australian reality show judge in 1983 telling him he wasn't good enough to be a solo artist. He expanded that video to include clips of himself performing in front of huge crowds, as a solo artist.

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