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Fonseca Trending 07/28/22


- Fox News says Joe Biden has tested negative for the coronavirus and is ending his isolation.

- The Hollywood Reporter says Seth Meyers has cancelled shows for the rest of the week because he tested positive for the Coronavirus

- Fortune Magazine says the U.S. has offered a deal to Russia to free WNBA star Brittney Griner. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expects to speak to the Kremlin about the deal. Brittney is being detained in Russia because she was caught with CBD oil

- TMZ says Joey Chestnut set a new world record yesterday when he downed 44 chicken fingers in five minutes. He won the National Chicken Finger Eating Contest in Las Vegas.

- The NY Post says Jack Osbourne and his fiance, Aree, are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Maple. The family is doing well

- Street Insider says Cinnamon Toast Crunch has launched a new flavor called CinnaFuego Toast Crunch. The cereal goes on sale on Friday, August 12th. It's dusted with cinnamon and spicy pepper seasoning.


What Could You Buy If You Won The $1.02 Billion Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot.. from KRON

3,960 Tesla Model X cars

292,234 Apple MacBooks

66,598,604 Boba bubble tea drinks

26,180,141 burritos

a turkey sandwich every day for the next 80,324 years

Couple Has Back to the Future-Themed Wedding: Newsweek magazine says Jordan and Pete Ayriss, of Suffolk, England, had a Back to the Future-themed wedding. The couple arrived in a replica DeLorean. Jordan had blue hair and a white dress while Pete wore a lavender tuxedo.

He says, "We had been planning it for years—it feels like forever! The first thing we booked was the DeLorean. We were like we're having the car—there wasn't an option for us not to have it. I remember when I was a kid watching the VHS of Back to the Future—my granddad introduced them to me and ever since I've absolutely adored them. When Jordan and I started speaking and we realized we both mutually adore it, sharing random facts, quoting the films—it was great!'' says Britney Spears sounds amazing on the new ''Tiny Dancer'' duet she recorded with Elton John. A source tells the website, “Tiny Dancer” is the best she has ever sounded and she’s excited for her fans to hear it. For the past several years, Elton has watched closely what Britney has been going through and he feels deeply for her. Elton knows what it is like to come back from being absent in work and how hard of a life it can be to be a superstar sometimes. He has always admired Britney as an artist because she has an originality that he really respects.''

TMZ says Mama June wants Honey Boo Boo to wait until she turns 18 before having weight loss surgery. "I’m supportive if this is something Alana wants to get, but I would say she needs to wait until she’s 18 years old. It kind of bothers me that Pumpkin didn’t tell me. If Alana wants to do it, she should wait to sign her own paperwork at 18." Boo Boo made plans to have the surgery without telling her mother.

TMZ says Jamie Foxx was recently eating at a restaurant in Capri, Italy when he grabbed the microphone from the band and got everyone to start chanting his name. The packed restaurant went wild. Jamie then sang a bit of his song ''Gold Digger''. Jamie has been yachting with a mystery lady

OK! magazine claims Brad Pitt is dating someone new while continuing to focus on his kids. A source tells the magazine, "He's dating, but is not in a serious relationship. Brad has dinner with his younger kids when they are all in L.A. Since the kids are older now, they have their own life and friends. Brad still has a pretty good relationship with them. Brad has his movies, he has Miraval and he has these other [passions]. He loves architecture, he loves creativity. He's living his best life under the circumstances."

Whiskey Riff says 'American Idol' judge Luke Bryan was performing in concert when someone threw a beer on stage. It hit Luke in the groin as he was downing another beer. Luke winced and kept drinking

Perez Hilton reports that things are getting serious between Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend, John Miller. A source tells the website, “They are getting quite close with each other’s families.The couple keep their relationship very private. They meet at each other’s houses—even for a quick glass of wine or for a low-key dinner date night away from prying eyes. She’s met and hung out with John’s kids and his whole family, even for special events like birthdays, when they have all gotten together. They have been incorporating their families since they got back together.”

ABC says Tony Dow, who played Wally Cleaver on ''Leave it to Beaver'', has died at the age of 77. Tony had been battling cancer and pneumonia.

Tony's co-star, Jerry Mathers, posted, “It is with the utmost sadness I learned this morning of my co-star and lifelong friend Tony Dow’s passing. He was not only my brother on tv, but in many ways in life as well. Tony leaves an empty place in my heart that won’t be filled. He was always the kindest, most generous, gentle, loving, sincere, and humble man, that it was my honor and privilege to be able to share memories together with for 65 years.''

TMZ says Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased a $34 million mega mansion for his parents, Jackie and Mike. The 12,000 square-foot home is located in Coral Gables, Florida. Jeff then purchased the home next door for $40 million. His parents' home has a pool, a gym, an indoor rock climbing wall, a wine cellar and an outdoor kitchen.

ABC says William Shatner recently left his wallet behind at a fruit stand in Gilroy, California. Staffers found William's wallet in a corn bin. The stand called the police. They called William's agent and overnighted the wallet back to him. William purchased four baskets of cherries and $2 worth of corn.

Junk Food May Cause Dementia

A new study by Tianjin Medical University in China reveals that eating too much junk food may cause dementia. Researchers studied 70,000 middle-aged people for a decade to see how their diet affected their memory. They found that junk food fanatics were 43% more likely to suffer from dementia than non-junk food addicts.

The researchers said, ''Our research not only found ultra-processed foods are associated with an increased risk of dementia, it found replacing them with healthy options may decrease dementia risk. Junk food is meant to be convenient and tasty, but they 'diminish the quality of a person's diet.''

Device Survey

A new survey by Cricket Wireless reveals that 60% of parents now text their children when dinner is ready instead of yelling for them to come to the dinner table. Other findings:

The average child receives their first smartphone at 10 years old

66% of parents slap parental controls on their children's devices

Top Things That Make A Good Friend … According to a new survey by Disney

Be a good listener

Listen to each other's problems

Make each other laugh

Always tell the truth

Keep each other's secrets

Give a second and honest opinion on something

Don't judge mistakes

Treat them/ cheer them up when someone has bad news

Always be willing to put the kettle on for a chat

Always there in a pinch to help with any situation - no matter big or small

Give them a lift home if they are stranded somewhere

Call them out when they aren’t themselves

Provide honest advice on an outfit

Share films, games, records, books that they haven't seen/ played/ read

Help them move house

Take them on a night out after a breakup

Pick them up from the airport after a holiday

Motivate them to push that every mile/lift heavier when exercising

Send silly and embarrassing pictures on your birthday

Pet sit for you

Dear Fonseca

I was at the gym the other night when I confronted a mother for weighing her children on a scale. She told me to mind my own business. I told her that weighing the kids was going to make them self-conscious about their bodies and weight. She told me to be quiet and said she insists on weighing her kids because she wants them to know how much they weigh so they won't become overweight and inactive. She bragged that she liked them being self-conscious because it forces them to take better care of themselves. Should tweens be weighed? Do you agree with me or the mother?

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