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Fonseca Trending 08/17/21

Two Hours of Video Games Burns as Many Calories as 1,000 Sit-Ups

Well this seems like dangerous information to have: A new study found two hours of playing video games can burn as many calories as 1,000 SIT-UPS. A gaming app called Stakester commissioned the study, so keep that in mind. Researchers used smart devices like Fitbits to track heart rates and calories burned while people played games or did sit-ups. Guys burned an average of 210 calories an hour while gaming, while women burned 236. And it took around 500 sit-ups to burn the same amount. Of course, just sitting and doing nothing can burn 100 calories an hour. So it's not like gaming burns a ton more. But a separate study last year found gamers are 21% more likely to have a healthy body weight. So who knows? Burning calories isn't the only thing you have to worry about if you want to get in shape though. And gaming probably won't strengthen your core much. If we're just looking at calories, it would take more than two hours of gaming to burn off a Big Mac.

The Average American Wastes Over $70K on Bad Online Purchases

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon . . . excitedly waited for it to arrive . . . opened it up . . . looked at it . . . said "Oh" . . . and then never used it? Well, that's a lot more common than you think. According to a survey, the average American wastes over $70,000 in their lifetime on disappointing online purchases. To come up with that, they took an average of $899 per year, and extended it over a life expectancy of 78.54 years. The most common types of unsatisfying buys are clothing, tech, and kids toys . . . and the disappointment is often because the quality isn't as good as expected, or it turned out to be the wrong size or color. Sending an item back isn't always worth it, but we do return an average of four online purchases a year, or roughly 314 returns over a lifetime. People also shared some of their most disappointing purchases. They include: A "leather jacket" that turned out to be plastic . . . steaks that "tasted like shoes" . . . an alarm clock where you couldn't lower the brightness . . . a fan that didn't blow air . . . a "very uncomfortable" recliner . . . and a box that arrived EMPTY.

The Top Tattoo Designs We're Googling in 2021

People get tattoos for lots of reasons. But if you're just trying to be as unique as possible, maybe DON'T go with one of these . . . Google Trends put out a list of the top tattoo designs we've been googling this year. And a few classics made the list. But there are also a few surprises . . . 1. Butterflies. They've been popular for a long time, and lots of celebrities have them. 2. Semicolons. They're a suicide awareness thing. 3. Sunflowers. Vanessa Hudgens got one last year. 4. Roses. So flowers in general are still really popular. 5. Skeleton hands. 6. Koi fish tattoos. 7. Snakes. 8. Medusa. So another snake-related one. 9. Lotus flowers. 10. Cross tattoos.

Does This Hack for Cleaning Dirty Pans Actually Work?

We've got another life hack from TikTok. But does it really work? The bottoms of old pots and pans tend to look burned and grimy after a while. And it's supposed to make them look new again, with almost no scrubbing involved. Just sprinkle some salt and baking soda on there. Then add dish soap, and scrub it just a little bit with steel wool to mix everything together. Then you cover it up with some paper towels . . . pour white vinegar on until they're soaked . . . and wait a little bit. If it works, you should be able to rinse everything off, and the bottoms of your pans will look new again. But not everyone's had success. Some people who tried it say it didn't work. But another guy on TikTok who tests stuff like this claims it DOES. He followed the instructions and says it came out 99% perfect.

Movies That Are Good But Only Need to Be Seen Once

Someone made a list of movies that are good, but are a bit of a tough watch and only need to be seen once. Here are some highlights: 1. "A Clockwork Orange", 1971 . . . It initially received an X-rating in the U.S. and the aversion-therapy scenes are difficult to watch. 2. "Pink Flamingos", 1972 . . . This one needs no explanation: Divine eats a pig's face AND dog feces. 3. "Deliverance", 1972 . . . The rape scene is something you'll need bleached from your mind. 4. "Schindler's List", 1993 . . . Steven Spielberg's Holocaust film is deeply moving and won seven Oscars. 5. "American History X", 1998 . . . The curb stomping scene that is a tough watch. 6. "Hotel Rwanda", 2004 . . . The horrors of genocide are depicted. 7. "127 Hours", 2010 . . . James Franco cutting his arm off is . . . yikes. 8. "The Revenant", 2015 . . . BEAR ATTACK. 9. "12 Years a Slave", 2013 . . . Lupita Nyong'o's character receives life threatening lashes and is repeatedly raped. 10. "City of God", 2002 . . . This Brazilian film depicts kids killing kids in street gang warfare.

Should You Still Tip if You're Picking Up Food? Two-Thirds of Us Do It

Most people tip delivery drivers. But what if you order food and YOU go pick it up? Should you still leave a tip, or are you just giving your money away for no good reason? Someone polled over 8,000 people, and most of us DO still leave a tip, at least sometimes. 67% said yes they do. The other 33% either said they never leave a tip, or don't order take-out. So how MUCH should you tip for pick-up? The most popular answer was 10 to 15%. But around 1 in 3 people tip more than that.

Naomi Osaka Broke Down During a Press Conference Yesterday

NAOMI OSAKA got emotional during a press conference yesterday for the Western & Southern Open, after fielding a question about how she doesn't enjoy interacting with journalists. The reporter asked her how she balances not being "crazy about dealing with [the media]," with using her media platform to promote "outside interests." Naomi seemed to handle the question well, but as the next reporter started asking a question, she started tearing up. She actually left the table for a moment, but returned to finish the press conference.

Naomi's mental health has been overshadowing her work on the court ever since she backed out of the French Open and skipped Wimbledon entirely.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. SIMU LIU, the star of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" did some stock photo modeling in the past. He said, quote, "Got paid 120 bucks and signed away all my rights to them because I was in credit card debt." 2. IRELAND BALDWIN would like you to know that her new tattoo is not KENDALL JENNER, even though it looks like her. It is a nude pin-up girl inspired by a vintage advertisement. 3. NAOMI OSAKA got emotional during a press conference after a reporter asked her about her supposed aversion to dealing with the press. She handled the question, but had to take a quick break from the press conference. 4. Former U.S. Women's soccer goalie HOPE SOLO may have started something. She said, quote, "I've seen MEGAN RAPINOE almost bully players into kneeling because she really wants to stand up for something in her particular way." 5. A list of movies that are good, but only need to be seen once includes: "Deliverance" . . . "Schindler's List" . . . and "American History X". 6. A TV drama based on "Field of Dreams" is coming to NBC's Peacock streaming service. It's being developed by the guy who created "The Good Place". 7. A woman is suing BOB DYLAN, claiming he groomed and sexually abused her when she was 12 years old . . . 56 years ago. Bob's lawyer says her claim is, quote, "untrue and will be vigorously defended." 8. A list of musicians who discovered other musicians includes: Akon with Lady Gaga . . . Drake with The Weeknd . . . and Lil Wayne with Nicki Minaj. 9. KANYE's new album "Donda" will have some great guests, including The Weeknd, Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, and Kid Cudi. The latest word is that it's coming out on Friday, but who knows with him. 10. LAINEY WILSON's career is taking off, and she's not used to this kind of attention. The first time she got a standing ovation she thought the audience was getting up to leave.

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