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Fonseca Trending 07/22/21

Should Workers Get Paid for the Time They Spend Commuting?

When you think about all the time you spend working, do you include your commute? It is time that you're giving up for your job . . . and usually you're not paid for it, unless it's specifically PART of the gig. A recent poll asked people if they thought that those hours should count toward a person's working hours . . . and the results were split. 41% said it SHOULD count . . . 41% said it shouldn't . . . and 18% didn't know. But there are problems with commutes being paid time as a rule. For one, it might make it harder to find a job if you live in a remote area, or WANT a job closer to your family or a school. And it would be frustrating to lose out on a dream job, just because another applicant lives closer.

Ten Snacks from the '90s You Can Still Buy on Amazon

If you were a kid in the '90s, you were munching on some pretty amazing snacks. And not all of them have gone extinct. Here are ten nostalgic snacks from the '90s that you can still buy on Amazon . . . 1. Dunkaroos. They disappeared in 2012, but now they're back. 2. Ring Pops. You can get 20 of them for $7. (One for each finger AND each toe.) 3. AirHeads. Earlier this month, the company that makes them tried to remind people they still exist by offering up a chicken sandwich with a bun MADE of AirHeads for National Fried Chicken Day. 4. Little Hug Fruit Barrels. Those little grenade-shaped juices that were 100% sugar. 5. Big League Chew. The shredded bubbled gum that looks like chewing tobacco. 6. Pop Rocks. Your friends said eating them with soda would make your stomach explode, but it wasn't true. 7. Warheads. The candies that were so sour they'd peel a layer of your tongue off. 8. Pixy Stix. The powdered candy that came in a straw. 9. Gushers. Technically, they're "Fruit Gushers," but most people just said Gushers. 10. Fun Dip. With sticks made of sugar that you dip into more sugar.

Taco Bell Is Giving Out Free Tacos All Day

The Milwaukee Bucks came back in Game 6 to win the NBA Finals on Tuesday. But even if you don't care about basketball, you might care about this. Taco Bell did a "Comebacks" promo and promised to give out FREE TACOS if either team won a game after trailing at halftime. Which happened on Tuesday, so now anyone can walk in and snag a free taco today. They're pushing their Flamin' Hot Doritos tacos that just hit their menu again. But you don't have to go that route. If you walk in, you can also get a free crunchy, soft, or regular Doritos taco. But if you order online, you have to get the Flamin' Hot version. And it can't be delivery, you have to pick it up. You can snag a free taco all day while supplies last. But you might want to go early, because that COULD actually be an issue. Earlier this week, Taco Bell said they've been dealing with supply chain issues in general. So some locations have been running out of stuff.

The Top 10 Items People Are Embarrassed to Purchase Have you ever been so embarrassed to buy something that you added other random stuff just to distract the cashier? You're not alone. In a new survey, 75% of people admitted to trying to hide embarrassing items among a larger purchase . . . and 89% would rather buy those things online, even if it was more expensive. The survey asked what items people were shy about buying . . . and it was mostly stuff that felt too personal, or might make them seem unclean or unhealthy. Condoms were #1, followed by emergency contraceptives . . . bed bug spray . . . head lice treatment . . . hemorrhoid cream . . . diarrhea relief . . . pregnancy tests . . . adult diapers for incontinence . . . period products . . . and cold sore treatment. And it isn't just the cashier that we're worried about. It's also OTHER SHOPPERS.

The House That Inspired "Clue" Is on the Market for $1.4 Million

If you'd enjoy spending your days endlessly riffing on "Clue" scenarios like . . . "Was it my mother-in-law, in the living room, with the lethal flatulence?" You should know about THIS: The British house where the board game "Clue" was developed is on the market, and you might be able to snag it for "only" $1.4 million. There's a listing online, and the house DOES look neat, but the floor plan isn't anything like "Clue". The kitchen doesn't have that black-and-white checkered floor, and there isn't a billiard room, a ball room, or a library. In fact, it isn't even a gigantic mansion. It's 3,000 square feet, with four bedrooms, and two luxury bathrooms. There is a garden, a terrace, and a secret passageway that leads to a bar, which is cool. The property was once a group of seven cottages, and it served as a hotel for celebrities and other rich people. That's what it was when the game was created. But the buildings have since been turned into separate private residences. In the listing, the current owners do say the house is great for entertaining and hosting "Clue" parties.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. JEFF BEZOS said he and RICHARD BRANSON are NOT playing a game of "Whose is bigger." He added that his goal is to lay the groundwork for a time when we can move "all heavy industry and all polluting industry" off the Earth and into space. 2. THE ROCK says he laughed when he heard VIN DIESEL say he had to goose a good performance out of him on the "Fast & Furious" movies. He added that he wishes them well, but he won't be in any more of the movies. 3. A list of celebrities who got tattoos of OTHER celebrities includes: Justin Bieber with a Selena Gomez-inspired angel . . . Aaron Carter with a face tat of Rihanna . . . and Drake with portraits of Sade, Denzel Washington, Lil Wayne, and Aaliyah. 4. On the "Tonight Show", the JONAS BROTHERS jokingly challenged the HEMSWORTHS to an MMA fight. Joe said, quote, "[They] haven't emailed us back yet, but it's gonna be big." 5. KATE BECKINSALE has never been on an ACTUAL date. She said, quote, "I literally meet someone, get to know them at work, and then either marry them or get pregnant by them." 6. GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO headed to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate the Bucks' NBA Finals win. He even took the trophies, as he ordered EXACTLY 50 Chick-n-Minis for his 50 scored points.

7. The director of the original "Space Jam" thinks the sequel sucks. He says LEBRON JAMES is no MICHAEL JORDAN, the soundtrack is terrible, and Bugs Bunny looks awful. 8. A "Mouse Trap" reality competition series . . . yes, based on the BOARD GAME . . . is in the works at Fox. The obstacles will be oversized and the contestants will have to steal cheese for money. 9. When the guys in Night Ranger presented Prince with Album of the Year at the 1985 "American Music Awards", they were instructed not to talk to him or acknowledge him at all. So they made it a point to badger him all night. But they met up with him 20 years later and he was cool. 10. DOLLY PARTON talked about her movie career on TIM MCGRAW's "Beyond the Influence Radio" show. She said she takes roles that are "like her personality." Quote, "All that gaudy stuff and showing my boobs and all that."

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