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Fonseca Trending 07/02/21

Did You Experience "GOMO" While Watching TV During the Pandemic?

Most people know that "FOMO" stands for the "fear of missing out." But have you heard the term "GOMO" before? That's the "GRIEF of missing out," and a new study found it was common last year.

Four in 10 Americans say that watching normal things happen on TV shows and in movies has given them GOMO during the pandemic. Here are the top five things from shows and movies that triggered it . . .

1. People eating at restaurants. 60% of viewers who had GOMO said that triggered it.

2. Characters shopping in person at stores and malls, 52%.

3. Seeing people going to the movies, 52%.

4. People swimming, 44%.

5. Watching people have new experiences in general, 43%.

38% of people in the poll even said they watched shows and movies just to live vicariously through the characters, and feel like they were out socializing too.

What Are Your Fourth of July Plans? Here's What Americans Are Doing

22% of Americans feel like this Fourth of July is the first time they get to have a "normal" celebration since the pandemic started. Got any plans? Someone polled 1,500 people and asked what they're doing this weekend. Here's what we've got planned.

1. 36% of us plan to spend a big part of our weekend relaxing at home. That's down from 41% last year when more people were worried about Covid.

2. 29% will go to a barbecue or picnic. That's up from 25% a year ago.

3. 29% will also get together with family, up five points from last year.

4. Only 9% of us will go somewhere to see fireworks. And 9% will also be setting off their own fireworks. (A different surveyfound 1 in 3 of us will go see fireworks . . . and another one claims it's 61%. So . . . take your pick, I guess.)

5. 8% will go see a parade, or some other local event.

6. 5% of Americans are going to the beach this weekend.

7. 4% of us have a round of golf planned.

8. 3% will go camping or hiking.

9. 3% will go fishing.

10. And some of us have less-exciting plans: 26% will watch TV . . . 12% will do yard work . . . 16% have chores to take care of . . . and 14% might do something, but don't have plans yet

Here are ten facts and stats for Fourth of July 2021 . . .

1. In a new poll, 78% of Americans said they're patriotic. That includes 39% who said "very" patriotic. Only 7% said not patriotic at all.

2. 83% still believe in the "American Dream," that if you work hard, good things follow.

3. 79% of Americans would rather live here than anywhere else in the world.

4. 78% of us agree with the statement, "I'm proud to be an American.

5. 89% of us are proud of America's armed forces.

6. 61% of Americans own an American flag.

7. We'll spend $7.5 billion of Fourth of July food.

8. We drink more beer on July 4th than any other day of the year.

9. 65% of Americans say fireworks are their favorite part of the Fourth of July.

10. 73% of all firework injuries happen within one month of July 4th.

Triple-A released some stats on traveling over the Fourth of July weekend, and, basically, everything is going to be more expensive. Starting with GAS: The national average this weekend will be about $3.11 per gallon . . . 43% higher than this time last year, and about 2% higher than Memorial Day weekend. The state with the most expensive gas is California, followed by Washington . . . Nevada . . . Oregon . . . Utah . . . Alaska . . . Colorado . . . and Idaho.

The state with the cheapest gas is Mississippi, followed by Louisiana . . . Texas . . . Alabama . . . Arkansas . . . Missouri . . . South Carolina . . . and Oklahoma. Still, we're not close to a record, yet. The average price was $4.11 in July of 2008.

Prices for airfare are actually down a bit, although if you haven't bought your plane tickets for the Fourth of July yet . . . good luck with that. Hotel costs are up. Mid-range places have increased between 32% and 35%, with average nightly rates ranging between $156 and $398 for a nice, no-frills place.

And car rental rates have exploded . . . they're up 86%, and that's if you can even FIND a vehicle. Rental car companies have been hit hard by both the pandemic and the chip shortage that's impacting auto manufacturers.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. ANGELINA JOLIE and THE WEEKND had dinner together at an Italian restaurant in L.A. Wednesday night, so everybody's wondering if they're dating. Angelina is 46, and The Weeknd is 31. 2. AMBER HEARD has a new baby daughter. . . and she named her OONAGH. It's not clear where the baby came from, but it sounds like this is now a solo project for Amber. She says, quote, "I hope we arrive at a point in which it’s normalized to not want a ring in order to have a crib." 3. PHYLICIA RASHAD tried to reign in her enthusiasm yesterday about BILL COSBY getting out of prison. She recently got named a dean at Howard University, and they disavowed her initial comments, but so far they haven't fired her. 4. JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS has been photographed for the first time in EIGHT years. So what's he doing these days? Clearly just being a regular guy and taking a vape break while walking his dogs in Hollywood.

5.CHRIS HEMSWORTH's trainer shared some secrets on how Chris gets into "Thor" shape. It includes up to eight meals a day and heavy weight lifting. Chris even created a 10-week routine in his Centr app so you can try it at home.

6. MEGHAN MCCAIN announced yesterday that she's leaving "The View" because she wants to stay in D.C. with her family and her new baby daughter. She called the show, quote, "hands down one of the greatest, most wonderful privileges of my life." 7. If the new "Gossip Girl" on HBO Max gets to Season 2, the show may bring back some original cast members. The creator says, quote, "[Maybe] we'll have the chance to bring in cameos that are more than glorified cameos but actually give them storylines." 8. DOJA CAT is pausing on music collaborations because they hinder her artistry . . . and sometimes sound like fan-made mashups. She wants to be successful on her own and choose career moves that give her energy. 9. MACHINE GUN KELLY is working on a movie that he ORIGINALLY titled "Good News" as an homage to MAC MILLER. Mac's brother was offended because of the subject matter and told him to change it. The producers have agreed to do so. 10. TYLER FARR says "Cover Girl" is about hope for those who feel trapped in an abusive situation. The message is that you CAN get away, and you DO deserve better. 11. WALKER HAYES' "Fancy Like" hit Number One on "Billboard's" Country Digital Song Sales chart, and Number Four on the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart. But the big party won't happen until it tops the Country Radio Chart.

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