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Fonseca Trending 06/09/20


- The NY Post says Pfizer hopes to have their coronavirus vaccine ready for children, under 12, by September.

- A new survey by the University of Texas reveals that 33% of people would take an immortality pill if they could. 25% of people are unsure if they want to live forever. 42% would not take an immortality pill

- Fox Business News says Starbucks is facing a nationwide supply storage and is running out of pastries, sandwiches, syrups, iced coffee and cups.

- KHOU says seats aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic rocket may cost as much as $55 million. Virgin won't start taking tourists into space until next year

- BroBible says Bud Light is releasing a new hard seltzer flavor called Pumpkin Spice. Other new flavors include Toasted Marshmallow and Maple Pear. Most companies are waiting until late August or early September to release their new Pumpkin Spice products

- Footwear News says Crocs has teamed with Balenciaga to create a high heel clog. The clogs come in green, black and silver and have a platform heel. They will be out next year


Hollywood Trending

- TVLine says 3.6 million people watched the season premiere of ''The Bachelorette'' on Monday night. The numbers are an all-time low for a Bachelorette season premiere.

- The NY Daily News says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced Queen Elizabeth to their new daughter Lilibet during a video call.

- The NY Post says Meghan Markle's new children's book, ''The Bench'', has been released in the UK. It debuted at number #205 on Amazon book chart.

- Deadline Hollywood says Tyler Perry is doing another Madea movie even though he retired the character last year. The 12th Madea film will be titled "A Madea Homecoming" and will start streaming on Netflix in 2022. - ABC says actress Alyssa Milano may run for a congressional seat in California's 4th District. She is unhappy that a local congressman opposed an Asian hate crimes bill.


The Daily Mail says people are selling the sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces that accompany McDonald's BTS Happy Meals for as much as $500 on eBay

Miley Cyrus tells Vogue magazine that she wants to work with Billie Eilish. “There are always new emerging artists that are super interesting… I love Billie Eilish. I think she’s just the coolest. I love her, her messaging. I’d love to work with her.”

Dua Lipa tells Vogue magazine that she had to convince herself to write happy songs. “I wanted to write songs that were more sad, more about heartbreak, because I thought that writing happy songs would turn into cheesy songs. I had to fight that because I was like, ‘I am happy. I deserve to be happy.’ I should be able to write about that without the fear of feeling like I’m compromising my authenticity because I’m not crying about something or someone.”

Taylor Swift tells The Independent that her goal is to release positive music that overcomes negativity. "It seems like everyone is trying to be so cool and 'over' everything and ready to criticize whatever people make. I mean, there are even articles like “Here’s how Twitter feels about _______!” and people are actively being as scathing as possible because they get attention for it now ... it’s just fun to sing about being in a good mood for a change."

The Kid LAROI tells that he works better when he's alone. "I miss all my friends back home like Kenny and the rest. I came out here to work so I gotta take it how it is. And I love working, that’s my life. I’m a lonely person anyway. I don’t like being around a load of people so I can work on myself and think."

Justin Bieber tells that he surrounds himself with people that aren't afraid to tell him no. "I’ve got such great people around me. They don’t really care if they make me angry. A lot of teams, they’re afraid to make the artist angry, because they don’t want to get fired and all that stuff. My team’s pretty good about letting me know when to get in line."

Bruno Mars tells NME magazine that he would never lip sync during a live performance. "I was [once] reading something about us miming. Which is ... well, you can say anything you want about me or my music, or make any kind of joke you want, but that to me is like, well, I’m going to get extremely insulted. Because you have no idea how hard we rehearse. Just seeing that, it blew me away. Like, ‘What are they seeing? What do you mean!?’ Never! I’ve never lip-synced. I could have a 150-degree fever and I’ll still be up there, singing live. That’s our profession. That’s what we do."

TVLine says Chris Harrison is no longer going to host ''The Bachelor'' or "The Bachelorette". He had hosted the franchise for the past 19 years.

Deadline Hollywood says Chris is receiving an eight-figure payout. The website says Chris received a large payout because his lawyer allegedly threatened to file a lawsuit that would expose some of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette's dirty secrets.

The NY Post says Harrison wanted $25 million to keep quiet. A source tells the newspaper, “He knows a lot about inappropriate behavior on set: fights between contestants, misbehavior including use of illegal substances while overseas and complaints from producers that were allegedly brushed under the carpet by ABC execs. He was ready to tell the truth about how things really work over there — and he has plenty of evidence to back him up. Chris was making $5 million a season and wanted $25 million to go.''

Chris was pulled from the show after doing an interview with contestant Rachel Kirkconnell. He showed compassion after she admitted that she attended a slave-themed fraternity formal

David Spade is going to guest host ''Bachelor in Paradise'' this Summer.

A source tells US Weekly Magazine that Chris is frustrated. “The whole situation is frustrating for him. Until things are settled legally and contractually, he can’t even plan his next steps. He’s been getting all kinds of offers on projects, so he’s hoping to lock something in soon. He has a team who has been supporting him this entire time and is working on his next move. He’s hosted other shows in the past so safe to say this isn’t the end of Chris Harrison hosting!”

Radar Online claims Jennifer Lopez wants Ben Affleck sleeping at her home. A source tells the website, “Jennifer is the sort of girl that always wants the guy to sleep over at her house. She isn’t interested in waking up in a house and borrowing Ben’s cheap shampoo and conditioner that you know comes in the same bottle. Jennifer takes her skincare program very seriously. Before she goes to bed there is a process. When she gets up in the morning, there is a process. Every girl wants to make sure their man sees them looking great, but no one wants to reveal just how much work goes into achieving that.''

Chris Pratt tells Cinema Blend that he is open to doing a Jurassic World- Fast and the Furious crossover. ''Yeah, let’s do it. That sounds good. Because… if there’s one thing a T-Rex can’t mess with, it’s family. Hey man, if that’s what the audience wants, I’m in. … That’d be sick. I’d love to work with Vin. That’d be good.''

Corey Feldman tells Dread Central that he does not think another Goonies movie is going to be made. "Well, Sean Astin and Josh Brolin want a sequel but you know. It's one of those powers that be things. Every time I thought, 'OK, it's really gonna happen', I've been let down and had my heartbroken. I think I probably believed it the most over the pandemic. Because I thought, 'OK it's ('The Goonies') 35th anniversary, we did two reunions in one year, we went back and read the script together. And Chris Columbus even said on the call with all of us, and in subsequent emails, 'Guys I'm so inspired, I'm actually writing again. Like I'm gonna do this. We're gonna do this. We're doing this.' And then, nothing."

OK! magazine claims Sandra Bullock is allegedly thinking about relocating from Hollywood to Austin, Texas. A source tells the magazine, ''Sandra is sick and tired of the hectic, Hollywood lifestyle. It's laid-back, and she feels it's a more family-friendly place to raise the kids [Louis, 11, and Laila, 9].'

The Daily Star says Carole Baskin is teaming with a British television network to do a new show about big cats. She says, We are working on an ITV pilot and I‘m very excited about that. It will be covering the kind of work we’ve always done which is going after the bad guys and bringing them to justice so I’m really excited about that right now."

The Sun says Tom Cruise is in a rush to finish ''Mission Impossible 7''. A source says he is still quarantining because another crew member tested positive for the Coronavirus. “Mission: Impossible has been hit by so many delays, there is now a huge pressure to finish on time. Tom and the team are tearing their hair out. Some of the crew are agency contractors and are already booked to move on to new projects. Without them, Tom will be left scratching around for replacements. And if that wasn’t enough, he has his own scheduling conflicts. Top Gun 2 is released in November, meaning Tom will have to start a schedule of promotional interviews soon. Most of the filming on MI7 is completed but there is one last big scene to be filmed. The stunt sees a speeding train being driven over the edge of a cliff and into a quarry. There’s no way it can be rushed. The pressure is really on.”

Woman's Day magazine claims Paul Rudd did not appear in the "Friends" reunion special because he and Jennifer Aniston are allegedly on the outs. A source tells the magazine, “Everyone thought Paul would be guaranteed a cameo, given how close he was with Jen, but she refuses to talk about it. He is busy filming the new Ant-Man movie as well as a new series for Apple, but he would have made it work. Aniston cut ties with him after they made 2012’s Wanderlust and they haven’t been close since.''

TMZ says UFC star Amanda Nunes has challenged Kim Kardashian to a mixed martial arts fight.

She posted a picture of herself and Kim on Twitter along with the caption: ''Hey @KimKardashian let’s do this? Lol''

UFC president Dana White says Amanda was joking.

Top 10 Driving Stresses … According to a new survey by IAM RoadSmart

The return of traffic jams42%Getting used to busier roads again33%People returning to the road who might be out of practice27%Stressing to get to your location on time24%Returning to long car journeys to destinations15%With places being closed, there is nowhere to stop for a rest12%Commuting11%My general fatigue while driving11%Returning to the road when you are out of practice11%Not knowing if your car is still capable of longer journeys7%

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