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Fonseca Trending 05/18/22


- ABC says Jimmy Kimmel has tested positive for the coronavirus again. He tweeted: ''I’m such a positive person, I tested positive AGAIN. I am feeling fine - the great John @Mulaney & Andy Samberg @TheLonelyIsland have graciously agreed to host @JimmyKimmelLive for me tomorrow.''

- The USA Today newspaper says the FDA has authorized a Pfizer covid vaccine booster for children, ages 5 to 11

- AAA says the average price for a gallon of gas in California topped $6 yesterday.

- Deadline Hollywood says ABC is open to having Chris Rock host next year's Academy Awards

- Variety magazine says Netflix is producing a Tom Brady roast. Brady will executive produce his own roast and roasts for other people. The roasts will start streaming after next football season

- Pop Culture magazine says Robert Downey Jr. is getting his own Discovery+ reality TV show. "Downey's Dream Cars" will follow Robert as he restores classic cars once ruined by the environment.

- Mashed magazine says Ben & Jerry's has a new flavor called Cherry Crumble.The buttery ice cream is infused with cherries and oat crumble swirls. Foodies have rated it a 7.5 out of 10

- The Robb Report says Christie's Auction House is selling a Michael Jordan rookie card next month. The card could sell for as much as $3 million. It's autographed by Michael and in a plastic case

- The Orange County Register says the Walton family lost $16.5 billion in the stock market yesterday after shares of Wal-Mart fell by 11%. The decline occurred after Walmart slashed its profit outlook for the year.


Baby Formula Shortage Update ...

Business Insider says Nestle is flying baby formula from Europe to the United States to help ease the baby formula shortage. The formula is coming from Switzerland and the Netherlands

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 11% of Americans have been affected by the nationwide baby formula shortage


Vanity Fair magazine says Machine Gun Kelly recently got a $30,000 manicure. He had a manicurist place tiny diamonds on his fingernails. The diamonds range in size from .8 mm to 2.4 mm. It took 10 hours to apply the white diamonds over the black nail polish

** UPDATE ** says Machine Gun Kelly is planning to auction off the 880 diamonds that were used as part of his Billboard Music Awards manicure. Kelly says he is going to upcycle the diamonds and turn them into rings. "I'm gonna take these off and turn them into rings, and we're donating 100 per cent of the proceeds to a Cleveland charity"

Samuel L Jackson tells Entertainment Weekly that he is no longer banned from Saturday Night Live. Jackson got banned in 2012 after using profanity during a live SNL show. He says he approached Lorne Michaels in an elevator and said, “Are you ever gonna let me back on the show?”. Michaels responded, “You’re not banned!”

Val Kilmer tells the Daily Mail newspaper that he begged the producers of "Top Gun: Maverick" to include him in the film. ''Tom was Maverick, but Maverick’s nemesis was Iceman. The two went together like salt and pepper. It doesn’t matter that the producers didn’t contact me. As the Temptations sang in the heyday of Motown soul, “Ain’t too proud to beg.”‘ Val used special AI voice technology to speak because throat cancer has robbed him of his natural voice.

The Daily Mail says Tom Cruise did not pilot the $70 million fighter jet he is seen flying in ''Top Gun Maverick''. The paper says he was denied clearance by the Navy. Tom says he did all of his own stunts for the film

Deadline Hollywood says Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are going to star in the Yellowstone prequel ''1932''. The show's synopsis reads: “The next story will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family and explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.”

''1932'' will premiere in December

The Daily Mail says NASCAR star Kurt Busch and his wife, Ashley, are divorcing.Court documents state that Kurt 'committed a tortious act'. Kurt released a statement saying, 'I am heartbroken to confirm that my wife Ashley and I are working to dissolve our marriage. Divorce is a personal and private matter and I hope our privacy will be respected'

Pop Culture magazine says ''Celebrity Jeopardy'' is coming to ABC in the Fall.Celebrities will face off against one another with their winnings going to charity. Mayim Bialik will most likely host the show

The Daily Mail says Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis has broken up with his girlfriend Keeley Hazell. They started dating in February 2021. Their busy schedules are the reason they split.

Katy Perry tells the Dear Chelsea podcast that she wanted kids with Orlando Bloom when she saw what kind of father he is. ''I got to see what a great dad he was with his first child, Flynn, who is now 11. So that definitely, primally influenced me — something inside of me said, ‘You, mid-30s. This man is nice. Must breed.' He is a kind man.”

WPRI says Sacha Baron Cohen has dropped his lawsuit against a Somerset, Massachusetts cannabis dispensary. Cohen sued Solar Therapeutics for using his character Borat on a billboard without permission. He wanted $9 million and said he sued because he would never advertise marijuana.

WGN-TV says the home featured during the credits for the TV show ‘’Full House’’ is up for sale for $37 million. The San Francisco house was sold for 5.4 million in October of 2020. It has 3,728 square feet, five bedrooms and a parking garage

Pet Survey

A new survey by McDonald's reveals that 25% of people prefer their pets over their partner because they don't judge them. Other findings:

- 66% of people say their pet is their best friend

- 50% of people think their dog or cat is more loyal than humans

- 30% of people value their cat or dog more than their best friend

- 50% of people talk with their dog or cat about their feelings

- 20% of people think their pet understands them better than their partner

- 30% of people would rather go on a vacation with their pet than their loved ones

Most Commonly Misunderstood Car Functions And Mistakes … According to a new study by WeBuyAnyCar

1. Trying to find the fog lights button 25%

2. Finding the lever to open the bonnet 25%

3. Resetting the clock 24%

4. Putting the windscreen wipers on instead of indicating 22%

5. How to switch on cruise control 21%

6. Accidentally putting the lights on full beam 20%

7. How to connect a mobile phone to the car 19%

8. Trying to unlock the doors to let passengers in 16%

9. Forgetting how to put the rear-view windscreen wipers on 15%

Adulting Survey

A new survey by Avocado Green Brands reveals that 50% of people don't feel like an adult until they turn 30


Live on my own — 30%

Buy a house — 28%

Get married — 27%

Have my own bank account — 27%

Have kids — 26%

Do all of my own grocery shopping — 26%

Do my own taxes — 25% (tied)

Pay for my own phone plan (versus having a family plan with my parents) — 25% (tied)

Vote — 25%

Get paid on a regular schedule — 25%

WHAT JOBS WOULD MOMS WANT THEIR CLONES TO DO? … According to a new survey by MD Live

Housekeeper - 56%

Laundry service - 51%

Chef - 41%

Nanny/babysitter - 38%

Personal assistant - 36%

Personal shopper - 34%

Tutor/homework helper - 31%

Handywoman - 30%

Chauffeur - 28%

Doctor/nurse - 26%

Dear Fonseca

Please do not make fun of me for what I am about to tell you. My third cousin and I have started dating. Only one person knows about this. They say we should break it off. My cousin and I are in love and very protective of one another. We are also very defiant and think no one has the right to tell us what we can and can't do. Our heads tell us this is wrong, but our hearts say this is right. Which one should we listen to?

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