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Fonseca Trending 06/16/21


- WTSP says Disney World is no longer requiring masks for vaccinated guests.Guests are still required to wear masks on Disney buses and monorails.

- Totally the Bomb says Kim Kardashian has failed her Baby Bar Exam for the second time.

- Time Magazine says the ketchup packet shortage is going to be coming to an end because Heinz is ramping up eight new production lines. This will allow them to produce more ketchup packets. The lines will begin next month

- KTNV says a judge has ruled that OJ Simpson has to keep paying the Goldman family because he is liable for Ron Goldman's death. OJ filed paperwork to have the payments canceled. He has paid $133,000 of the $50 million he owes Fred Goldman. Tomorrow is the 27th anniversary of OJ's slow speed chase in his Ford Bronco


Bike Riding Shoplifter Steals From Walgreens: KGO says a man recently stunned shoppers at a San Francisco Walgreens when he rode his bike into the store and began filling a black garbage bag with various items. Shoppers filmed the shoplifter before he hopped on his bike and started riding towards the exit. A security guard made a lazy attempt to grab the black garbage bag. The shoplifter rode out through the store's automatic doors.

McDonald's Employee's Resignation Goes Viral: The Daily Mirror says a McDonald's employee, from Louisville, Kentucky, recently quit their job by placing the following sign over a drive-thru speaker: "We are closed because I am quitting and hate this job."

The Internet reacts ...

"Putting this sign on the front door of my office tomorrow morning."

"Why don’t they save us all the trouble and put up a sign saying their milkshake machine isn’t working."

"How did the ice cream machine type this?”

Survey: "Do you know someone, who quit a job in a funny or weird dramatic fashion? If so, what (funny thing) happened?"

Screen Rant says Sylvester Stallone is developing a new TV series about a young Rocky Balboa. It would chronicle Rocky's life as a 17 year-old. Stallone is taking his show to a streaming service and is planning to do 10 episodes per season.

Mandy Moore tells The Cut that she wants to be a beauty editor. "I feel like in my heart, I’m a wannabe beauty editor. I love all the lotions and potions and gadgets and fun things. I love learning about them and sometimes acquiring them and maybe using them once or twice, but not necessarily having them become a part of my regular routine." says Jennifer Lopez is going to star in a new sci-fi movie for Netflix titled ''Atlas.'' It's about an evil AI (Artificial Intelligence) Soldier, who determines the only way to end a war is to end humanity. Jennifer works with another AI Soldier to rid the world of the bad one.

OK! magazine claims Matthew Perry's friends and family allegedly want him to take a step back from Hollywood. A source tells the magazine, "His friends and family want him to take a big step back from Hollywood and from the limelight, and to stop worrying about his love life. They want him to focus on his well-being and tune everything else out until he's in a better place mentally. Matthew is all over the map right now, and there's a growing feeling that without Molly around, he's about to implode.''

The Dirt says Matthew Perry has sold his Los Angeles condo for $21.6 million. The 9,000 square-foot condo has four bedrooms and views of Los Angeles. The condo takes up the 40th floor of a high-rise and has wrap-around balconies, a movie theater, two fireplaces, a Chef's Kitchen, a wine refrigerator and contemporary furnishings

Kelly Clarkson tells Yahoo News that contrary to published reports, she is not going to undergo any plastic surgery. "I'm gonna look like a total Shar Pei, like a dog. I'm gonna have every wrinkle in the world on my face. It has nothing to do with me being better than somebody who gets something done to their face; I am afraid of stuff called botulism toxin... It's literally called botulism toxin, and I'm like no.

In touch Weekly Magazine says pictures of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kissing bother Alex Rodriguez. Sources tell the magazine, “He thinks Ben and Jen love the publicity they’re getting. He can’t help [but have emotions over it]. That’s the girl he was supposed to marry. It hurts seeing Jen all over another guy like that. Alex was holding out hope that Jen would take him back. But, according to some of Jen’s pals, that ship has sailed. Alex is definitely in her rearview mirror.”

The Daily Mail says Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may have proposed to his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. She was spotted wearing a yellow, heart-shaped diamond ring on her ring finger as she ran errands in Los Angeles. The paparazzi snapped pictures of the ring from near and far. No word on how much the ring is worth

Totally The Bomb says a company, called The Original Cake Bites, has created a new dessert inspired by the Netflix series Cobra Kai. The packaging for Cobra Kakes features the Cobra Kai snake. The vanilla snack cakes contain sprinkles, dark chocolate and marshmallow cream. The Cobra Kakes are available on for three dollars.

Grilling Survey

A new survey by Ace Hardware reveals that 41% of people plan to host a backyard barbecue this Summer. Other findings:

- 15% of people say they have been grilling more during the pandemic.

- 21% of people grill three to five meals each week

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