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Fonseca Trending 05/31/22


- Newsweek magazine says over 3,000 flights were canceled over Memorial Day weekend. Most of the cancellations were due to bad weather and staffing shortages

- Entertainment Tonight says The Rock's daughter, Simone, has announced that her professional wrestling name is going to be “Ava Raine”. She has signed a deal with the WWE.

- The Indianapolis Star newspaper says Joey Chestnut had to withdraw from the World Donut Hole Eating Championship on Friday because he tested positive for the Coronavirus

- The Blast claims Patrick Mahomes, and his wife, Brittany, are expecting their second child. They posted a picture of their daughter and a sign that read: "Big Sister Duties Coming Soon"

- Totally the Bomb says DeLorean is building an electric car. The EV will look somewhat similar to the Back to the Future car. It is expected to cost $175,000 and have a range of 300 miles.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results. The results are from Friday - Monday

1 Top Gun: Maverick ... $156 million (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $170 million to produce ... It earned $260 million worldwide)

2 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ... $20.5 million

3 The Bob's Burgers Movie ... $14.8 million

4 Downton Abbey: A New Era ... $7.2 million

5 The Bad Guys .... $5.6 million

Man Attacks Mona Lisa: The Daily Mail says a man attacked the Mona Lisa on Sunday at the Louvre in Paris. The man was dressed as an elderly woman and was sitting in a wheelchair when he sprung up and threw a custard pie at the painting. He then threw a bouquet of roses in the air before security tackled him and hauled him away. The Mona Lisa is protected by a bulletproof glass screen and was not damaged.

The man is a climate change activist and yelled the following as he was being taken away: 'Think about the Earth. People are in the process of destroying the Earth! Artists think about the Earth, that's why I did this. Think of the planet!'

The National Enquirer claims Tom Cruise is crushing hard on Lady Gaga. She wrote a song for the ''Top Gun: Maverick'' movie soundtrack. A source says, “Tom has always been a fan and personally reached out to Gaga to write the song. It’s no surprise he developed a huge crush on her after they worked together.”

Metro UK says The Undertaker has a cucumber phobia. His wife, Michelle, tells the Wives of Wrestling podcast, ''He ate so many cucumbers one day that he got sick. And ever since then, it was just game over. We can’t even have one in the room. Every birthday, [daughter] Kaia gets cucumbers. She’ll like put them under his pillow, she’ll put them in his car. Cucumbers, he can’t even smell them… can’t even be around it.''

Kaley Cuoco tells the USA Today newspaper that it was love at first sight when she first met her new boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey. “We have the same manager (Andrea Pett-Joseph), and we were set up by (her), which is so Hollywood,”. She’s like, ‘Oh my God, I think you guys are perfect for each other.’ I heard his voice, and I turned around, and it was like my life was over, or just starting. It hit me. It was love at first sight. We were immediately connected. I do feel like I’ve known him my whole life, but I wasn’t ready for him. We’re ready to build a life together.”

The Sunday World says Kim Kardashian rents a warehouse where she keeps 30,000 pieces of her clothing. The warehouse is climate-controlled. Kim says, “I have thousands and thousands of clothes. I think I have 30,000 pieces. I love seeing all this stuff. I just want to see where I’ve been and where I want to go. When it comes to my style, I mean I’ve always had Kanye there as this crutch to teach me so much about fashion. Having that not be there as my crutch to guide me has really forced me to figure it out on my own.”

Spider-Man star Willem Dafoe recently received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He attended the school in 1973 and 1974 before leaving to become part of a theater company. Willem told students, ''My time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was a very formative and positive experience… I was young and very unsophisticated, but eager to train and perform. I was totally involved and spent most nights on a couch in the theatre because I was always working and studying and didn’t want to go home.''

The NY Post says Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, has graduated from NYU. She walked across the stage while wearing a purple graduation gown. Jessica received a degree from the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Katy Perry tells the USA Today newspaper that she gave up Taco Bell in order to get in shape for her Las Vegas residency. “You definitely have to be mindful that you have a show coming up after a six- or eight-week break. “I get really strict about two or three weeks before. [The set] is like a giant kid’s jungle gym and I’m a 37-year-old adult. So I have to train like an athlete and do physical therapy and use the sauna and let go of my Taco Bell.”

Meghan Markle's father, Thomas, is going to need a year of therapy to recover from his stroke. Meghan's half sister, Samantha, tells GB News, “I don’t think he saw it coming but he’s doing better – he’s in good spirits. It’s going to take several… maybe six months, maybe a year, to get his speech back. He can work with a speech therapist and it’s good, the attack he had in the speech producing part of the brain wasn’t so big that he can’t recover. But you know when you’re almost 80 years old, there’s less plasticity and things are more difficult. So he has the memory of the words and the associations, the stroke was on the right side of the brain, so the damage was on the left and he’s left handed. But it also impaired his speech and his ability to swallow.”

A source tells the Daily Mail that Meghan wants to reconcile with her father. ''Despite their estrangement, Meghan is concerned. She wants to know if there is any way to contact her father privately, without other family knowing about it or having to get involved. The insider added: 'Meghan can’t contact her half-siblings because she believes they have their own agendas. If she can contact their dad, she wants it to be totally private. It won’t involve Netflix, it won’t involve any photographs and it must not involve any tip-offs to the paparazzi.'' says Larry David officiated a wedding in the south of France over the weekend. Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel married Sarah Staudinger Elon Musk and Diddy attended the ceremony.

Coffee Good For You

A new study by Southern Medical University reveals that drinking two to four cups of coffee a day cuts your risk of dying by 33%.

Dr Duane Mellor says, "This study supports the results seen in a number of other studies which suggest that moderate coffee intake may be beneficial. But it is important to remember what else you put in it e.g. syrups, cream etc as well as what you might have with it. This study did not look to see if dunking a biscuit in your coffee was good or not, let alone having a slice of cake with your preferred type of coffee."

Allergy Survey

A new survey by Tivic Health reveals that 60% of people say Summer allergies affect their job performance. Other findings:

- 35% of people say Summer is their least favorite season

- 44% of people suffer from seasonal allergies

- 76% of people say their allergies are severe

- 44% of people have been stockpiling allergy medication for weeks

Car Technology Survey

A new study by J.D. Power reveals that many drivers are turned off by an overload of "technology" in their cars. Other findings:

- 61% of drivers disable "Lane Assist" systems because of too many annoying alerts

- many drivers say they are frustrated because the technology in their cars nags them too much

- 29% of drivers don't use the apps in their cars because they are too complicated

Cities With The Most Expensive Commutes …. According to a new survey by (annual cost and travel time to work follow cities)

Fremont, California - $15,005 - 36.4 minutes

San Francisco, California - $13,015 - 34.7 minutes

Jersey City, New Jersey - $10,602 - 37.8 minutes

Arlington, Virginia - $10,385 - 29.7 minutes

New York, New York - $10,275 - 41.7 minutes

San Jose, California - $9,813 - 31.7 minutes

Seattle, Washington - $9,790 - 28.4 minutes

Irvine, California - $9,526 - 24.0 minutes

Oakland, California - $9,176 - 34.4 minutes

Chicago, Illinois - $8,033 - 34.7 minutes

Dear Fonseca,

I was recently doing my husband's laundry when I found a receipt for Viagra in his pocket. I was shocked because I don't believe he is using the drug with me. My mind started to race and wander. Was he cheating and using it with someone else? Did he buy it as a joke for a friend? I calmed down and am now contemplating what to do. If I question him about the Viagra, and he is using it for us, I may embarrass him and make him angry. What do you think he is doing? How do I approach the situation? Is he cheating? Tell me what to do! I need help!

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