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Fonseca Trending 06/30/22


- A new survey posted by Go Banking Rates reveals that 51% of people say they would be happy if they made $65,000 a year. The average annual salary in the U.S. is $51,168.

- Delish magazine says people are trying to keep cool this Summer by freezing their Gummy Bears. The trend started on Tik Tok. People say the bears take on a whole new texture once frozen.

- Thrillist says 7-Eleven plans to celebrate their 95th anniversary this year by offering free Slurpees, at participating stores, from July 1st to July 11th. Customers must be a 7-Eleven rewards member to claim their free drink

- WLKY says R&B singer R Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for racketeering and exploiting young women.

- is taking bets on Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. The over-under for the number of hot dogs that Joey Chestnut will consume during the competition is 74.5. Joey ate 76 last year

- BroBible says Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred wants to introduce robo-umps in 2024


'Jetsons' Themed Home For Sale: UPI says a house that looks like the home of 'The Jetsons' is up for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma.An elevator takes people from the ground floor to the saucer-shaped home that is surrounded by windows. The house is listed at $415,000.

WGTC says Claire Downs was recently watching a screening of Elvis at an Alamo Drafthouse theater in Texas when a movie usher handed her a card for laughing at inappropriate times. The card read: ''Please respect the movie-going experience and refrain from talking and texting. Continued talking or texting will result in you being asked to leave without a refund. Enjoy the film''

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli tells Deadline Hollywood that the next 007 has not been selected yet. “Nobody’s in the running. We’re working out where to go with him, we’re talking that through. There isn’t a script and we can’t come up with one until we decide how we’re going to approach the next film because, really, it’s a reinvention of Bond. We’re reinventing who he is and that takes time. I’d say that filming is at least two years away.”

Chris Evans tells the D23 Inside Disney podcast that he has no desire to play Captain America again. “No, I don’t think so. I mean it was a really unbelievable ride and the character’s just so dear to me and I’m just so precious with it. To return to the role, I mean the truth is, the role isn’t even mine anymore. The role is Anthony Mackie’s. So, you know, even if there was a different incarnation, not as Captain America, but you know for Steve Rogers, even that would feel… I’d be very cautious, just because I love that chapter of my life professionally, personally. I love what those movies accomplished and to revisit it and potentially have some weird extension to that legacy would be upsetting if it didn’t land.”

Uproxx says Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement to star in a new Netflix action comedy with Jamie Foxx titled "Back In Action". The two previously worked together in ''Any Given Sunday''. The movie's plot is being kept a secret.

Cameron tweeted, “Jamie Foxx, only you could get me back in action!!! I can’t frickin wait; it’s gonna be a blast!”

Woman's Day magazine claims Harrison Ford's wife, Calista Flockhart, allegedly wants him to stop flying so much because of his close calls. A source tells the magazine, “Calista’s been begging him to cool his jets as he gets older, but Harrison is determined to keep flying. The thought of him coming home battered and bruised again, especially at his age, has Calista at the end of her tether.”

''E.T.'' star Henry Thomas tells that he doesn't expect an ''E.T.'' sequel to get made. “There had been ideas kicked around over the years. There were some serious talks early on because the studio was really pushing for it, to follow up the success of the 1982 season. That’s why the commercial, I think Spielberg okayed the commercial because that’s as close to a sequel as he’s willing to go, as he’s willing to allow. The response for that Xfinity spot was so overwhelming and people thought it was a teaser for a sequel which created a huge, huge stir on the internet. I don’t know if it made it past the internet.”

Mira Sorvino tells NBC that a ''Romy and Michele'' sequel could happen. "So there's nothing official to report, but I can unofficially hint that we are closer than we've ever been to getting something to happen... Every other time I've appeared I would be like, 'Come on, please let's do something,' and now I'm like, 'Okay okay we're getting closer!' So, very excited, I can't say anything yet, but something might be in the works."

The Orange County , Florida Circuit Court Records Division says David Proudfoot, of Kissimmee, Florida, was recently arrested for stealing a $10,000 R2-D2 droid. Disney security guards saw him push a cart backstage at Epcot. David was wearing an orange vest with a Disney World name tag. Security guards called the police before they confronted David. He moved R2D2 from one area of Epcot to a hotel and told cops he did it because he hoped Disney's security team would hire him. He was charged with theft

July 4th Survey

A new Fourth of July survey by YouGov reveals that 13% of Americans don't know who George Washington is. Other findings:

- 6% of Americans don't know who Abe Lincoln is

- 22% of people have no idea that America declared its independence from Great Britain

- 4% of people think Ben Franklin invented the airplane

American Survey

A new 4th of July survey by Gallup reveals that 65% of people are extremely or very proud to be American. That's down four points from last year, but up from a record low of 63% in 2020. 72% of men are extremely or very proud to be American. 60% of women said the same

How People Are Saving Money As Inflation Rises... According to a new survey by Provident Bank

Quitting smoking cigarettes.

Shopping at discount stores and switching to generic/store brand items.

Taking on “odd jobs” for extra income.

Spreading out visits to the salon.

Preparing their coffee at home.

Video Game Survey

A new survey by One Poll reveals that 50% of adults think video gaming should be taught in schools. Other findings:

- 53% of adults think video gaming should be an extracurricular activity

- 41% of adults think gaming should be taught in elementary school

- 42% of adults believe gaming should be taught in middle school

- 60% of gamers say video games have taught them critical thinking, creativity, hand eye coordination and communication skills

Dear Fonseca

We are planning a big holiday weekend garage sale. I was organizing in the garage yesterday when I saw that my husband plans to sell a birthday gift I gave him. When I confronted him at dinner last night, he said he no longer needs or uses the gift so there's nothing wrong with selling it. This led to a huge fight. You don't sell a gift your spouse gives you. He disagreed and says it's taking up space. Where do you stand on this? Is he wrong for trying to sell a special and sentimental gift that I gave him? What are the rules on this?

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