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Fonseca Trending 08/12/21

The "Job" You're More Likely to Have Based on the Month You Were Born

The jobs website posted a list of the careers you're more likely to gravitate toward depending on the month you were born. And it's all backed by stats. But some of these things aren't really "jobs," are they? Here what it says . . . January: Debt collectors and doctors. February: Artists and traffic cops. March: Pilots and musicians. April: Dictators. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Vladimir Lenin were all April babies. May: Politicians. June: CEOs and Nobel Prize winners. Those might be the best ones on the list. July: Bricklayers and train drivers. August: Bricklayers again. (So if you've had a baby in the last few weeks, they're gonna lay brick someday.) September: Athletes and physicists. October: Not a job, but you're more likely to live to be 100 years old. November: Serial killers and schizophrenics. Again, not jobs. December: Dentists.

"Jeopardy!" Has Announced Two Permanent Hosts

"Jeopardy!" announced its permanent hosts yesterday. And yes, I said HOSTS, because there are TWO of them. As expected, executive producer MIKE RICHARDS has been tapped as the main host. He'll do the regular, nightly syndicated show. But MAYIM BIALIK from "The Big Bang Theory" will host primetime specials and spin-offs for ABC . . . including the upcoming National College Championship. According to an official statement, "Mike is a unique talent, at ease behind the podium and a double threat as producer and host. Mayim has a wonderful energy, an innate sense of the game, and an authentic curiosity that naturally represents the 'Jeopardy!'brand. "We are excited to get to work with them both and are confident that they will carry on the legacy of this iconic show."

What's the Most Useful Second Language to Learn?

Does anyone who took French in high school actually use it? And is Latin just a big waste of time? Someone polled over 20,000 Americans and asked what the most USEFUL second language is. And the top choice by far was Spanish. 61% said Spanish. And then way down the list in second place is Chinese or Mandarin with 5% of the vote. French is third with 3%, and then German at 2%. Latin only got 1% of the vote, along with Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, and Russian. 10% didn't know or picked some other language.

And 1 in 7 Americans think English is the only language worth learning, and that ALL of those languages are a waste of time.

A Guy Got Arrested for Tattooing at Child in a McDonald's Dining Room

If you're doing something that's illegal for multiple reasons, maybe don't do it in the MOST public place available . . . Some idiot in South Carolina was arrested on Tuesday after giving a tattoo to a CHILD in the middle of a McDonald's restaurant. (It happened in Laurens, South Carolina, about 50 miles from the Georgia border.) The tattoo happened on Friday. Then someone posted a video of it, and cops got involved. It's not clear how old the kid was, but it looks like a teenager. (Here's the video.) The tattoo artist is 28-year-old Brandon Presha. He's facing charges for tattooing a minor, and tattooing without a license. He's also on probation for assault and battery. Back in December, he got sentenced to three years in jail for it. But a judge suspended his sentence and gave him two years' probation. The illegal tattoo likely violated that probation though. So he's probably going away for a while. (Here's his mugshot.)

89% of Workers Would Love Just One Day with No Meetings

Would you be more productive at work if there weren't any MEETINGS, or would you just burn more time on Instagram? 89% of workers in a new survey said they'd love to have just ONE DAY with no meetings or phone calls. Almost half said they usually have at least two or three a day. 20% said it's more like five. And the top things we hate about meetings are: Getting there on time . . . meeting fatigue . . . and poor planning by the person running them. If we have to be in a meeting though, we'd prefer to do it face to face. 49% prefer in-person meetings . . . 35% like Zoom better . . . and 17% said over the phone is best.

16% of People Have Watched a TV Show on Their Phone . . . at a Wedding?

Weddings can be boring. No one goes into one saying, "I really hope it's a two- to three-hour traditional affair!" And yet, some people still plan them like that. But have you ever been so bored that you've secretly watched a little Netflix? In a new survey of mobile viewers, a whopping 16% say that they've watched a show on their phone during a WEDDING. Which is wild. Some of that could've been during down-time where nothing is happening. But still. In general, people who are into mobile content say they watch 28% of their TV shows on their phones. About one-in-five have watched a show or movie at a bar, and 31% have watched something in their car. More than one-third of people admit to "double screening" at home . . . so that's watching one thing on your phone, while watching another thing on TV.

But some of those people aren't really TRYING to watch both. 37% say it's basically just a way for them to watch their own stuff, rather than the content that other people are watching in the room at the time.

8% of People Think They Should Be Paid More to Work from Home

Working from home used to be a perk . . . then it became a necessity . . . and apparently, it's now becoming a bit of a burden. A new poll asked people if employees working from home should be paid MORE, LESS, or the SAME as before . . . assuming they're doing the same job. 69% said they should be paid the same . . . 12% said they should be paid less . . . and 8% said they think they should get MORE.

The thinking behind that might be that you're using your personal internet and electricity, along with software and office supplies . . . and it's possible you've even needed to buy computer or other equipment for work use at home.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. The MTV Video Music Award nominees were announced yesterday. Justin Bieber leads with seven and Megan Thee Stallion follows with six. The ceremony goes down Sunday, September 12th. Voting is open now. 2. JAY LENO had fun surprising his friends on a recent flight along the California coast. He (safely) popped out of the nose of a plane going 147 miles per hour and pretended to claw at the hood . . . quote, "just being stupid." 3. EMINEM's ex-wife Kim Scott was hospitalized about a week and a half ago, following a suicide attempt. After a mental and psychological evaluation, she was released. Kim is the mother of Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade. 4. Blue Collar comedian BILL ENGVALL is retiring from standup, in order to, quote, "focus on future opportunities in entertainment and spend more time with my family." He's kicking off a farewell tour on the 26th of this month. 5. "Bachelorette" KATIE THURSTON finally showed off the painting that her new fiancé BLAKE MOYNES painted for her on the show. It was actually censored when it aired, because it's supposed to look like "male juice." 6. JAKE JOHNSON recalled his experience working with TOM CRUISE. He recognized Tom's passion in the leaked audio from the "Mission: Impossible 7" set and said he's an intense guy who is there to "entertain an audience" and "willing to put himself in harm's way to do it." 7. MINDY KALING is making a making a Muslim version of "You've Got Mail" based on the book "Hana Khan Carries On". Instead of the owners of competing book stores in New York falling in love, it'll be the owners of two competing Halal restaurants in Canada. 8. "Jeopardy!" has announced two permanent hosts: Executive producer MIKE RICHARDS will host the regular, nightly syndicated show. And MAYIM BIALIK from "The Big Bang Theory" will host primetime specials and spin-offs for ABC . . . including the upcoming National College Championship. 9. More than 20 years after "Smooth" came out, CARLOS SANTANA and ROB THOMAS have another single coming out a week from tomorrow. It's called "Move". 10. BLACKBERRY SMOKE guitarist Paul Jackson has test positive for COVID-19, so the band has halted their tour. They're hoping to reschedule some of the shows, and will give updates. 11. JASON ISBELL's "vaccine mandates" are causing problems on his tour. Yesterday's show in Houston was canceled because of it . . . and he changed venues for tomorrow's show in Fort Worth, Texas.

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