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Fonseca Trending 08/11/21

A Willy Wonka-Themed Hotel Room Will Include Lickable Wallpaper

A hotel in the U.K. will soon be offering stays in a Willy Wonka-themed room . . . with LICKABLE WALLPAPER. This is happening at the Chocolate Box, which is a chocolate-themed hotel in Bournemouth. It's on the southern coast of England, a little over 100 miles southwest of London . . . if that means anything to you. In addition to the lickable wallpaper . . . in "a variety of fruity flavors," I should add . . . there's also a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows for dipping, and bowls of candy that can be restocked at no extra charge. The room key even looks like a golden ticket. Oh, and you can take a bath in chocolate if you want to. It's actually not that expensive to stay there, either. It's about 277 bucks a night. But chocolate baths are extra . . . about $208 per. And by the way . . . the lickable wallpaper IS changed in between guests.

Mountain Dew with Alcohol Is Coming Next Year The hard seltzer trend has been losing steam. Could hard SODA be the next big thing? Pepsi announced they'll start selling boozy MOUNTAIN DEW next year. They're partnering with The Boston Beer Company, which owns Sam Adams and the hard seltzer brand Truly. They're calling it "Hard Mountain Dew," and it's 5% alcohol. So about the same as hard seltzer and beer. But unlike normal Mountain Dew, it won't have any sugar. And there's no caffeine either.A photo of the cans shows three different flavors. The first one is original Mountain Dew. The other two are Watermelon and Black Cherry. They'll hit stores early next year.

Someone Got an Amazon Delivery So Big, You Can Barely See the House Behind It

The pandemic has made people buy more things online. But THIS might be a sign you have a problem . . . There are a few videos going viral, which show a MASSIVE Amazon delivery in Florida. There are maybe a hundred or more boxes . . . and the delivery guys have them stacked as high as the house. It's unclear what's going on, but the neighbors have been posting videos over several days . . . and in the latest ones, it looks like at least some of the packages are being loaded into a moving truck. A lot of commenters are speculating what's in them . . . but there's been no word on what the person ordered. A lot of the boxes are a similar size, and many appear to have red "heavy" stickers on them.

Are We All Cutting Avocados Wrong?

Here's another simple thing the Internet claims we've been doing wrong our whole lives. How do you cut an AVOCADO? A recent study estimated that avocado-related injuries send 24 people to the emergency room EVERY DAY. So how do YOU do it? Most of us cut them in half lengthwise. But a bunch of people on Instagram say you should be cutting them the other way . . . around the MIDDLE. So you end up with the top and bottom as two separate pieces. (Here's a video.) Here are three reasons why they think it's better . . . 1. It's slightly easier. You don't have to cut through the ends of the avocado, including the part where the stem used to be. And you can roll it on a cutting board as you cut. 2. Less surface area is exposed to air. So if you only eat half, less of the avocado will turn brown and gross in the fridge. 3. You end up with a nice bowl shape. So if you're eating it with a spoon, it's a little more comfortable to hold. Not everyone's convinced it's better though. Some say it's not THAT much easier in any way, so why change?

30% of Us Don't Separate Whites and Colors When We Do Laundry

With this stat, I'm surprised you don't see more people walking around in slightly pink shirts: A new poll asked 6,000 Americans if they separate their whites and colors when they do laundry . . . and almost a third of us don't bother. 61% said yes, they do. But 30% said no . . . 4% didn't answer . . . and another 4% said they never do their own laundry. Men were much more likely to say they never do laundry. Only 2% of women said someone else always does it for them . . . compared to 7% of guys. Shocking News: People Who Plan Ahead Have More Time and Less Stress

Are you a "planner" or a "procrastinator"? This might be shocking to people who put stuff off, but you're just making things harder on yourself . . . Researchers talked to 2,000 people who described themselves as planners or procrastinators. And they found planners tend to be happier, healthier, and less stressed. AND they have more money. Here are a few quick stats . . . 1. Planners are more likely to do big things early. Like taxes and shopping for the holidays. And they're also less stressed WHILE doing those things. 2. Planners have more free time. 52% said they have a good social life, and 44% have enough time to themselves. Each of those are 13 points higher than procrastinators. 3. Planners tend to have a healthier family dynamic. 79% said their relationships are strong. Only 65% of procrastinators agree. 4. Planners are more likely to feel confident, 68% vs. 49% . . . and more likely to be financially secure, 49% vs. 33%. 5. Planners tend to feel more respected and admired. Over 90% said their friends, kids, and coworkers respect them. For procrastinators, it's around 80%. But here's some good news for people who put stuff off: You CAN change. Over half of people in the study said their habits have shifted as they've gotten older. And 77% of those people got BETTER at planning ahead, not worse.

How Much Underwear Do You Pack for a One Week Vacation?

A woman went on Facebook recently, and said that her husband complained that she packed too much for trips . . . and she wanted to know what people thought was acceptable for seven days away. She shared her own list, and she is heavy-handed . . . seven tops, seven t-shirts, seven pants, seven shorts, 10 socks, 14 underwear, five pajamas, three swimming suits, a shower towel, a swim towel, a beach towel, a coat, four hoodies, shoes, sandals, flip-flips, toiletries, and more . . . for EACH person. She admitted she prepares for all kinds of weather . . . and she didn't say where they were going. Some people commented that there's no need for so many pajamas and hoodies, while others said you could cut back on the pants and tops, especially if you were also tossing in a full supply of shorts and t-shirts. But what about the underwear? 14 per person. On one hand, you never want to run out . . . but 14 seems like a lot for seven days.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. CHRISTINA APPLEGATE has multiple sclerosis. She says, quote, "It's been a tough road. But as we all know, the road keeps going. Unless some [A-hole] blocks it." Christina is also a breast cancer survivor. She's 49 years old. 2. New York Governor ANDREW CUOMO resigned yesterday, amid allegations that he harassed 11 different women. He'll be replaced by Lieutenant Governor KATHY HOCHUL, who becomes New York's first female governor. 3. JENNIFER LOPEZ's pink diamond engagement ring from BEN AFFLECK back in 2002 could be worth $11 million today. Also, according to Jennifer's former publicist, she most likely still has it. 4. Are JENNIFER ANISTON and DAVID SCHWIMMER dating in real life? Their relationship is rumored to be heating up since the "Friends" reunion. 5. MCKAYLA MARONEY is auctioning off an NFT of her infamous "Not Impressed" meme from the 2012 Olympics. She's also throwing in a private gymnastics lesson and a copy of her upcoming book. 6. HUGH JACKMAN seems pretty confident that he's done playing Wolverine. He said, quote, "Please tell it to RYAN[REYNOLDS] because he doesn't believe it . . . he thinks I'm joking." 7. A Willy Wonka-themed hotel room in the U.K. will include a chocolate fountain, bottomless bowls of candy, chocolate baths, and lickable wallpaper . . . which IS changed in between guests. 8. Current "Jeopardy!" champ MATT AMODIO has won 15 straight games as of last night, for a total of $475,600. That puts him fourth on the all-time list of regular-season winners. He could take over third place this week if he keeps winning. 9. After discovering the medical benefits of CBD and honey, BEYONCÉ has decided to build a hemp and honey farm. She said, quote, "I've even got hives on my roof!" 10. Someone made a custom action figure of FRED DURST and put it on eBay. Fred tried to buy it but he lost. He only bid up to $415, and it went for $680. 11. Gulf Coast Jam has been canceled because of the pandemic. Their permit was denied by Panama City Beach because of an increase in COVID-19 cases, so organizers decided scrap it for this year. It's been rescheduled for June of 2022. 12. Toby Keith, Alabama, Michael Ray, and Blanco Brown are doing a drive-in theater livestream concert. The "Country Kickoff to Labor Day Weekend" will be shown on hundreds of drive-in theaters across North America on September 2nd.

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