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Fonseca Trending 07/08/21

Five Household Items You Might Be Using Wrong

Is it possible you've been using a common product WRONG your whole life? Here are a few things you might not know about five common household items . . . 1. Plungers. Those red, bell-shaped ones are for sinks and tubs. For toilets, you need the kind with a flange at the end that fits into the opening at the bottom of the bowl. Or get one of those "bellows plungers" that look like an accordion. 2. Stainless steel pans. Most people don't know you can season them like a skillet, so they're easier to clean. Just coat the inside with oil. Then put it on medium-high heat for a few minutes . . . let it cool down . . . and dump the extra oil out. 3. Phone chargers. Leaving your phone plugged in all night is hard on the battery, because as soon as the power dips, it starts to "trickle charge." So it's better to charge it during the day, and unplug it when it's done. 4. The drawer under your oven. A lot of people assume it's for storing pans. But look close. It might be a broiler or a warming drawer. 5. Toilet paper rolls. Should the paper go over or under? Illustrations from an 1891 patent show it going OVER THE TOP, not under. So that was the original intention. It's also a little more sanitary, since the end you'll be using is kept away from the bathroom wall. That way your unwashed hands are less likely to touch the wall while reaching for more paper.

Which of These Wedding Traditions Would You Get Rid Of?

2020 was a very UN-traditional year for weddings. So is now the time to change other stuff about them? Someone polled people who've been married, and asked if we should keep doing these ten traditional wedding things. Here's what they said . . . 1. The bride's family should pay for it? That's one of the top traditions people want to STOP following. 43% say ditch it. Only 25% say keep it. Everyone else isn't sure. 2. Not seeing each other until the ceremony? 28% think it's dumb now. 3. The bride should wear white? 24% think it's outdated. 4. Exchanging rings? Only 5% of Americans say ditch that one. 5. The bride's father giving her away? Only 14% say cut it. 6. The bride and groom's first dance? Most people still like that one. Only 6% said no. 7. Tossing the bouquet? 11% are sick of it. 8. The garter toss? 26% don't want to see it at weddings anymore. 9. Throwing rice or birdseed? 31% say stop. 10. The bride promising to cherish and "OBEY" her husband? 50% don't want to hear that line anymore. But only 38% of men agree, compared to 61% of women. (YouGov)

A Mom Accidentally Walked Off with Someone Else's Kid at a GroceryStore

Can you get in trouble for an ACCIDENTAL kidnapping? It's not clear where this happened, but a security camera got it on video. A woman got distracted while she was at a grocery store with her toddler . . . and almost left with someone ELSE'S kid. She thought she was holding her own daughter, who was dressed in a pink coat and hat. But then another mom ran up, and it turned out it was HER daughter. The girls were around the same age, and were wearing identical coats and hats. Both moms just laughed it off, so no one got in trouble or anything. But the woman was pretty shocked when she realized the kid she was holding wasn't hers. (Here's the surveillance footage.)

We Hit Our Peak Financial Recklessness at Age 22

Think back to your early 20s. Maybe you're graduating college . . . celebrating with a new car, trips, and pimping out your place. You haven't landed a real job, and the student loan bills haven't started showing up. So this isn't shocking: A new study has found that, on average, we hit our peak financial recklessness at the age of . . . 22. While they zeroed in on that age, most people said they didn't think about their finances or budgeting enough when they were younger . . . and that they were 25 before they started "growing up" in terms of handling their money. But by that point, some people suffer dings to their credit score. The average respondent hit their credit score low point when they were 27. 58% said they don't think they would've EVER gotten their money in order if it weren't for having a "rude awakening" . . . things like having a child, being cut off from their parents, or applying for a home loan. Or, you know, the pandemic. 45% of people said last year was a financial rude awakening for them.

A TSA Worker's Advice If You Forgot or Lost Your I.D. Before Flying A TSA worker posted advice on what to do if you've lost or forgotten your I.D. on the day you're flying. First of all, they will NOT accept a photo of your I.D., so don't bother. You should bring TWO forms of I.D. that have your name on them. Things like a debit card, birth certificate, or prescription. But if you have NOTHING to show them, well, you can still get on a flight, but you MUST get to the airport real early . . . and be prepared to go through a long process.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. AZEALIA BANKS' new single is called "Kanye West ([Eff] Him All Night)", and someone asked her if she's been there, done that . . . or if she just wants to. She replied, quote, "I was [effin'] him all night." 2. JOE EXOTIC launched a contest called "Bachelor King" to find his next husband. Men over 18 can apply online and three winners will be chosen to each receive a romantic (and filmed for TV) getaway with Joe once he's released from prison. 3. DANNY TREJO was once hypnotized by CHARLES MANSON while locked up in 1961. Charles used guided meditation to make Danny and his group believe they were smoking weed and then doing heroin. 4. KATE WINSLET has to adjust her foundation during her menstrual cycle. Quote, "At the beginning of my cycle, my skin is a lot more even. In the middle of my cycle, everything fires up a little bit, so I mix a couple of tones." 5 The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Montreal Canadiens 1 to nothing last night, to win their second consecutive Stanley Cup. They did it in five games. The winning goal was scored by rookie ROSS COLTON. 6. A new dating show is coming to Peacock called "Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance". Contestants will be staying in a castle, communicating with handwritten letters, and doing archery and carriage rides. 7 People are calling this "Final Jeopardy" question the easiest ever: "In 2019, this public university attempted to trademark the word 'the' for use on clothing and hats." The answer: "The" Ohio State University. 8. HALSEY revealed her new album cover, which features her sitting on a throne, baring her breast, and holding a baby. She wants the image to fight the stigma of breastfeeding and quote, "celebrate pregnant and postpartum bodies." 9. A documentary called "Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage" explores what a disaster that festival turned out to be. It hits HBO Max on July 23rd . . . 22 years after the festival's opening day. 10. MEEK MILL and TRAVIS SCOTT almost got into a fight at a 4th of July party in the Hamptons. There's video where you can hear them arguing, but you can't see anything. There's no word what caused it. 11. PRISCILLA BLOCK talks about the time RANDY TRAVIS sent an autographed jacket up to the stage and instructed her to auction it off and keep the money. It was perfect timing because she could barely make rent back then. 12. MARK CHESNUTT is having "urgent" back surgery, and canceling all of his shows through September 5th. He's hoping to re-schedule them sometime in the future.

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