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Fonseca Trending 06/20/22



- The Daily Mail says President Biden is considering sending rebate cards to millions of Americans to help them pay for gas.

- AAA says the average price for a gallon of regular gas dropped to $4.98 a gallon yesterday. That's down three cents from last week. WMTW says large RV owners are paying $900 to fill their tanks from empty to full

- The Daily Mail says Amazon will hold its Prime Days on July 12th and 13th.

- CNBC says WWE star Vince McMahon is stepping back from his CEO duties because he is being investigated for alleged misconduct. He reportedly gave $3 million in hush money to a former female employee he had an alleged affair with. Vince's daughter, Stephanie, is taking over the company on an interim basis

- says Khloe Kardashian responded to rumors on Saturday that she is dating another NBA star. She tweeted, “Definitely NOT True !!! I love you! Thank you for the nice wishes but I am not seeing a soul. I am happy focusing on my daughter and myself for awhile.”

Block Club Chicago says a Chicago restaurant, called Wajo Sushi, is going viral because they serve Cheeto Puffs Sushi. Wajo manager Jake Araiza says, ''Our cheese crunch special roll, where we basically take Cheeto Puffs and then we crunch them up and then layer our sushi with Cheeto Puff crunch. That dusting of crunch sits on a roll filled with salmon and crab.''

- Business Insider says Burger King restaurants in Japan are running out of French fries so they are substituting Ramen noodles for the fries


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Jurassic World: Dominion,” $58.7 million

2. “Lightyear,” $51 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $200 million to produce. It earned $85.6 million worldwide)

3. “Top Gun: Maverick,” $44 million.

4. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” $4.2 million.

5. “The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” $1.1 million.

6. “The Bad Guys,” $890,000.

7. “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” $959,631.

8. “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” $830,000.

9. “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” $228,000.

10. “Brian and Charles,” $198,000. says Britney Spears’s father, Jamie, is accusing her of running a social media smear campaign against him. He wants her deposed to answer claims that she had to give eight vials of blood for medical treatment, was forced to participate in therapy, and was denied pain medication.

Britney's lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, says, “Mr. Spears, who was ignominiously suspended by the Court in September, continues to disgrace himself, especially through this most-recent foolish and ill-advised filing, which is riddled with errors and falsehoods, as he himself knows. In addition to trying to bully his own daughter, he is now pathetically reduced to trying to intimidate her, while abusing the legal process and running and hiding from his own deposition. Anyone else would be ashamed by these tactics, but he and his representatives are truly shameless. In terms of ‘impugning his character,’ Mr. Spears did that to himself long ago.”

The Beet says Kevin Hart is opening his own vegan fast-food chain. Hart's House is going to serve vegan burgers, nuggets, fries and oat milk milkshakes. Kevin spent two years developing the plant-based menu.

The NY Post says Johnny Depp's fans are honoring his defamation trial lawyer, Camille Vasquez, with her own merchandise. Fans are selling T-shirts and hoodies that read “In a world full of Ambers, be a Camille”, ‘’Camille Vasquez for President” and ‘’Camille Vasquez is Wonder Woman’’

Entertainment Tonight says Al Pacino wants Timothee Chalamet to play a younger version of him if a prequel to "Heat" gets made. “Timothee Chalamet. Great actor, good looks.”

Austin Butler, who plays Elvis in the new biopic about the King, tells Entertainment Tonight that he now talks like the rocker. “At this point, I keep asking people, ‘Is this my voice?’ Because this feels like my real … it’s one of those things where certain things trigger it and other times as well it’s, I don’t know. When you live with something for two years, and you do nothing else, I think that you can’t help it. It becomes a fiber of your being.”

The film opens Friday

Bang Showbiz says the late Paul Walker, Vince Vaughn, Uma Thurman, Bill Pullman, Ludacris, Lenny Kravitz, Marc Anthony, Sheila E, the Jonas Brothers, Blake Shelton and Charlie Wilson will all receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2023.

Pop Culture magazine says Bob Saget's daughter, Lara, honored him yesterday on Father's Day with the following post: "He chose love, always. I commit to doing the same. The love is right here. And it's my responsibility to give it to myself and to share by living in the love. I love you infinitely, dad. Happy Father's Day."

The Daily Mirror says Ozzy Osbourne wants to renew his wedding vows with Sharon now that he's done with having surgery on his back and neck. A source tells the newspaper, “Ozzy may have been waiting on getting his neck and back sorted after extended leg pain, which has left him unable to walk for long periods. But while that has been his hope, he always wants to treat Sharon to something special for their 40th.

The National Enquirer claims Will Smith allegedly wants Jada to stop spending so much money. A source tells the magazine, “It’s not like they’re broke. They have money and investments, but they have a huge outlay and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with him career-wise, given that his name is in the mud right now thanks to Slapgate. They are totally tied together financially, and people assume that’s why they aren’t divorced already. He wants to slow the spending, but she’s burning right through their cash to fund her vanity projects and all her other extravagances! She spends a fortune on her appearance, plus masseurs and trainers. She only goes to the most luxurious salons for her mani-pedis. Will gripes their food budget is through the roof and they need to economize and use coupons. Jada buts a lot of things she doesn’t need and that’s always been a thorn in his side.”

Woman Speaks Alien Languages: The Daily Star says Mafe Walker, of Colombia, claims she can speak several alien languages. She says her ability to speak alien languages was unlocked when she visited several ancient pyramids near Mexico City. Mafe believes she receives alien vibrations

Personality Profile: Your Favorite Pizza Toppings Reveal Your Personality... According to a new study by Hungry Howie's

pineapple and ham... you have a laid-back attitude and are not bothered by stress or tension. You're confident in your own skin and have an eccentric sense of humor

just cheese... you are plain, dependable and worry too much.

pepperoni... you care about loved ones, live a simple, drama-free life and have a great sense of humor

sausage... you strive to live a balanced lifestyle, are open to criticism and love to give advice

Home Buying Knowledge vs. Pop Culture Knowledge Survey

A new survey by Zillow reveals that most people know more about the Kardashians that they do about buying a home. Other findings:

- over 66% of people do not understand the benefits of getting a pre-approved mortgage

- 85% of people know Kim Kardashian has four kids with Kanye West

- 71% of people know Tom Brady left the Patriots for the Buccaneers

- the average adult answered only 2 out of 5 questions correctly on Zillow's basic home-buying quiz

Top 10 Workout Pet Peeves … According to a new survey by Barbend

  1. Weightlifting

  2. HIIT

  3. Running

  4. Cycling

  5. CrossFit

  6. Pilates

  7. Yoga

  8. Boxing

  9. Zumba

  10. Martial Arts

Dear Fonseca

Things are tough with the economy so we have asked our teenage sons to get jobs so they can contribute to the household. My wife and I are already working 60+ hours a week to make ends meet. My parents think we are cruel and mean for making the kids work. I disagree. It'll toughen them up and teach them responsibility. Is it wrong that my wife and I are making the boys work and contribute to the household at such a young age.

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