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Fonseca Trending 080/27/21

Five Weekend Morning Mistakes That Can Screw Up Your Whole Week

It's Friday! Here are five weekend morning mistakes that can totally screw up the week ahead . . . how many are you guilty of? 1. Sleeping in. Researchers have found that having big variations in sleep and wake times leads to greater fatigue and less healthy behaviors overall. It's one thing to sleep in for an extra hour or two, but getting up at 7:00 A.M. on weekdays and noon on weekends could be a problem. 2. Not hydrating. Drinking water is really important first thing in the morning, especially after a night of drinking. 3. Not holding yourself accountable. It's easy to stick to a routine on weekdays because we all have someone or something we're accountable to, like work, or getting kids to school. So try signing up for a weekend workout class or meeting a friend for coffee . . . just something to keep the routine going. 4. Not prepping for the week ahead. You should definitely relax on the weekend. But it's also an opportunity to prepare for the week ahead. Like with meal prepping, or even just thinking about recipes you want to try and making sure you have the ingredients. 5. Not getting outside. Get some fresh air and sunshine this weekend. Being outside has all kinds of health benefits, and research shows that morning light exposure can lead to better rest at night.

Three Things a "Cool Mom" Should Never Do

Are you a "cool" mom? Or, better question, do you CARE if you're a cool mom? A new poll found 47% of moms worry about whether their kids think they're cool. The survey also asked kids to name things a cool mom should NEVER do. Here are three things that can instantly make you an UNCOOL mom. Using their nickname in front of their friends, like calling them "sweetheart" or "Jamie" instead of "James." Shouting their name at a sporting event, or any other event they're taking part in. And finally, 40% of kids said a cool mom would never dance in public.

Fast Food News: Wendy's Is Changing Its Fries, and Taco Bell's Chicken Sandwich Arrives Next Week

Changing the most popular thing on your menu is risky. But one of the biggest fast food chains is doing exactly that: Wendy's is changing its FRENCH FRIES, and they claim it's an upgrade. But obviously fans are nervous. They're adjusting the way they're cut. And they're leaving some of the potato skin on, but that's already how they do their fries. The biggest change is they're coating them in a light batter that's supposed to make them CRISPIER. They're doing it because more of us are ordering delivery now. So our food sits in the bag for an average of 15 more minutes. And old, soggy fries have become an issue. The new fries are supposed to stay fresh and crispy for a lot longer. And Wendy's says they WILL taste different, but it's a good different. They'll shift over to the new fries in mid-September. (Here's a photo.) In other fast food news: Taco Bell's version of a fried chicken sandwich arrives next week. They announced it in January, and they've been testing it in Nashville and Charlotte. But it'll be available nationwide next Thursday. It's all-white chicken marinated in jalapeño buttermilk, and served in a piece of flatbread instead of a bun. So it's like a hot chicken sandwich in taco form. (Here's a photo.)

A Mom Quit Her Job and Now Makes $1,000 a Week . . . Dumpster Diving?

There was a time when a career in JUNK meant that you were a garbage man. Now, people can earn a living by doing garage sales on eBay . . . "upcycling" old stuff on Etsy . . . "picking" antiques from hoarders . . . and buying abandoned storage units in the hopes of uncovering valuables. And now, a 32-year-old mother of four in Dallas has been able to quit her full-time job, because she's making around $1,000 a week . . . DUMPSTER DIVING. Her name is Tiffany She'ree, and she first got into dumpster diving after watching some YouTube videos about it back in 2016. She mostly targets commercial trash . . . like the dumpsters behind stores like Victoria's Secret, Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, and Ulta. They sometimes toss new or returned merchandise that they can't sell for whatever reason. Tiffany looks for anything that SHE could sell . . . and apparently makes enough to help support her family. If that seems hard to believe, check out her TikTok feed, @DumpsterDivingMama, where she shares her "scores." Dumpster diving is technically NOT illegal, but a lot of dumpsters are on private property, and if there are "no trespassing" signs the store could come after you and you could be fined. That said, it's unlikely anyone will care if you don't damage anything and you don't make a mess.

The Top Reasons Women Feel More Confident as They Get Older

A new survey found the average woman feels the most confident with her looks at age 32. That doesn't mean confidence plummets after 32 though. It actually goes UP for most women. Almost two-thirds say that the older they get, the more confident they are in general. Here are the top five reasons . . . 1. You care less about what other people think. 63% agreed with that one. 2. You feel more settled down in life. 3. It gets easier to embrace changes in your looks. 4. More support from friends and family. 5. You feel more confident at work and know you're good at your job.

72% of Americans Say They've Created Lasting Memories Around a Grill

For most of 2020, the best option for socializing was sitting in a badly lit room . . . on Zoom . . . trying to parse a group conversation to determine who was saying what without AGAIN saying, "What was that?" This Labor Day, it's safer for vaccinated Americans to socialize in person, and according to a new survey, many people are looking to have a COOKOUT. 72% of people say they have created "lasting memories" around a grill . . . 51% say outdoor barbecues are an "ideal venue" for socializing . . . and 47% said a grill is like an at-home version of the office water cooler. The grill was more popular than hanging out at a restaurant . . . sitting around a dining room table . . . being at a park . . . or even socializing on vacation.

A Study Found That Disney Princesses Do Not Negatively Affect Child Development

Have you ever heard people say that DISNEY princess movies like "The Little Mermaid" or "Sleeping Beauty" negatively influence young girls' sense of self-worth due to the whole "damsel in distress" cliché? Well, a study was done to see if that held up. A group of pre-school aged children were surveyed in 2012 and 2013 . . . about half boys and half girls. Then five years later, the same kids were surveyed again. The results showed that Disney princesses didn't enforce female gender stereotypes. In fact, it actually resulted in kids believing in a society where everyone is equal, even down to wanting boys to show more emotion, and also a higher body esteem. An author of the study said it doesn't matter which princess is viewed for these outcomes. Quote, "You'd expect a girl who said her favorite princess was Mulan to be less gender-stereotyped than one whose favorite was Cinderella, but we didn't find that." They added, quote, "Princess culture gives women key story lines where they're the protagonist."

Only 35% of Men Think They Do Most of the Household Chores

A new survey found only 35% of men think they do most of the chores around the house. So, hey . . . at least they admit it. 72% of women said THEY actually handle most of the chores. Also, the types of chores men and women do aren't exactly equal. Three out of five people said they have specific chores they're responsible for. Women do most of the cooking, dusting, and vacuuming. Men are more likely to mow the lawn, deal with clogged drains, and change light bulbs. There are some chores we share though. Things men and women are just as likely to do include: Feeding the pets, or walking them . . . deep-cleaning the shower . . . and steam-cleaning the carpets.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. A toy replica of JEFF BEZOS' New Shepard rocket is up for pre-orders. And it actually flies. The phallic jokes are already coming in hot, of course. One person said, quote, "My sister has one of them in her drawer." 2. MICHAEL KEATON thought he was exchanging emails with a saddle maker named Cash Cooper about an order, but he was actually emailing BRADLEY COOPER. Bradley thought it was a joke so he went along with it. 3. "Fortnite" added a MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. tribute, and a lot of people think it's inappropriate. One critic said, quote, "True, the mode looks peaceful, but like . . . it's still a battle royale game . . . trying to do an event about a man who was assassinated."

4. JOE ROGAN is offering full refunds for shows that'll require a vaccination, like in New York City. He said, quote, "I don't want to force [anyone] to get vaccinated to see a[n] [effing] stupid comedy show. 5. No, your kids will not grow up with a negative sense of self-worth by watching DISNEY princess movies. In fact, a study showed that they created a higher body esteem and belief in equality. 6. The "Candyman" reboot is out this weekend. It stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the guy who played Black Manta in "Aquaman". 7. A new LEGO set from "Jurassic Park" features character's photos next to their LEGO versions . . . except that next to SAM NEILL's picture is a toilet . . . to which he joked, quote, "Is this a commentary on my performance? . . . Hilarious." 8. 18-year-old JOJO SIWA will be part of the first same-sex couple in "Dancing with the Stars" history. Her partner hasn't been announced yet. The season premieres on September 20th. 9. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS wanted to appear on Season 1 of the Disney+ reboot "Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.", but it never worked out. He's hoping he can do it if there's a Season 2. 10. BTS has been accused of Billboard Hot 100 chart manipulation. Member RM said, quote, "It's up to [Billboard] to change the rules . . . Slamming us or our fans for getting to #1 . . . I don't know if that's right." 11. TIM MCGRAW remembers the exact moment he decided to get sober in 2008. He was drinking whiskey at eight in the morning before waking the kids up, so he told FAITH HILL he had a problem. Quote, "She grabbed me, hugged me, and changed my life."

12. ROSANNE CASH asked STEEL WOODS to remove an image of her father, Johnny Cash, from an online post . . . so they did. The post was used to announce their opposition to vaccine mandates.

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