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Fonseca Trending 08/04/22


- The NY Post says Klondike is planning to bring back the Choco Taco in the coming years. They released a statement yesterday about its discontinuation that read; “We know this is disappointing — we’ve heard our fans, and we’re hoping to bring this favorite treat back to ice cream trucks in the coming years.”

- Elite Daily says Oreo is bringing back their pumpkin spice flavor for the Fall. The flavor was last available in 2017. The orange, pumpkin spice-flavored cream is sandwiched in between two golden cookies

- The Wrap says the sequel to Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie is going to be released on October 4th, 2024. The film is titled “Folie a Deux”, which translates to “madness for two.”

- People magazine says Chris Rock is returning to television with an animated version of his show 'Everybody Still Hates Chris'. MTV is producing the series

- My News L.A. says the US Postal Service issued Buzz Lightyear stamps yesterday to celebrate the film's streaming debut on Disney+

- Food & Wine magazine says a Cap'n Crunch water taxi is going to ferry New Yorkers to work next week. The water taxi looks just like Cap'n Crunch's SS Guppy. It will stop at five locations on New York's waterfront. Quaker Foods says they are offering the taxi to bring joy to New Yorkers

- WFMY says former NFL wide receiver Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson recently left a $1,000 tip on a $25 bill at Stephanie's Restaurant II in Greensboro, North Carolina. He wrote the following on the receipt, "I once scored six touchdowns in Madden using myself." Chad then tweeted: ''A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.''


Days Inn Placing Talking Pillows In Hotel Rooms: 10 Play says the Days Inn Hotel chain is placing talking pillows in rooms so guests won't get lonely. The pillows have a "Press Here' button. Seinfeld and Family Guy star Patrick Warburton is the voice behind the pillows. The pillows say, “Whoa, those are some awesome PJs” and “I love having pillow talk with you”.

A Days Inn representative says, "Days Inn has been delivering smiles to guests for over 50 years and that's exactly what this pillow does. From a warm friendly welcome and great comfy bed to free amenities like a light breakfast, inviting pool or fitness center, Wi-Fi and more, Days Inn is all about helping guests Seize the Days and our complimentary pillow is the perfect addition to help start the day off right."

The William Hill betting agency is out with their new list of odds for who will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

Jamie Dornan 14-1

Michael Fassbender 12-1

Tom Hardy 6-1

Bridgerton star Rege Jean Page 4-1

Henry Cavill 7-2

Idris Elba 5-2

WFLA says Tom Brady received a goat (Greatest Of All Time) cake for his birthday.The goat head was made out of vanilla cake, fondant and buttercream. A Tampa bakery, called The Cake Girl, delivered the cake to the Buccaneers training facility. Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette ordered the cake for Tom's 45th birthday.

LAD Bible says Conor McGregor has been added to the cast of the new ''Road House'' remake. Jake Gyllenhaal is going to play a former UFC fighter, who takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys road house. No word on Conor's role.

The National Enquirer claims Kevin Costner is allegedly desperate to keep from losing any more hair. A source tells the magazine, “He’s gone to great effort and expense to regain his full head of hair, but it’s time for another transplant procedure. He’s even hanging upside down to increase the blood flow of his hair follicles. But he still seems destined for the bald men’s club!”

In touch Weekly Magazine claims Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend, Camila Morrone, allegedly wants him to ditch some of his friends, who are a bad influence on him.A source tells the magazine, “In general, Camila is very understanding and easygoing, as anyone dating Leo has to be. But one issue has caused some tension: She’s not a fan of his friends! When Leo is with them, he seems to revert to that immature frat boy behavior, hanging out in Malibu, where women flock to him. Camila just wishes they’d grow up and change their ways.”

People magazine says Ellen Pompeo is only going to star in eight episodes of ''Grey's Anatomy'' next season because she is also starring in a new Hulu series called "Orphan.'' The show's synopsis reads; ''The upcoming drama will depict a Midwestern couple who adopts what they believe is an 8-year-old girl with a rare form of dwarfism. As the series goes on, they begin to raise her alongside their three biological children and slowly start to believe she may not be who she says she is"

Jennifer Coolidge slept with 200 people after she played Stifler's mom in ''American Pie". She tells Variety magazine, 'There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with'

Simplemost says a Golden Girls-themed restaurant has opened in Beverly Hills. The cafe is decorated with memorabilia from the show. Reservations are required. Cheesecake is the highlight of the menu.


2-2-2 Relationship Rule

Brobible says the 2-2-2 Relationship Rule is trending. The rule states that couples should have a date every two weeks, should have a weekend getaway every two months and should take a vacation together every two years.

One person, who has followed the relationship rule, posted the following on Reddit; “We’ve stuck to it, and it really has made things awesome. We got married in August and people still ask how long our honeymoon phase will last. I think it’ll last as long as we stick to our 2’s.”

Top 10 Everyday Things That Make People Smile … According to a new survey by TePe

1 Spending time with family

2 Waking up to sunshine

3 Making someone else smile

4 Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had

5 Getting a bargain

6 Seeing an old friend

7 Getting a surprise from someone

8 Spending time in the great outdoors

9 Eating your favourite meal

10 Hearing a joke

Top 10 Daily Workout Routines … From a new survey by SWNS Digital





Team sports i.e. football, tennis etc.




Sit to stand

Jogging outside

AMERICANS’ FONDEST MEMORIES OF GROWING UP … According to a new survey by Bosch

Listening to stories from my parents/grandparents – 38%

Watching TV/movies with my family – 37%

Eating meals at home with my family – 37%

Learning how to make food/recipes with a relative – 36%

Playing games with my family – 34%

Going out to eat with my family – 33%

Cooking with my family – 33%

Going food shopping with my family – 31%

Cleaning up in the kitchen – 29%

Dear Fonseca

My neighbors had a barbecue last weekend. About 25 people attended. My husband and I were eating when one couple openly disclosed that they take "Boring Breaks" once a year. They explained that each Summer, they are allowed to do what they want with other people for two weeks. After that, they return to their relationship refreshed and ready to recommit to one another. My husband and I looked at one another with the same look on our faces. We didn't say anything, but both were thinking that this may not be a bad idea after 18 years of marriage. I'm the first to admit I love my husband, but our marriage has become stale in all aspects. What do you think of the "Boring Break"? Should we try it?

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