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Fonseca Trending 06/01/21


- Footwear News says Crocs is celebrating Pride Month in June by selling a rainbow-colored clog. It retails for $75. Other clogs have rainbow Pride Flags, glitter and ''Love Is Love'' pins

- WMTW says American Airlines is joining Southwest Airlines in banning alcohol on their flights. They made the decision after a Southwest flight attendant was recently assaulted by a drunk passenger. American says "Over the past week we've seen some of these stressors create deeply disturbing situations on board aircraft. American Airlines will not tolerate assault or mistreatment of our crews."

- Stereogum says 'Gorilla Glue Girl' Tessica Brown has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Cocoa Brown for creating a parody song called “Bad Idea (Gorilla Glue Girl Remix)”. Tessica wants the song removed from the Internet and streaming services because she says it uses her likeness without her permission

- Fansided says Starbucks is celebrating the release of Emma Stone's ''Cruella'' movie by adding a Cruella Frappuccino to their secret menu. The vanilla bean Frappuccino contains Java chips, strawberry puree, chocolate drizzle, cookie crumbles and whipped cream. The drink is turned upside down in order to create a black-and-white Dalmatian effect.

- ESPN says a fan ran onto the court during last night's Sixers- Wizards game in Washington D.C.. A security guard tackled the man before he was arrested. No players were injured


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's four-day box office results.

1 A Quiet Place Part II .... $57 million

2 Cruella ... $26.5 million

3 Spiral: From the Book of Saw ... $2.9 million

4 Wrath of Man .... $2.75 million

5 Raya and the Last Dragon ... $2.57 million

Maroon 5's Adam Levine tells Rolling Stone magazine that he never expected to be as successful as he is. "Life is a trip. It's a lot of fun. You never think you're going to be doing this. This was never a goal of mine. But some things fall into your path and you go with it. It works."

Justin Bieber tells Billboard magazine that he had to record a lot of songs that he didn't like early in his career. "It’s hard to make meaningful songs that make you want to dance because it can come off cheesy. In the past I’ve recorded songs that I didn’t like, that I wouldn’t listen to, that the label was telling me to record. I told myself that I would never do that again."

Bruno Mars tells GQ magazine that being a four year old Elvis impersonator for his uncle's variety show made him feel like Batman. "It was like turning into Batman. I'd go to school and kids are calling me Peter and we're playing baseball and kickball, and then—'All right, guys, I've got to go!'—you put on a sequined jumpsuit, and all of a sudden you're Bruno, the world's youngest Elvis impersonator!"

Ed Sheeran tells the BBC that his young daughter is not his biggest fan. "Now I'll sing [my new songs] to my daughter, who's not my biggest fan. She just cries. No, I've got some she likes. She really likes Shape Of You, the marimba sound is good but she doesn't like anything loud or anything belty.''

Joey Fatone tells US Weekly Magazine that he is open to doing an N'SYNC reunion. "I can’t speak for anybody else, but for me, it would be fun. Why not? I mean, let’s be real here. It wasn’t broke. Everybody kind of separated to do their own thing and now we’ve done our own thing and still doing our own thing, but you know what, I think it’d be kind of fun to do something like that and get back together. What harm is it going to happen? Oh my God, we don’t get No. 1 on the charts. Oh, darn. We’ve done that already. It’s OK. For me, it would be more or less performing and having fun with my brothers.''

CBS says television sensors in China have removed Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber from the "Friends" reunion special on HBO Max. Lady Gaga's performance of "Smelly Cat" was edited out most likely because she angered the Chinese government in 2016 by meeting with the Dalai Lama Justin Bieber may have been removed for visiting a controversial Japanese shrine that honors the dead.

The Indian Express says the ''Friends'' reunion special has prompted Tinder members to post quotes and pick-up lines from the show on their profiles.

A sampling of the best lines includes ...

“Let’s be Monica and Chandler in a world full of Ross and Rachel.”

“Sarcastic like Chandler, innocent like Joey, funny like Phoebe, organized like Monica (not), serious like Ross-Rachel’s love!”

‘’Waiting for Joey to come by and say, ‘How you doing?'”

“Looking for Monica, but only coming across Janices”

“Contrary to Joey, I do share my food.”

Survey: We asked our audience to call with the best and worst pickup lines they've heard

Instant Phoner ... this woman once heard the
Download MP3 • 173KB
Instant Phoner ... this womans favorite picku
Download MP3 • 375KB

People magazine says Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran went viral over the weekend for recreating Courteney's "Friends" dance with David Schwimmer.

Courteney captioned the video with: "Just some routine dancing with a friend…"

Sheeran wrote: "Had a reunion of our own this weekend" claims Alex Rodriguez is trying to avoid reading anything about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. A source tells the website, “Alex is burying himself in his work and trying to finalize his deal on buying the Minnesota Timberwolves so that has thankfully taken him away from his feelings on the breakup with Jen, but it’s been a little rough because his feelings are still strong for her. It stung that Jennifer was with Ben in Miami, it was a little too close for comfort because it’s still so fresh for him.''

The National Enquirer claims Jennifer Garner has allegedly banned Ben Affleck from introducing their kids to Jennifer Lopez. A source tells the magazine, “He spent years telling everyone what a disaster that period of his life with J.Lo was, and now he’s gone running back to her like an attention-starved puppy! Affleck jumped at the chance to reunite with lost love J.Lo. Jen finds the whole situation troubling and sad because she knows how vulnerable and lost Ben must be right now. His behavior is seriously off, but what can she do? He’s going through with this no matter what people think, but it will never have her approval. It was fine for him to let them meet Ana (deArmas), because that was a serious relationship. But J.Lo is a totally different situation, and for now she wants Ben to keep his family life and this attention-seeking circus totally separate”

Civic Science recently did a poll to find out who should be the next host of Jeopardy.

Here is what they found ...

Ken Jennings ... 22%

Aaron Rodgers ...16%

Mike Richards and Buzzy Cohen ... 4%

No opinion/ I'm not sure ... 51%

We Got This Covered says Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson reportedly wants to fight Sly Stallone in one of his movies. Sly will turn 75 this year. The website also claims Sylvester wants to develop sequels to some of his older movies. He is open to doing another Tango & Cash movie with Kurt Russell and a "Cliffhanger" sequel

OK! magazine claims Kim Kardashian has gotten a restraining order against a stalker. Charles Zelenoff has been harassing Kim for months and wants to have a physical relationship with her. He has been spotted outside of her home.

Which Famous Families People Are Thrilled They Aren't A Part Of ... … According to a new survey by the website Nikki Swift

Kardashians ...39%

Duggar family ... 22%

Brown family from Alaskan Bush People ... 10%

British Royal family ... 8%

Jake and Logan Paul's family ... 7%

Alec Baldwin tells the Talking Sopranos podcast that he wanted to play Tony Soprano's killer in the HBO series ''The Sopranos.'' ''I called up whoever it was, I forget, and said, "Tell them when it's time to kill Jimmy,"' he said, referring to the late actor James Gandolfini, who played Tony, 'There is only one man who should whack Jimmy and ride off with Edie [Falco], and I am that man." I am the guy who needs to blow Jimmy away and take Edie, who I am madly in love with, away. And they were like, "Uh-huh. Sure. Great, We'll add your name to the list of all the Irish actors who think they should be on The Sopranos."'

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