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Fonseca Trending 08/23/21

Six Classes All College Students Should Take, Regardless of Their Major

Here's some good info for college students, or parents of college students. Someone asked a bunch of experts to name courses that ALL students should take, no matter what their major is. The idea is they cover broad skills that are valuable in general. Here are the classes they say to take . . . 1. Intro to programming, or coding. Even if you're not majoring in computer science, it's good to know the basics in case you need to work with programmers in the future. It's a more important skillset than ever. 2. Marketing or branding. The fundamentals are important even if you're just promoting yourself, like when you start looking for jobs. 3. Graphic design. Knowing how to use things like Photoshop can give you an edge in lots of different jobs, even if it's not part of your main skillset. 4. Intro to statistics. The world is more stat-based than ever, so it's a good thing to have a basic knowledge of. 5. English. Getting better at writing and communication is important no matter the job. 6. Personal finance. A poll last week found most people think it should be taught in high school now. Until then, a lot of colleges already offer courses in it.

People Are Getting Tattoos of Their Vaccine QR Codes A lot of bars and restaurants are making people show their vaccine cards to get in now. There are also digital versions for your phone that have a QR code they can scan. Or, I guess this option might be SLIGHTLY more convenient. A 22-year-old in Italy is going viral after he got a QR code TATTOOED on his upper arm that links to his vaccine status. He tested it out at a McDonald's that requires proof, and it worked. (Here's Part 1 of the video, and Part 2.) He says he also did it because he just wanted a tattoo that was UNIQUE. His parents aren't thrilled though, and told him to stop being so impulsive.

The Next Big Fashion Trend Might Be . . . Dressy Bell-Bottoms?

Bell-bottoms weren't ever really considered HIGH FASHION . . . but they're apparently being reinvented that way. Multiple luxury brands are putting out "baggy flared" dress pants, which definitely have a bell-bottom vibe. The wide opening at the bottom is more subtle than classic bell-bottoms . . . but it's big enough and low enough to mostly hide your shoes. Obviously, it's too early to say if this will catch on in a mainstream way . . . but it's funny to imagine Greg from I.T. walking into the office in a pair of these

The States with the Cheapest and Most Expensive Pizza

I don't how valuable this info is since no one's moving to a new state just to save a couple bucks on pizza. But I guess it means other stuff is cheaper too . . . Someone came up with a "Pizza Index" that ranks all 50 states according to how expensive the average pizza is. (They did it by comparing prices on a website called

The most expensive is Alaska, where the average cheese pizza costs $9.21. And the cheapest pizza is in North Dakota, where the average is $6.64. The five cheapest pizza states are: North Dakota, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Utah. The five most expensive are: Alaska, Montana, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. They also looked at cities: Eau Claire, Wisconsin has the most expensive pizza on average. Wilmington, North Carolina has the cheapest. ( / Mental Floss) (Here's a map with prices for all 50 states.)

A Racehorse Broke Out of a Racetrack, Ran Down a Highway, and Then Escaped from a Burning Barn

You may think you had a busy weekend . . . but it won't hold a candle to what Bold and Bossy went through. Bold and Bossy is a racehorse . . . and on Saturday she was supposed to race at Ellis Park in Henderson, Kentucky. But then she felt a little BOLD AND BOSSY. She bucked off her jockey, and TOOK OFF. She escaped the track, and started running down the highway, alongside the cars. Thankfully, she wasn't hit, despite running for 30 minutes . . . at full speed . . . down multiple interstate highways. She eventually got exhausted and slowed down, and she was taken in by a veterinarian who was in pursuit, along with trainers, an animal ambulance, and the local police. She was sedated and taken to a barn to relax and rest. Except that in the middle of the night, a terrible FIRE started in the barn, and it wasn't long before the whole place was engulfed in flames. Bold and Bossy was rescued by some "unknown hero," along with the other horses in the barn. She suffered burns to her neck and shoulder-area, but it sounds like she'll be okay. It's unclear what this means for her racing future . . . but after all this trauma, I think she's earned a quiet, pampered life.

The Greatest Movies That Were Never Made

Some movie projects were aborted before they could ever make it to the big screen. Here are some of the greatest movies that were never made, in no particular order:

1. "E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears", 1982 . . . This sequel included a spaceship of carnivorous aliens who kidnap and torture Elliot and his crew, but Steven Spielberg decided it was too dark. 2. "Superman Lives" . . . Yep, the '90s one starring Nicolas Cage as Superman. Tim Burton was set to direct and Kevin Smith was co-writing the script. All that exists is Nick's test footage. Shoulda . . . coulda . . . woulda been epic. 3. "Newt" . . . This Pixar film was about two newts who were the last of their species. The project was killed because they thought it was too similar to "Rio". 4. Sylvester Stallone's "Poe" . . . This Edgar Allan Poe biopic had Sylvester writing and starring . . . he even did a few costume tests. 5. "Jurassic Park IV" . . . Before "Jurassic World", this one would have included dinosaur-human hybrids. 6. David Cronenberg's "Frankenstein" . . . David was known for body horror like "The Fly". In the '80s he was going to do his take on "Frankenstein" using some of Mary Shelley's original ideas. 7. Stanley Kubrick's "Napoleon" . . . Stanley was set to make a biopic on the French military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, but he couldn't convince MGM to produce it. 8. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2" . . . Test footage was made of a CGI Roger, but the project was canceled due to the high cost of hybrid animation and Roger's indecent tone.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. KYLIE JENNER and TRAVIS SCOTT are reportedly expecting their second child, although it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. They already have a 3-year-old daughter named Stormi.

2. DON EVERLY of the EVERLY BROTHERS died Saturday at his home in Nashville. He was 84 years old. His brother PHIL passed in 2014. Their hits included "Bye Bye Love", "Wake Up Little Susie", and "All I Have to Do Is Dream".

3. A list of movies that were never made includes: "E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears" . . . Nicolas Cage as Superman in "Superman Lives" . . . and Sylvester Stallone as Edgar Allan Poe in a biopic.

4. CARSON DALY said if he was a contestant on "The Voice", he'd join JOHN LEGEND's team . . . even though he's good friends with BLAKE SHELTON. He also said he'd audition with an '80s or '90s R&B song.

5. MIKE RICHARDS stepped down from hosting "Jeopardy!" after filming five episodes for the new season. The episodes will still air, but the show will go back to having guest hosts until a new one is chosen.

6. The big New York City "Homecoming Concert" in Central Park got shut down about halfway through due to bad weather. Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Simon never got to perform.

7. TYGA deleted his OnlyFans account and is launching his own site for creators to post sexually explicit videos. It's called MyyStar and it launches in October.

8. GENE SIMMONS from KISS took a shot at DAVID LEE ROTH, saying he's nothing like he used to be. Dave responded by posting a photo of a little kid giving the finger . . . 18 times.

9 Saturday was KACEY MUSGRAVES' 33rd birthday. She celebrated by sharing a clip of a brand new song. She also got some love from her "boyfriend" who posted pics and a poem on Instagram. She called him her "angel boo.""

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