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Fonseca Trending 08/03/22


- Radar Online claims Chris Rock is allegedly open to meeting with Will Smith if Will agrees to never publicly discuss their meeting. A source tells tells the website, "Chris is a good guy. Like everyone that saw Will's apology, he had mixed feelings. Part of him felt sorry for Will and another part of him felt angry that Will was making himself out to be the victim. Sooner or later, Chris will call him, but only if Will agrees that the entire conversation is off the record. The last thing Chris wants is Will making another sad video detailing everything that was said at their meeting."

- Entertainment Tonight says Paris Hilton has become one of the first people to hear Elton John and Britney Spears' new version of ''Tiny Dancer''. She says, “It’s going to be iconic. I just heard it a couple of days ago in Ibiza and it’s insane.”

- The Blast says ''Saturday Night Live'' star Kenan Thompson is going to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 11th. Leslie Jones will be one of his guest speakers

- Totally the Bomb says the Toledo Zoo has installed a squirt button in their orangutan exhibit. When the orangutans hit the button, water shoots out and makes people jump, scream and laugh.


Students Warned About Slap-A-Teacher Challenge: With school starting over the course of the next month, Enviro 360 says school districts are warning students not to bring back the Slap-A-Teacher Challenge. Administrators say they will prosecute students, who videotape themselves slapping teachers. The National Association of School Resource Officers says, “Adolescents don’t grasp the repercussions and the potential criminal charges when they see something like this and watch it play out on the social media globe.”

Deadline Hollywood says Jake Gyllenhaal is going to star in a remake of Patrick Swayze's 1989 movie ''Road House''. Amazon Prime Video will stream the new movie. Jake will play a UFC fighter, who takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys road house.

E! News says Dane Cook has gotten engaged to his 23-year old girlfriend, Kelsey Taylor. He is 50. The couple has been together for five years. Dane tells People magazine, "When we started dating, we went there on our first trip together so to return five years later was meaningful to us. It's a place I spent much time in growing up so I have such fond memories there. After my mother passed away, she asked me and my siblings to release her at her favorite spot, the breathtaking location, at the tip of Cape Neddick Point, Nubble Lighthouse, where our vacation cottage is located. It felt like the right place."

Brad Pitt tells Entertainment Tonight that he became addicted to making pottery during the pandemic. "It was lockdown, you know. We were all like, 'What do we do with ourselves? What do we do with our hands? What do we do with our lives?' And I just picked up a couple of arts and crafts."

Jennifer Aniston's Worst Exes ... According to a new survey by the website Nicki Swift

Brad Pitt 27%

John Mayer 26%

Vince Vaughn 20%

Justin Theroux 16%

Tate Donovan 9%

TMZ says tabloid owner Jeff Rayner has gotten a restraining order against Meghan Markle's father, Thomas, because he threatened him in a recent book.The website quotes Thomas as saying, "I got screwed by Rayner and I'm going to find a way to screw him over before I die. I want to tear him down. If they tell me I've got terminal cancer, then I'll kill him because I have nothing to lose."

Rayner says, "Since he is 78 years old I anticipate he will use a gun or other weapon to carry out a possible attack.''

Entertainment Tonight says Jason Momoa was recently on a Hawaiian Airlines flight when he assisted several flight attendants in handing out water. Jason was wearing a gray suit and a pink flower in his hair as he distributed beverages in the main cabin. Passengers couldn't believe that he was serving them.

The Internet reacts ...


“Jason Mimosa.”

The NY Post says Warner Brothers is not going to release the new Batgirl film.The $70 million movie was scheduled to be released later this year. Test showings were horrible so Warner Brothers won't show the film in theaters or on any streaming services.

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Queen Elizabeth has allegedly asked Prince William and Kate Middleton to go on a budget. A source tells the magazine, “The queen summoned William and Kate to Windsor Castle for an urgent meeting. She demanded they curb their spending and even asked one of the secretaries to put together a budget spreadsheet, which the queen’s instructed they stick to. The couple is moving into Windsor Castle and Her Majesty seems to be covering their moving costs. The queen has banned them from hiring an expensive interior designer. She wants to teach them a lesson—that money doesn’t grow on trees!”

The National Enquirer claims Jennifer Garner was allegedly shocked by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's wedding. A source tells the magazine, ''She’s skeptical whether this is the right long-term match. She’s still processing the news and very shocked and kind of devastated, partly because she didn’t think he’d go through with it, but also because of her feelings toward J.Lo. Now Jen has to deal with the annoying prospect of a lot more one-on-one time with J.Lo, and that’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable!”


Morning Routine Survey

- A new survey by One Poll reveals that 50% of people say they can't function in the morning without at least one cup of coffee. Other findings:

- 80% of people say having a cup of coffee in the morning helps them start the day on a positive note

- 80% of people believe positive thinking is the key to a happy life and better morning

- 43% of people like to meditate in the morning

Top 20 Cities With The Most Bugs... According to a new survey by Thumbtack

1 Dallas, Texas 2 Atlanta, Georgia 3 Washington, D.C. 4 Austin, Texas 5 Houston, Texas 6 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 7 West Palm Beach, Florida 8 Baltimore, Maryland 9 Orlando, Florida 10 Tampa, Florida 11 Charlotte, NC 12 Philadelphia, PA 13 Norfolk, VA 14 Boston, MA 15 San Francisco, CA 16 San Antonio, TX 17 Seattle, WA 18 Nashville, TN 19 Phoenix, AZ 20 Chicago, IL

Top 10 Things People Regularly Treat Themselves To … According to a new survey by Caffe Nero

1 Chocolate bar 2 Carryout food 3 Glass of wine 4 Takeaway coffee 5 Sleeping in 6 Video games 7 Meal out 8 Cake 9 Clothes 10 Skipping the gym

Dear Fonseca

My four-year-old son loves animals so my husband and I want to get him cat or a dog, but don't know which one to get. We researched friendly breeds for kids and still don't know if we should do a cat or a dog. Our extended family is also split about which we should do. What makes a better pet... a cat or a dog? What do you think we should do?

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