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Fonseca Trending 07/09/21

Heinz Wants to Force Hot Dog and Bun Companies to Both Sell Ten-Packs

If anyone has some pull over the corporate giants who sell us our hot dogs and buns, it's Heinz Ketchup. And now they're using that clout for GOOD. Because this is something everyone agrees on . . . Heinz Canada just launched a petition on to force companies to sell hot dogs and buns in EQUAL AMOUNTS. Hot dogs tend to come in ten-packs, and buns usually come in eight-packs. And they think ten should be the new standard for both. For what it's worth, there IS a reason behind the mismatch. Hot dog companies started selling them in ten-packs in the 1940s, just because it's a round number. But bun companies sell eight-packs because the standard pan they've always baked them in fits four buns per row. These days, they also have pans that fit five though. So there's no good reason THAT can't be the new modern standard. You can sign the petition by going to and searching for the "Heinz Hot Dog Pact." As of last night, it had about 15,000 signatures. (CNET / Delish) (Here's a video Heinz posted about it.)

It's Now Socially Acceptable to Walk Your Cat

This Saturday is National Kitten Day, when we're encouraged to donate, foster, or adopt. So here's a question: Once you've got that cat, is it okay to take it out and walk it on a LEASH? Anyone who does it will tell you to buy a harness, not just a collar. And don't force your cat to do it if they don't want to. Some cats aren't into it. But assuming they do like it, here's the real question: Is it socially ACCEPTABLE to walk your cat? Someone asked over 10,000 Americans . . . and most people now say YES. 58% of us are fine with it. That includes 26% who "somewhat approve" and 32% who "STRONGLY approve." Another 27% don't have an opinion, or don't care. And only 15% said they don't think it's okay. Men were slightly more likely to disapprove . . .17% of men and 13% of women.

The States with the Rudest Drivers

There's a lot of insanity to contend with when you're driving, and most of that is brought on by OTHER HUMANS . . . bad drivers, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, angry drivers, and RUDE drivers. ranked all 50 states by how RUDE their drivers are. They did it by analyzing the results of multiple previous studies, which compiled data on both bad driving AND on rude behavior in general. In the end, they say the state with the rudest drivers is . . . California. Nevada's drivers are the second-rudest, followed by those behind the wheel in Florida . . . Oregon . . . New Mexico . . . Tennessee . . . Washington . . . Arizona . . . Alaska . . . and Maryland. The state with the LEAST rude drivers is Vermont. The folks at the wheel in Nebraska are the second coolest, followed by Maine . . . Minnesota . . . Delaware . . . North Carolina . . . New Hampshire . . . Utah . . . Montana . . . and Kansas. And since you're probably wondering, New York ranked 29th.

The Top Things We Still Use Cash for Include Tips, Snacks, and Coffee

A new study looked at the top things we still use CASH for. And one stat surprised us. It turns out YOUNG people really like cash. 52% of Gen Zers say it's their favorite way to pay. That's higher than any other age group. Overall, the average person has $52 in their wallet right now. And there's a limit to how much we'll use in a single transition. If something costs more than $31, we'll almost always use a card. Here are the top things we still use cash for . . . 1. Tips at restaurants and bars, or for delivery drivers. 2. Fast food. 3. Candy and snacks. 4. Coffee. 5. Gas. 6. Groceries. 7. Drinks at a bar. 8. Personal care products, like makeup or other small items. 9. Gifts. 10. Donuts or pastries.

Instant Replay Got a Spelling Bee Contestant Eliminated

Instant replay is slowly infiltrating all sports . . . including the Scripps National Spelling Bee. (If you want to call that a sport.) The finals went down last night, and a 12-year-old contestant named Roy Seligman got the word "ambystoma". It's spelled A-M-B-Y-S-T-O-M-A . . . but he said "I" instead of "Y". At first they gave it to him. But then they WENT TO THE REPLAY, determined he'd spelled it wrong, and sent him packing. 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde from New Orleans went on to win, becoming the competition's first African American champion.

30% of Americans Are Having More Sex Now Than Before the Pandemic

There's been a lot of talk about how the pandemic affected relationships and sex lives, and it's been mostly doom and gloom. Until now. According to a survey conducted by the "sexual happiness experts" at Lovehoney, 30% of Americans say they're having more sex now than BEFORE the pandemic. Which is incredible, since we haven't fully emerged from this thing yet. And among couples who survived the pandemic, 46% say their sex lives are more satisfying now than before. (Careful) 36% are pleasuring themselves more frequently . . . and 25% are using sex toys more often. 51% have gotten more experimental . . . and 73% of those that are say they've become more interested in incorporating kinky stuff.

An expert says that isn't surprising, because it might be harder to get "in the mood" when you're feeling a lot of stress and anxiety . . . like, say, in the middle of a global pandemic. So trying new things can really perk things up.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. TIFFANY HADDISH had her first orgasm in a theater showing a NICOLAS CAGE movie. So when she worked with him recently, she had to tell him because it was weird for her. She says he "laughed super hard." 2. DAVE NAVARRO shared a photo of himself at a beautiful beach, looking at his phone. He said, quote, "Look up, look around, you're missing your own life again Dave." He was hoping to inspire others to put down their phone once in awhile, too. 3. LIL BABY and NBA star JAMES HARDEN got pulled over in Paris, and Baby was arrested for possession of marijuana. Harden was NOT arrested. They're in Paris for the city's annual Fashion Week. 4. The BEST gift KALEY CUOCO has ever received was from her husband for their third wedding anniversary. She got a plush version of her dog Norman, who passed away last January . . . along with pink pajamas with his face all over them. 5. 12-year-old Roy Seligman was eliminated from the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night . . . thanks to INSTANT REPLAY. The judges initially ruled that he'd spelled his word right. But then they reviewed it and realized he got one letter wrong. 6 CASSANDRA PETERSON is inviting everyone to join her on a trip to Romania to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her movie "Elvira's Haunted Hills". It'll take place next year, and includes sight-seeing around the country and even a private dinner and tour at "Dracula's Castle". 7. "Ben & Jerry's: Clash of the Cones" is coming to the Food Network next month. Six ice cream makers have to come up with flavors that capture the "essence" of a celebrity. The celebs will include KEVIN BACON and LUDACRIS. 8. "Loki" had the biggest Marvel series premiere on Disney+ so far. It had 731 million minutes of viewing time. "WandaVision" and "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" didn't even crack 500 million. 9. ED SHEERAN said the three artists that others try to avoid releasing music on the same day with are: DRAKE . . . TAYLOR SWIFT . . . and ADELE. He also said those three make him strive to work harder. 10. This week's CD Releases include new music from The Wallflowers, Vince Staples, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

11. DARIUS RUCKER remembers almost getting arrested after a show, thanks to Rascal Flatts. He jumped in a golf cart with JOE DON ROONEY and GARY LEVOX. Then Gary took off across a highway, and the police lights started flashing. Luckily their own security came over and straightened things out.

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