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Fonseca Trending 07/21/22


- Reddit says some British people are trying to stay cool during London's current heatwave by filling their plastic garbage cans with water and ice and then soaking in them. Some people are posting videos of themselves having a drink in the garbage cans

- The Daily Mail says Russia accidentally shot down one of their own $40 million fighter jets over eastern Ukraine. Video of the flaming jet plummeting to the ground was posted yesterday. Russia is refusing to comment on the accident. Sources say they thought they were shooting down a Ukrainian fighter jet

- Blabbermouth says a 25 foot Ozzy Osbourne inflatable has been put up outside of the San Diego Convention Center. The inflatable is welcoming guests to Comic-Con.

- Pop Culture magazine says Rob Zombie's Munsters reboot is going to start streaming on September 27th on Netflix. The new reboot is a 'campy take' on the classic series

- Screen Rant says Joaquin Phoenix is being paid $20 million to reprise his role as the Joker. He made $4.5 million for the first film. The sequel is expected to be a musical. The first film earned over $1 billion at the box office

Tramp Stamps Making Comeback: Totally the Bomb says Tramp Stamps are making a comeback. Millennials and Gen-xers are getting tattoos on their lower backs. Many are posting pictures of the new tatts online. Inkings of hearts, barbed wire, flowers and butterflies are trending. The Tramp Stamps were popular in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Space Radio Station?: WLKY says MIT astronomers recently picked up a mysterious radio signal from space. Most space signals only last a few milliseconds. The MIT signal lasted for three full seconds and sounded like a heartbeat. Astronomers think the signal is coming from a neutron star that is extremely far away

Variety magazine says Tom Cruise is going to earn over $100 million from ''Top Gun: Maverick''. The film has done $1.2 billion at the box office. Tom reportedly took a salary and then a 10% cut of ticket sales.

The Robb Report says Ray-Ban Aviator sales are skyrocketing because of "Top Gun: Maverick". Sales have been soaring since the film was released in late May. Tom Cruise's Aviators cost $163. The sunglasses Tom wore in the movie ''Cocktail'' sell for $395.

The NY Post says Tom Cruise is looking to purchase a $10 million London home. A source tells the newspaper, “He’s shopping in the $10 million range. This will be a new place and act more as a primary residence. Tom loves the rainy weather, the people, taking long walks in the city. He’s never had a place to call home before, not really, but he’s finally found that in London.” says Honey Boo Boo is planning to have weight loss surgery.She is hoping to lose 125 pounds. The surgery will take place after she turns 17 in late August. Boo Boo currently weighs 275 pounds and wants to get down to 150.

The Globe claims Amal Clooney is allegedly not happy that George Clooney and Julia Roberts have been flirty while filming and promoting their new romantic comedy, ''Ticket To Paradise''. A source tells the magazine, “Danny’s (Jilia’s hubby) putting his foot down, saying this will be Julia and George’s final film together—if he has anything to do with it. And Amal has seconded that. Amal and Danny are increasingly jealous over the cozy scenario and want to see some changes. Word is, they hooked up years ago when they were both single and fancy-free, and they still carry a torch for each other. Of course, they’re both married with children and totally devoted to their spouses and family life. But they still enjoy a bit of harmless flirting.”

Ryan Gosling tells MTV that he idolizes Sylvester Stallone and misses the days when he frequently released action movies. “I think, look, Stallone. Stallone. He’s such a good actor. So you got action, but you’ve got these, like, amazing characters at the center of it. It was just like, it was a beautiful marriage. I miss those days.”

Chef and Queen recently conducted a new survey where they asked people who they would most like to have a drink with. Here is what they found ..

Ed Sheeran 10%

Queen Elizabeth 7%

Adele and Elton John each 6%

Taylor Swift 5%

People magazine says Bradley Cooper has become enamored with Anthony Weiner's ex, Huma Abedin. A source tells the magazine, "Bradley is fascinated by her. Huma is very international and has seen and done so much. He finds this intriguing and challenging."

Brad Pitt tells Hello magazine that many people don't know he and Sandra Bullock have secretly become best friends. "Sandy is an angel for me. I can call her for anything - she will drop her holiday for me. Really. 'Stop your holiday and put on your gown and come host a 1000 person event for me,' and she will do it."

CBS says the Philadelphia Phillies Single-A affiliate, the Jersey Shore Blue Claws, plan to honor Bruce Springsteen this weekend when they change their name to the BruceClaws. They posted; “Saturday night is Bruce Springsteen Appreciation Night, affectionately known as BruceClaws Night. So the BlueClaws become the BruceClaws for one night. Bruce Springsteen is such an integral part of the vibe of the Jersey Shore that this was a no-brainer. We’ve done so many that there’s only so many ways you can go. This is the first year we went sleeveless.”

Dating Survey

A new survey by eHarmony reveals that 58% of people have a 'type' when it comes to dating. Other findings:

- 33% of women say height matters when choosing a mate

- top physical characteristics people look at when choosing a potential partner ... hair color, height and body style

- 40% of women like a man who is tall, dark and handsome

- 68% of people want to date someone who is trustworthy

- 61% of people want to date someone who has a good sense of humor

- 64% of people want to date someone who is kind

Inflation Survey

A new survey by BMO Real Financial reveals that 25% of Americans are delaying their retirement due to inflation. Other findings:

- 36% of Americans have had their savings reduced due to inflation

- 21% of people are saving less because they need the money to keep up with growing expenses

CHILDRENS’ FAVORITE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES … According to a new survey by Claritin

  1. Hide and Seek – 43%

  2. Water balloon fights – 42%

  3. Tag – 42%

  4. Going to the playground (slide, swings, etc.) – 41%

  5. Sports (baseball, basketball, football, etc.) – 40%

  6. Riding a bike/scooter – 40%

  7. Swimming – 40%

  8. Snowball fights – 38%

  9. Running around the neighborhood with friends – 37%

  10. Catch – 36%

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