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Fonseca Trending 06/29/21

A New Weight Loss Product Locks Your Mouth Shut with Magnets

Diet and exercise can help you lose weight. Or this I guess . . . A new weight loss device called the "DentalSlim" just came out. And people are comparing it to a medieval TORTURE device . . . because it LOCKS your mouth SHUT using magnets. It goes on your top and bottom molars, and only lets you open your mouth two millimeters. So you're forced to stick to a liquid diet. And it comes with a key that lets you open it if there's an emergency. It's basically like having your jaw wired shut, which was actually a weight loss technique used in the '70s and '80s. But people who did it didn't tend to keep the weight off. The DentalSlim DOES appear to make you lose weight. At least in the short term. Seven people who were obese volunteered to test it out. And on average, they lost 14 pounds in two weeks. So a pound a day.

Listening to the Radio Is the #1 Thing We Missed About Our Commute

Someone asked 2,000 people what they DIDN'T miss while working from home . . . and the top answer was small talk. One in three people were happy they didn't have to be chatty at work . . . 31% liked that they didn't have to look presentable . . . and 27% didn't miss battling TRAFFIC every day. 58% of people DID miss some aspects of their commute, though. And the top thing people missed about it was what you're doing RIGHT NOW. Over half said they really missed listening to the RADIO or podcasts . . . and 55% specifically missed singing along to the radio. 53% also missed catching up on the news during their drive. And 52% craved having that time to themselves in the car. Two-thirds said that getting back to normal is the #1 thing they're excited about right now. 31% even said they're excited they have to dress up again.

What Would Make Your Ideal Fourth of July Barbecue Plate?

Fourth of July festivities are just a few days away, so it's time to start fantasizing about your IDEAL BARBECUE PLATE. A poll asked more than 16,000 people how they'd like to divvy up their plates, with both barbeque MAINS and SIDES. For the mains, BURGERS are #1, with 65% approval. Hot dogs are second, followed by ribs . . . sausages . . . chicken wings . . . pulled pork . . . brisket . . . pork chops . . . turkey burgers . . . and finally, veggie burgers. As for sides, POTATO SALAD is #1. Corn-on-the-cob is second . . . followed by baked beans . . . watermelon . . . chips . . . mac and cheese . . . coleslaw . . . potato salad . . . garden salad . . . cornbread . . . and "other bread and rolls."

Should We All Be Parking the Way Car Dealerships Do It?

How often does this happen to you?

You're in a parking lot, and someone else parks too close. So you have to shimmy your way back into your car, while making sure your door doesn't hit THEIR car. And the whole thing reminds you you're not that thin anymore. Well, some guy on TikTok claims we could avoid that problem if we just changed the RULES of parking . . . and started doing it the way a lot of car dealerships do. He posted a video where all the cars at a dealership are parked with their left tires ON the left line of each parking space,

But people are split on whether it would really make a difference. Some people claim it's easier than centering yourself in a spot. And it would help make all the cars more evenly spaced. Obviously it's not practical to make everyone change the way they park though. And some people would still screw it up anyway. If only half of people did it, it would just make things worse.

The Top Big Life Changes We Made Last Year

It's been a weird year-and-a-half. But even while we were stuck inside, we still lived our lives. A new poll looked at the big life changes Americans made last year. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Adopted a pet. 18% of us did it in 2020. 2. Renovated your home, 13%. 3. Bought a car or motorcycle, 11%. 4. Moved to a new city or state, 9%. 5. Started a business from home, 7%. 6. Bought a new house or condo, 6%. 7. Added a swimming pool, 4%. 8. Retired, 4%. 9. Got married, 3%. 10. Had a baby or adopted, 3%.

Today's Showbiz Highlights

1. It's been a minute since NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON has gone on a Space Alien Twitter rant . . . well, 2009 to be exact. But, alas, here we are. Some of them included notes to Hollywood about their alien representation. 2. Because he's the voice of Olaf in "Frozen", JOSH GAD gets the red carpet rolled out for him when he goes to Disneyland. And he's worried about the effect it's having on his daughters. Quote, "My kids are so spoiled, it's not great." 3. KEVIN FEDERLINE said he wants whatever will make BRITNEY SPEARS happy, because that's what's best for their kids. JAMIE LYNN SPEARS also said she supports whatever Britney wants, and made it clear she's not living off the conservatorship. 4. Kataluna Enriquez made history by becoming the first transgender woman to win Miss Nevada USA. She will represent Nevada in the Miss USA pageant on November 29th. 5. KIM KARDASHIAN's company SKIMS partnered with Team USA to provide undergarments, pajamas, and loungewear for athletes at the Olympics. Kim said, quote, "Every moment I've spent admiring the strength and energy of the Olympians from the sidelines came full circle." 6. FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. actually admitted that his match with LOGAN PAUL was a "fake fight," and said he made $100 million from it. He also called himself the "best bank robber" in boxing. 7. Two guys rode a pullstart minibike from Nebraska to Aspen, Colorado . . . just like Harry and Lloyd did in "Dumb and Dumber". It was a 382-mile trip, and they spent $22 on gas. 8. HELEN MIRREN has one condition if she's going to kiss VIN DIESEL in an upcoming "Fast and Furious" movie. Quote, "Only if he talks to me before and after, because it's the voice that I really get off on, quite honestly." 9. SCARLETT JOHANSSON says that saying goodbye to Black Widow is bittersweet. But she adds, quote, "I feel really proud of this film and I think it's great to go out on a high note." 10. ELTON JOHN's is a big spender because of his upbringing. He said his parents would argue a lot, and he often found refuge in his bedroom where inanimate objects gave him comfort. 11. GARY ALLAN's vocal cords had a little too much rest during quarantine. While gearing up for his tour, he lost his voice every night that he and his band practiced. This went on for two months straight. He's okay now. 12. CHRIS STAPLETON will be on Cameo for a limited time, with proceeds going to charity. And he's throwing out an interesting challenge. Quote, "I'll say whatever you need me to say. I'll wish people well, I'll give you a happy birthday, I'll tell somebody to get their [crap] together."

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