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Fonseca Trending 07/07/21

37% of Us Follow the "Five-Second Rule," Plus Ten More Questionable Cooking Habits

How would you rate your cooking skills on a scale from 1 to 10? The average American says they're a 6.8 . . . 7 for women, and 6.5 for men. The poll also found 37% of us believe in the "five-second rule," and almost a third of us have used it while cooking. 31% have dropped food on the ground and then used it in a meal anyway. Here are ten more stats on our questionable cooking habits . . . 1. 65% of us like to eyeball it instead of using measuring cups. 2. 58% don't usually follow a recipe. 3. 41% have used a spoon to taste something, and then kept using it to mix. 4. 38% use dull kitchen knives, which are more dangerous than sharp ones. 5. 34% rinse chicken in the sink, which isn't necessary and is actually LESS sanitary. 6. 26% of us don't rinse fruits and vegetables. 7. 23% of Americans have cooked a full meal while drunk, or on drugs. (Seems low.) 8. 15% of people don't wash their hands while cooking. 9. 14% will use the same cutting board for raw meat, and then vegetables. 10. 8% of us burn things on purpose, because we like the taste.

Builders Showed Up at the Wrong House, But the Person Who Lived There Didn't Say Anything Because She Wanted the Work Done

Have you ever received something by mistake, and decided to KEEP it? This woman is taking that idea very SERIOUSLY . . . A woman named Chloe Fountainn is going viral on TikTok, after posting several videos of a construction crew working in her backyard. She claims they showed up to the WRONG HOUSE, and she has NO IDEA what they're building. But she's not going to tell them until they're done, because she wants whatever it is they're installing. It looks like it's some kind of deck or patio. Initially, she talked about getting it "for free," but when people pointed out how terrible it would be if she didn't say anything and then refused to pay, she clarified that she WOULD pay for it, but she still isn't going to stop them. Naturally, some people are wondering if this is a publicity stunt. It's possible the crew showed up at the wrong house. But she's done updates over multiple DAYS, so it's hard to believe that it could go this far without the crew knowing. And her most recent update even mentions people found the company and called them to rat her out. But she claims they're still going to finish the job.

Fictional Characters That Were Originally Meant to Die

You might be sad (and surprised) to learn that some of your favorite fictional characters in movies and TV shows were ORIGINALLY meant to die. Here is a list . . . 1. Poe Dameron in "Star Wars" . . . He was originally supposed to die in the opening scene in "Force Awakens" but Oscar Isaac asked J.J. Abrams to change it. 2. Eleven in "Stranger Things" . . . The Duffer Brothers thought the series would only be one season so Eleven was going to originally sacrifice herself to save the world. 3. Meredith Palmer in "The Office" . . . Remember when Michael Scott hit her with his car? They thought about making it FATAL. 4. Ron Weasley in "Harry Potter" . . . J.K. Rowling considered killing him off halfway through writing the series. 5. Steve Harrington in "Stranger Things" . . . The Duffer Brothers were originally going to kill him off in season one, but Joe Keery's performance changed their minds. 6. Happy Hogan in "Iron Man 3" . . . In the storyboard, he was intended to die in a massive explosion. 7. Kenny McCormick in "South Park" . . . His death in season five was intended to be permanent, but he was missed too much so he reappeared at the end of season six. 8. Castiel in "Supernatural" . . . Misha Collins was originally hired for only a few episodes, but his character became popular. 9. Matilda in "Matilda" . . . Early drafts of the Roald Dahl book showed he meant to kill her off at the end. 10. Jesse Pinkman in "Breaking Bad" . . . He was originally supposed to be murdered by a drug dealer in season one.

The Secret to Men Living Longer Is . . . Castration

Here's some good news, bad news for men: Researchers just found a simple procedure that could make guys live significantly longer. Now the bad news: That procedure is . . . CASTRATION. Researchers in New Zealand looked at the DNA of male sheep that were castrated, and compared it to the DNA of male sheep that were still intact. And they found castration made their DNA age much more slowly. Previous studies had already found that castration leads to a longer life, because you're not bombarded by so many male hormones. And an old study in South Korea even found it could help men live up to 19 YEARS longer. But this is the first study that's proven it slows down the aging process in your DNA. The question is . . . is it worth it?

Surprising Jobs That Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

Celebrities are just like us . . . SOMETIMES. Here is a list of surprising jobs that celebrities had BEFORE they were famous . . . 1. Gwen Stefani . . . worked at Dairy Queen. 2. Dwayne Johnson . . . dishwasher at a pizza parlor. 3. Brad Pitt . . . handed out fliers for El Pollo Loco. 4. Kanye West . . . folded shirts at the Gap. 5. Nicki Minaj . . . waitress at Red Lobster. 6. Tan France . . . flight attendant for Brittania Airways. 7. Margot Robbie . . . worked at Subway. 8. Whoopi Goldberg . . . worked as a morgue beautician. 9. Terry Crews . . . courtroom sketch artist. 10. Melissa McCarthy . . . was a Starbucks barista. 11. Matthew McConaughey . . . exterminated armadillos for a golf course. 12. Tom Cruise . . . bellhop for a hotel. 13. Jennifer Aniston . . . worked as a telemarketer selling timeshares. 14. Dua Lipa . . . worked as a model for Topshop. 15. Eva Longoria . . . worked at Wendy's.

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