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Fonseca Trending 08/10/21

Does This Dishwasher Drying Hack Really Work?

A dishwasher hack has been making the rounds online. Has anyone tried this, and does it really work? A grandmother named Babs posts life hacks on TikTok. And she showed people an easy way to dry your dishes after running them in the dishwasher. Just drape a dry, terrycloth dish towel over the door and close it. Then wait five minutes. That's it. The towel is supposed to absorb all the moisture, so your dishes end up dry. But we've seen a few people online who claim it doesn't actually do much. Our guess is it MIGHT help them dry if you do it right after the wash cycle ends while it's still steaming. But any pools of water would still be there. Other people pointed out that you can also just leave the door open a little without a towel, and that works too.

A Woman Hired "Mrs. Bigfoot" to Sneak Into Her Six-Year-Old's Birthday Party, and It Didn't Go Well

It's one thing to go ALL OUT for a kid's birthday party. But it's ANOTHER LEVEL when you try to scare the jelly beans out of them. A mother in Oklahoma was hosting a birthday party for her six-year-old girl . . . and she was bummed because her plans for a cake fell through. So she came up with a bizarre back-up plan. She hired "Mrs. Bigfoot" . . . a.k.a. "Cinnamon" . . . who would be in costume, and would surprise the kids by peeking in the windows at the party. Mrs. Bigfoot showed up, and the kids were immediately horrified, and began screaming, running, and crying. Mrs. Bigfoot went in the house . . . and the kids eventually warmed up to her a little, but the mother says the kids still say they never want to see her again. Mrs. Bigfoot arrived with balloons, wearing a tutu and a bow in her hair . . . so the mom says she thought it would be "cute and fun." But the kids "did not have that reaction."

Guy Fieri Created a Hot Dog Apple Pie for the "Field of Dreams" Yankees vs. White Sox Game

The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox are playing on the "Field of Dreams" field in Iowa on Thursday, but GUY FIERI will be taking attendees to Flavortown. He's created a special hot dog apple pie just for the occasion . . . 'cause there's nothing like jamming together two timeless American dishes for America's favorite pastime. The delicacy is described as a hot dog smothered in Guy's homemade bacon jam and apple filling, then placed inside a flakey rectangle-shaped pie crust . . . then drizzled with apple mustard, brown sugar, and apple pie spice. He calls it a, quote, "funky throwback snack" and can't wait to see what people think of it.

Parents Will Spend $498 on Back-to-School Stuff . . . But 3% Will Spend $0

A lot of parents are excited to send their kids off to school again this month. But getting them out of the house doesn't come cheap . . . An annual study found the average parent will spend $498 on back-to-school stuff this year. That's up $20 from last year and $70 from 2019. Only 3% of parents said they won't have to buy anything this year. If you need help with your shopping list, here are the top ten things we're buying . . . 1. Clothing. 83% of parents plan to buy their kids some new school clothes. 2. School supplies like pens and binders, 77%. 3. Shoes, 75%. 4. Backpacks, 64%. 5. Hand sanitizer, 62%. 6. Face masks, 56%. 7. Books, 34%. 8. Electronics like calculators and iPads, 32%. 9. Sports equipment, 27%. 10. Software or apps, 21%.

Elon Musk Wants to Sell Advertising . . . In Space

Doesn't it just figure that billionaires playing with rockets was going to lead to something like this . . . ELON MUSK wants to sell advertising space IN space. A Canadian company called Geometric Energy Corporation is teaming up with Musk's SpaceX to make it happen. Here's how it'll work: GEC is building a satellite called a CubeSat. One side of it will be a pixelated display screen where advertisements, logos, and other art will appear. A SpaceX rocket will take the CubeSat into orbit and release it. Then, a so-called "selfie stick" on the satellite will film the display screen, and livestream it to YouTube or Twitch, so we can watch whatever's on it down here on Earth.

Saying that some people aren't cool with this would be an understatement. An author named Alan Baxter Tweeted, quote, "[Eff] this guy and [eff] his raping of our night skies. Fire him into the [effing] sun. Billionaires are a planetary cancer." Another writer named Danielle Weisberg said, quote, "Elon Musk sucks so bad man. If I am out there camping looking for constellations and I see [an effing] billboard instead, I will lose what is left of my mind." And an indie musician named Nat Puff appealed to Elon's girlfriend GRIMES, saying, quote, "Can you just ask him to do something about climate change?" Even though you won't be able to literally look up in the sky and see THESE ads . . . this news has people wondering if that's the next step. As one guy put it . . . quote, "So how long until we're projecting adverts onto the surface of the moon?" And don't think Musk, Bezos, and Branson aren't working on it.

The Average American Is in a Good Mood for 59% of the Summer

As soon as winter starts wearing out its welcome, people start CLAMORING for summer. So how is it once it finally arrives? According to a new poll, the average American is in a good mood for 59% of the summer, which breaks down to roughly 53 out of the 90 days of summer. The survey was conducted THIS summer . . . and obviously, we've been dealing with a pandemic . . . but the survey didn't address restrictions or anything like that. They also didn't ask about other seasons, so it's unclear how summer stacks up. People's favorite summer "mood-boosters" include: Flowers blooming, seeing the trees budding, and taking a walk in the park. On a side note, the survey also asked about sunscreen. 96% of people say they don't wear sunscreen every day . . . while 57% admitted they NEVER wear sunscreen while they're outside.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. QUENTIN TARANTINO doesn't give his mother any money because when he was a kid, she mocked him for trying to be a screenwriter. He says, quote, "There are consequences for your words as you deal with your children." 2. JON STEWART and PETE DAVIDSON are putting on a comedy event for the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. All proceeds will go to 9/11 charities. The other performers include Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Jimmy Fallon, and John Mulaney. 3. Throat cancer basically robbed VAL KILMER of his voice. So he worked with a software company to recreate it using archived recordings . . . and it's pretty convincing. 4. ELON MUSK and another company are teaming up to launch a satellite that'll beam advertising from space. Obviously, it's not a popular concept, with people complaining that he's, quote, "raping our night skies." 5. GUY FIERI debuted a special concoction for the "Field of Dreams" game on Thursday . . . a hot dog apple pie. He calls it a "funky throwback snack" and can't wait to see how people react to it. 6 "Suicide Squad" director James Gunn doesn't care if you watch the new movie at home or in theaters. Quote, "'Jaws' isn't still a classic because people are watching it in theaters. I've never seen 'Jaws' in a movie theater. It's one of my favorite movies." 7. Part of the $900 MILLION deal that the "South Park" guys signed includes a new marijuana company based on "Tegridy Farms", the weed business that Randy Marsh started on Season 22 of the show. 8. The 19th and final season of "Ellen" will kick off on September 13th. She's promising "unparalleled celebrity interviews, musical performances, topical stories, extraordinary human-interest guests, and sought-after viral sensations worldwide." 9. LIL NAS X tweeted that he's done with his "gay era" once he releases his next album. He will be taking the "Old Town Road" back to his "cowboy era". 10. Every GARY ALLAN album for the past 30 years has had his photo on the cover. That streak was broken this year when he released "Ruthless". He was out of the country when it was time for the photoshoot and couldn't return because of COVID. 11. TRACE ADKINS had a productive 2020. He got tons of stuff done on his farm, recorded new music . . . and he filmed three movies. Quote, "It was the best year of my life [and] creatively, it was the most productive year of my life."

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