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Fonseca Trending 05/26/22


- Celebrity Net Worth says Tom Cruise is receiving 20% of Top Gun: Maverick's profits. The film is projected to make $1 billion worldwide meaning Tom will earn $200 million for the film

- Uproxx is predicting ''Top Gun: Maverick'' will earn $180 million worldwide during its opening weekend this weekend. $100 million of that will come from the North American box office

- Giant Freakin Robot says Henry Cavill is in talks to star in ''Hobbs and Shaw 2''.The 2019 film made $760 million at the box office with stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

- Deadline Hollywood says Apple TV+ is going to do a new live-action Speed Racer TV series based on the 1960s cartoon.

- A new survey by Q1 Jobless reveals that 28% of people have quit a job because of a bad manager.

- A new survey by Hydroxycut reveals that 77% of people have been able to maintain one of their New Year's resolutions.


Ellen's Final Show Airs Today: The NY Post says Ellen's final show today will be filled with tears and joy. A source tells the newspaper, “Her mood during the last two weeks was very crying, but a happy cry. All her crying was nothing but gratitude for what we had accomplished together. The sadness was that she wasn’t going to get to see her staff every day.”

Ellen tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It’s funny because the last couple of months I was more emotional than I was in the last week or two. I got really emotional about two months out, but that last week I wasn’t because I really just wanted to enjoy it. I was working with [former monk] Jay Shetty a lot, too, on being present and I was. I was very present for all of it."

The Daily Express Newspaper says Madonna is auditioning new boyfriends. A source tells the newspaper, “Madonna has zero interest in dating someone her age. The thought of grey hair or wrinkles is a massive turn-off. What she wants is a hard-bodied, hot guy in his late twenties – someone who can keep up with her. She has requested that her team find her a handful of options – after signing a watertight NDA, of course. This is a huge year for Madonna and she wants some quality arm candy to accompany her to events and help her de-stress behind the scenes.''

WPRI says the Conjuring House, in Burrillville, Rhode Island, has been sold for $1.5 million. The 1836 house was made famous by the 2013 horror movie. A family that lived in the home in the 1970s endured a decade of paranormal activity.

Vanity Fair magazine says Jennifer Lopez wants to marry Ben Affleck sooner rather than later. A source tells the magazine, “Jennifer will tell you she’s not in a rush to get married, but her friends think otherwise. The truth is that if Ben wanted to push this forward as early as this Summer, she’d be totally down with that. She definitely wants a spectacular celebration at some point and money won’t be an object! They’re both committed to making this work and taking all the steps necessary to respect each other’s boundaries and learn from their mistakes the last time around.”

LAD Bible says Johnny Depp's defamation trial has been good for sales of his Christian Dior cologne, Sauvage. The company has been selling one bottle every three seconds. Each bottle costs $160 resulting in sales of over $4.5 million a day.

Paula Abdul tells Entertainment Tonight that she wants to have a big celebration for her 60th birthday on June 19th. "I'm gonna do something big. Maybe charter a yacht or go somewhere exotic (and) take some friends. Knowing me, I'll stay home, be with my dogs. I wanna do something fun and something spectacular. Every day we (should) celebrate ourselves. We are above ground. We are living. We are healthy. You know what? We're celebrating really important things in life."

Tom Cruise tells Bella magazine that he has not taken a day off in 40 years. "I'm just chillin' now. I don't have days off. Look, I'm fortunate, I'm lucky. I've spent my life on movie sets and travelling the world, which is what I always wanted to do. So this is not work - I'm living the dream."

Jeopardy Fans Outraged With Marijuana Joke: Jeopardy fans are upset with current host Mayim Bialik because she made a marijuana joke earlier this week during a show. The clue was; "Marijuana issue sent to this 'committee' generally composed of members of both houses of a legislature." Champion Ryan Long responded, "What is bipartisan committee?" He was wrong as Mayim said, "Joint committee. Get it?"

The Internet reacts ...

Oh, but won’t the #Jeopardy writers PLEASE think of the children watching, and their delicate ears that were just exposed to a cannabis reference?

Marijuana? Joint? Har de har har....#Jeopardy

The writing demise continues #jeopardy As the sprint to the bottom accelerates #HireBuzzy They're so desperate to get the Access Hollywood viewers

Worst Driving Habits... According to a new survey by Forbes

Eating/drinking while driving: 37%

Speeding: 34%

Playing loud music: 31%

Not indicating: 15%

Undertaking: 15%

Driving 10mph+ below the speed limit: 14%

Smoking: 11%

Using a handheld device as a satnav: 11%

Middle lane hogging:10%

Leaving the indicator on: 9%

EVENTS PEOPLE AVOID BECAUSE OF THEIR FINANCES … According to a new survey by Beyond Finance

Birthday parties - 33%

Weddings - 32%

Happy hours - 31%

Networking events - 31%

Dates - 30%

Retirement parties - 30%

Church - 27%

Coffee And Cholesterol Study

A new study published in the Open Heart journal reveals that coffee brewing methods may have an impact on cholesterol. Researchers surveyed over 21,000 coffee lovers before concluding that drinking French press coffee raises total cholesterol levels in both men and women. Drinking instant coffee results in similarly higher cholesterol levels, but the levels don't continue to rise by drinking additional cups. The study also determined that drinking filtered coffee is associated with an increase in total cholesterol among women. Drinking 3 to 5 cups of Espresso per day raises total cholesterol among men, but not women.

Professor Maja-Lisa Lochen says, "This demonstrates how coffee contains compounds that may lead to multiple mechanisms operating simultaneously. Coffee is the most frequently consumed central stimulant worldwide. Because of the high consumption of coffee, even small health effects can have considerable health consequences."

Dear Fonseca

I recently got divorced after being married for twelve years. It's nice to have some freedom again. I met a bartender at a neighborhood bar. We hit it off and have had several good dates. My friends say I should not date anybody in the 'industry'. I don't work in the restaurant or bar business, but they say people that do normally aren't faithful, sleep with one another because of their schedules and party too much. My cousin says I should date the bartender because she is going to be loyal due to the fact that most men treat her like a piece of meat. I'm not sure what to do? What would you do if you were me?

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