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Fonseca Trending 07/21/21

It's National Hot Dog Day . . . Which States Down the Most Hot Dogs?

We're right between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which means its peak HOT-DOG SEASON. In fact, National Hot Dog Day is TODAY . . . so someone looked into which states love hot dogs the most, using data from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Google. West Virginia is #1 . . . followed by North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Maine, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Nevada. Among individual cities, Buffalo is #1 . . . followed by Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. In all, Americans will consume 7 BILLION hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day . . . and MUSTARD is the most popular topping.

Do You Put the Condiments in the Bun Before the Hot Dog?

It's that time of the year . . . again . . . when everyone debates whether or not hot dogs qualify as a sandwich. There's a new survey out where 53% of people say a hot dog IS a sandwich. But here's something else: 75% of people . . . or three out of four . . . have put the condiments in the bun BEFORE the hot dog. Technically, it was more of a "have you done it," than a question of a preferred method . . . but it's still surprising. For the record, the official hot dog etiquette guide says you should never place condiments between the bun and the hot dog . . . always put the dog in first. Added More Than 300 Words, Including Zaddy, Oof, and Y'all just announced a huge update with more than 300 new words and revisions of old words. The additions include: Newsworthy things, like "5G" . . . "long COVID" . . . and "domestic terrorism." Cultural things like: "Deplatform" . . . "minoritize" . . . "side hustle" . . . and "y'all," which somehow wasn't already on Internet lingo like: "Trigger warning," abbreviated to "TW" . . . "content warning," abbreviated to "CW" . . . and "DEI," meaning "diversity, equity, and inclusion." And just silly stuff like: "Oof" . . . "silver fox" . . . "yeet" . . . "zaddy," which is an attractive man who's also stylish, charming, and self-confident . . . and "snack," as in a sexy person.

What's the Pettiest Reason You've Ever Rejected Someone?

We've all seen relationships that ran into major deal-breakers, like cheating. But sometimes things end for the SMALLEST POSSIBLE reasons. Someone asked people online for the PETTIEST reason they've rejected someone, and the highlights include . . . 1. She had the same name as my mom. 2. He held his knife like a pen. 3. She kept putting ellipses everywhere in texts. 4. She had a "Live Love Laugh" sign on her living room wall. 5. He didn't use pillowcases. He owned them but never actually put them on. 6. I didn't like all the spelling mistakes she was making. 7. He refused to eat any kind of vegetable . . . at the age of 25. 8. Every time I asked what she would like to do, it was an annoying "I don't knowwwwww." 9. I broke up with my 8th grade boyfriend right before Christmas so I wouldn't have to buy him a gift. 10. He dropped something and said "whoopsie!"

Men Hit Their "Style Prime" at Age . . . 30

It seems like women are in prime STYLE mode for DECADES . . . while men go from looking like overgrown teenagers, to wearing jean shorts, denim hats, socks with sandals, and unnecessary belts in NO TIME FLAT. But what does the SCIENCE say? A recent study found that men hit their style "prime" at the age of 30. Before that, the average guy will go through five overall "looks" . . . four hairdos . . . and three different facial hair styles. Roughly 40% of the 2,000 men surveyed describe their style as "casual" . . . while 10% would call it "smart." (It's unclear if any were willing to go for "smart-casual.") Only 5% would say their style is "cool." Which, honestly, is a relief. It's worth pointing out that they didn't say how long this "style prime" lasts. So it's possible that on the eve of turning 31, they start rockin' transition lenses, and a tucked-in novelty T-shirt.

The Milwaukee Bucks Are the NBA Champs

The Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship last night, beating the Phoenix Suns 105 to 98. This is their second title, but their first in 50 years. They won their first in 1971. GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO was the difference maker last night, with 50 points, 14 rebounds, and five blocks. He's only the seventh player to have at least 50 points in a championship game. Not surprisingly, he was the MVP of the series. KHRIS MIDDLETON scored 17 points and BOBBY PORTIS added 16.

Big Surprise: 2020 Set Records for Negative Emotions

I know this is going to come as a shock, but a lot of people around the globe didn't have their best year last year. Gallup has released their annual "Negative Experience Index," which tracks bad vibes worldwide in more than 100 countries. And last year, the world was feeling the worst it had in 15 YEARS. The total index score for 2020 was a 32, which, despite EVERYTHING that went down last year, was only one point higher than 2019. Remember, it's a Negative Experience Index, so the higher the score, the more negative the experience. For what it's worth, the average score between 2006 and 2012 was 24, but it's gradually been rising ever since. Last year's 32 was its highest so far. Four in 10 adults worldwide said they were experiencing worry or stress last year. 29% were experiencing physical pain, 27% were dealing with sadness, and 24% were experiencing anger. The HIGHEST "Negative Experience Index" score was in Iraq, which had a 53 . . . Taiwan had the lowest score with a 13 . . . and they didn't provide an exact score for the U.S., but from a color-coded chart, it looks like we're roughly in the middle.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. JEFF BEZOS successfully launched himself and three other people into space yesterday. After they landed, he said he was, quote, "amazed and awestruck by the Earth and its beauty, but also by its fragility." 2. JON STEWART released a skit yesterday about billionaires and what basically amounts to a wiener-measuring contest in space. Jason Alexander played Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson was played by A MOP. 3. MARLA GIBBS from "The Jeffersons" fainted from the heat while getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. She didn't fall because her son was there to support her. She recovered in about half an hour, and the ceremony resumed. Marla is 90. 4. A list of the most famous "Bobs" in history includes: Bob Marley . . . Bob Barker . . . Bob Dylan . . . and Bob Ross. 5. GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO put up 50 points, 14 rebounds, and five blocks as the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns 105 to 98 to win the NBA Championship. This is Milwaukee's second title, but their first was 50 years ago, in 1971. 6. TOM BRADY and the Buccaneers had their White House visit yesterday, and Brady cracked an election joke. He said, quote, "I think about 40% of the people still don't think we won. You understand that Mr. President?" And PRESIDENT BIDEN replied, quote, "I understand that." 7. TAREK EL MOUSSA went off on his ex-wife CHRISTINA HAACK last week on the set of their HGTV show "Flip or Flop". He called her a quote, "washed-up loser" and said his fiancée HEATHER RAE YOUNG is hotter and richer, and that he is "winning". 8. HENRY WINKLER and SCOTT BAIO got into a Twitter fight about COVID and the Texas Democrats who fled to D.C. to avoid a vote on a voter restriction law. Henry and Scott played Fonzie and Chachi on "Happy Days" back in the day. 9. COLDPLAY is coming out with a new album in October called "Music of the Spheres". About half of the tracks have emojis for song titles. 10. A list of rock and metal songs that were based on real tragedies includes: "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam . . . "Adam's Song" by Blink-182 . . . and "Looking for an Answer" by Linkin Park.

11. WALKER HAYES is in talks with Applebee's for them to use "Fancy Like" in promotions. They're also hinting around about putting the Oreo Shake back on the menu.

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