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Fonseca Trending 05/20/22


- Fortune Magazine says Elon Musk has lost $49 billion since first offering to buy Twitter for $44 billion. His losses are the result of Tesla's shares being down 28% in the stock market. MarketWatch says Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, along with several other billionaires, have lost $200 billion in 2022 due to inflation and the declining stock market

- The Sun says Vladimir Putin's daughter, Katerina, is living in Germany with a man named Igor Zelensky. He is not related to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

- The Financial Post says Tik-Tok is conducting tests and developing a gaming system for its app. They want users to be able to play games while logged in.

- Deadline Hollywood says Tom Cruise received a five-minute standing ovation after ''Top Gun: Maverick'' was screened at the Cannes Film Festival

- Chewboom says Krispy Kreme is celebrating high school and college graduates with free donuts. Seniors, who wear Class of 2022 swag to a Krispy Kreme on May 25th, will receive a free dozen donuts while supplies last. The offer is only good at participating restaurants.

- The Gwinnett Daily Post says Coca-Cola is debuting a new bottle, who's cap does not come off. The cap twists off and then is attached to the rim of the bottle. This will allow people to recycle easier and not lose their caps

- The Street says Carnival Cruise Lines is canceling cruises because of a crew shortage. Ships that are sailing aren't offering all of their amenities because of staffing issues

- WKRG says Florida's Spring Hill College played their first ever college baseball playoff game yesterday. The University of Tampa beat them 35-4. Tampa scored 16 runs in the second inning and was leading 22-0 at the start of the third inning.


Baby Formula Shortage Update ..

WFAA says some mothers are driving to 20 stores in order to get baby formula.

Data Assembly says 42% of America's baby formula supply is out of stock.

ABC says Dave Chappelle's attacker, Isaiah Lee, has been charged with attempted murder for stabbing his roommate. Their fight occurred in December. Lee has pled not guilty to the stabbing charge and is scheduled to appear in court on June 2nd. says Kanye West recently drove his kids to school in a fire truck. They wore fire hats as the truck roared to school with a horn blowing. Kanye said, “I think sometimes people are kind of bashful to be super dads. Everybody wants to be like a cool dad, and sometimes you’ve just gotta like wear the fire hat. You know what I mean? Sometimes you gotta wear the Easter bunny costume”

WMTW says Sean Connery's Aston Martin is for sale. The 1964 DB5 is the same model he drove in the movie ''Goldfinger'' minus the machine guns, ejector seat and oil slick maker. Connery bought the car in 2018 and then passed away two years later. The car is expected to sell for $1.8 million

Simon Cowell tells Entertainment Tonight that rumors he is getting married next week are false. "I keep reading that I am going to get married next week, next month. It's news to me! We haven't put a date on it.''

Jon Hamm is starring in new Progressive Insurance commercials as Flo's former flame. Progressive released a statement saying, "When Jon was a struggling actor, Jon and Flo went on a single blind date. It went … OK. He liked her, but she only seemed interested in saving him money on insurance. Years later, uber-famous Jon recognizes Flo on the street, and is intrigued once more. And Flo is still much more interested in other, insurance-related things. "

The NY Post says former Dancing with the Stars contestant, and current General Hospital star, Kelly Monaco recently lost her Sherman Oaks, California home to a fire. She was sleeping when the blaze started. Someone flicked a cigarette butt onto a nearby property. The fire spread to her home. Kelly was able to escape.

Radar Online says Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial is continuing. Johnny's ex business manager, Joel Mandel, testified that Johnny spent $100,000 a month on his own private doctor. The doctor detoxed Johnny because he was spending thousands per month on prescription drugs. Johnny also spent $10,000 per day on private security guards. This, along with an expensive private staff, led to his financial downfall

Ellen Barkin testified yesterday and called Johnny a jealous and controlling man when they dated in the late 90s

The NY Post says Justin Timberlake is not replacing Hugh Jackman in the Broadway play ''The Music Man''. High posted "Not that this item is true... at least that I'm aware of. But if it was, it'd be my pleasure to open anything for Justin Timberlake. A Broadway show, a door, or a worldwide tour. PS, I'm not leaving The Music Man on November 8th. I don't have an end date... again, that I'm aware of!"

Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke tells Entertainment Tonight that she would like to date a neuroscientist. "I would love a neuroscientist, if I'm being really picky. But we're trying not to be, so I’m trying not to predict my future as if I have any control over it.''

She later let it slip that she has a crush on a Stanford professor. "He doesn't know I have a crush on him... I refuse to do a dating app, but I will definitely internet crush all day long. I'm into his brain and maybe his looks. He's a big crush of mine. I might be ready to date if he comes on [my podcast]. I doubt he would ever do this podcast, but that's fine."

Cheryl says Jack Osbourne tried to set her up on a date. "Jack Osbourne just tried to [set me up] yesterday. Of course I go straight to Google. I don’t think Google is a good thing... I wouldn't want people to judge me off my Google history... [After my online search] I was about to be like, '[He's] maybe not for me,' but that’s the old Cheryl Burke. I’m trying to have an open mind."

Impulse Buying Survey

A new survey by Slickdeals reveals that 64% of people have increased their impulse shopping in 2022. Other findings:

- The average person spends $314 per month on impulse purchases. That's up from $276 per month in 2021.

- 41% of people are spending more on essentials because of inflation.

- 52% of people make impulsive purchases when shopping online.

- 70% of people are more likely to spend impulsively while on their phones in bed.

- Most common unplanned purchases ... clothing (35%) followed by food and groceries (30%), household items (29%), shoes (28%) and consumer technology (27%),

Wealth Survey

A new survey by Charles Schwab reveals that the average person needs to have a net worth of $774,000 to be financially comfortable. The average person believes they need to have a net worth of $2.2 million to be considered wealthy. That's up from $1.9 million last year.

Gas Prices Survey

A new survey by GasBuddy reveals that 70% of consumers say their Summer travel plans changed because of rising gas prices. 33% of people say rising gas prices have made it more difficult for them to plan a vacation

Dear Fonseca

I am coaching a traveling Little League Baseball team. I have to cut three players this weekend. Unfortunately, my son hasn't played well. I know in my head that I have to cut him because it's what's best for the team. It's breaking my heart. I know if I do cut him that it will fracture our relationship because he is sensitive. I'm torn about what to do. Should I listen to my heart or my head?

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