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Fonseca Trending 08/10/22


- KUSA says Kenan Thompson is going to host the Emmy Awards on Monday, September 12th on NBC

- Chew Boom magazine says Popeyes brought back their Chocolate Beignets yesterday in addition to a new Banana Cream Cake. Both desserts are available for a limited time

- United Press International says a California man recently set a new world record by downing 17 Ghost Chili Peppers in one minute. Gregory Foster previously set a record by eating three Carolina Reapers in 8.7 seconds

- Tell Me Best magazine says Qantas Airline executives are planning to work as baggage handlers because the airline is suffering from a severe staffing shortage. Executives, who can lift luggage as heavy as 71 pounds will head to runways to work for the next three months.


Olivia Newton John Getting State Funeral: Entertainment Tonight says Australia is honoring Olivia Newton-John with a state funeral. Australia's Premier, Daniel Andrews, says, “She took her cancer journey and used that to save lives and change lives, and that’s just a deeply impressive thing. The research that’s done there [at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre], the treatment, the care, the love and support that is central to that place is a lasting legacy to the person that she was.”

The NY Post says seven of Olivia Newton-John songs are skyrocketing up the iTunes chart following her death. ''Hopelessly Devoted To You'' is number one while "Magic" is number two. “You’re The One That I Want” is number four. “Let Me Be There,” “Physical (Remastered 2021),” Have You “Never Been Mellow,” and “Xanadu (feat. Electric Light Orchestra)” occupy spots six through nine. The Grease soundtrack is on top of the albums chart

The Daily Mail says Joe Exotic is working on a Presidential pardon with members of the TV show ''90 Day Fiance''. The show's star, Jesse Meester, is trying to help him get Joe Biden to sign a pardon before November. Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiring a hit man to kill Carole Baskin

The Daily Express Newspaper says Rod Stewart paid tribute to the late Olivia Newton-John by posting, “My great friend Olivia Newton John has passed away. She was the perfect lady, gorgeous, with great poise and with a certain Aussie sophistication. Her spandex trousers in Grease were my inspiration for my ‘Do ya think I’m Sexy‘ era. RIP Olivia.”

The Daily Mail says Dior has re-signed Johnny Depp as their spokesperson for Sauvage cologne. The deal is worth millions. Sales of the cologne skyrocketed during Johnny's defamation trial against Amber Heard

Elle Magazine says Tom Holland recently flew 4,350 miles from New York City to Budapest to visit Zendaya on the set of the new Dune sequel. Tom is filming a movie in New York City and took a commercial flight to see Zendaya because of the backlash against celebrities and their private jets.

The Daily Mail says a mountain lion is prowling near Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Montecito, California home. Residents are being told to watch their dogs, cats and livestock. Security cameras have caught the lion walking in Harry and Meghan's neighborhood in the middle of the night.

TMZ says Ben Affleck is selling his Pacific Palisades, California home for $30 million. It has a pool, a pool slide, a spa and mountain views. Ben bought the home in 2018 for $19.2 million

Uproxx says participating Cinnabon stores are giving away free cinnamon roll centers to celebrate the final episode of ''Better Call Saul'' next Monday. Bob Odenkirk's character works at a Cinnabon in Omaha. To get the free Cinnabon center do the following ... Open the Cinnabon app & sign into Cinnabon Rewards ... Tap “Unlock a Code” and enter CALLSAUL

LAD Bible says Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson once considered undergoing hypnosis therapy as a way to forget all of his movies because he wanted to watch them for the first time like a fan. He says, “It was such a loss for me not to be able to see them like everyone else. By the time they were screening, I was immersed in it for five or six years. I actually did seriously consider going to some hypnotherapy guy to hypnotize me to make me forget about the films and the work I had done over the last six or seven years so I could sit and enjoy them. I didn’t follow through with it.''

Back to School Shopping Survey A new survey by the coupon company RetailMeNot reveals that the average parent will spend $1,100 on their back-to-school shopping this year. The money will be spent on ...

$192 on school supplies

$320 on clothes

$170 on shoes

$69 on backpacks

$353 on electronic

Top 15 Things People Do When They're Too Busy … According to a new survey by Purdey’s Energy Drinks

Muddled up your words

Got the days of the week mixed up

Thought the working day was never going to end

Told everyone how busy you are

Woke up late

Left your phone at home

Been stuck sat at my desk all day

Gone out for dinner or drinks, but really wanted to go home to bed

Not managed to find to eat until dinner time

Listed everything you need to do, rather than got on with it

Forgotten to put out the bins

Had back-to-back-to-back meetings

Said it’s been a long week on a Tuesday

Accidentally liked a social media post you didn’t want to

Forgotten to plan tea/buy ingredients

Dear Fonseca

I have been dating my boyfriend for four months. We are starting to talk about our future together. The other day, I asked him how much he earns. He refused to tell me. How am I supposed to move forward in a relationship if I don't know how much my partner earns? He refuses to talk about it or divulge his salary. Is this a red flag? I certainly think it is. My co-workers are split with some saying he shouldn't have to reveal his salary until we get engaged. What do you think? When should someone reveal their salary? Do you think he is hiding something? Should he reveal?

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