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Fonseca Trending 05/10/21


- Showbiz411 says 4.8 million people watched Elon Musk host ''Saturday Night Live". That's 1.2 million more than the show's normal average of 3.6 million viewers

- Raw Story says the Obama family dog, Bo, has died. Michelle posted: "As a family, we will miss Bo dearly. But we are thankful that he lived such a joyful life full of snuggles, games of fetch, and evenings spent lying on the couch," she explained. "We also know we weren't the only ones who cared for Bo, and are grateful for all the love you showed him over the years. Please hug the furry members of your family a little closer tonight—and give them a belly rub from us."

- The NY Post says Bill and Melinda Gates' children, Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe, will receive $10 million a piece when they split. Bill Gates doesn't believe in giving his children a large inheritance. He previously said, “I definitely think leaving kids massive amounts of money is not a favor to them”

- The Chronicle says a game-worn Michael Jordan jersey from his sophomore season at the University of North Carolina was auctioned off for $1.38 million on Saturday. That's more than three times the previous record for a Jordan jersey

- WGNO says the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $3.02. The cost of a gallon has jumped six cents in the last week


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. Wrath of Man - $7.3 Million

2. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train - $2.9 Million

3. Mortal Kombat - $2.3 Million

4. Godzilla vs. Kong - $1.9 Million

5. Raya and the Last Dragon - $1.6 Million

6. Separation - $925K

7. Here Today - $900K

8. Nobody - $790K

9. The Unholy - $680K

10. Tom & Jerry - $425K

Dracula Castle Offering Vaccine Shots: The NY Post says Dracula's castle in Romania is now offering coronavirus vaccine shots. Guests can receive Pfizer shots upon entering the Bran Castle. The castle was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's novel ''Dracula.''

The Daily Mail says Madame Tussauds unveiled their new Ariana Grande wax statue on Friday. It shows her in a black outfit with a long ponytail.

Olivia Rodrigo tells The Guardian newspaper that she will never write a song about income taxes. “I’m a teenage girl, I write about stuff that I feel really intensely – and I feel heartbreak and longing really intensely – and I think that’s authentic and natural. I don’t really understand what people want me to write about; do you want me to write a song about income taxes? How am I going to write an emotional song about that?”

Deadline Hollywood says Amazon Prime has purchased Camila Cabello's new Cinderella movie. They will premiere it later this year. The film also stars Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver and Pierce Brosnan.

Tate McRae tells that she's obsessed with 'The Office'. “I am so obsessed with 'The Office'. Funniest show, hands down. I've gone through so many seasons of it, and usually I'm the worst at finishing TV series.”

The Weeknd tells Variety magazine that he used to get into trouble for singing in class. "I was actually getting in trouble because I would sing in class—my poor mother, it became a real problem. I was really shy so I wasn't really singing to my friends or girls, but when I was maybe 13, somebody said, 'You actually have a pretty nice voice.'"

The Daily Mail says Tom Cruise called the Yorkshire, England police after several trespassers broke into the "Mission Impossible 7" set. They were climbing on stunt equipment. A source tells the newspaper, ''Extra security might have to be drafted in… Along with it being a safety nightmare, Tom and the team don't want any delays to filming.''

Uproxx says Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going to host "Jeopardy" on an episode of "The Conners." Aunt Jackie will flirt with Aaron when she appears as a contestant on the game show. Candice Bergen and Brian Austin Green will also guest star on the show

Last week, Adam Sandler reacted to the viral video of him being put on a 30-minute wait list at a Los Angeles IHOP restaurant. He tweeted: ''For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn’t apply to the milkshakes.''

Fansided says 19 Long Island, New York IHOP restaurants are taking advantage of the free publicity with a new promotion called Milkshake Monday. They are offering all-you-can-drink milkshakes today between noon and 8 p.m. Eastern. A dollar from every milkshake is going to charity

The Sun says Chrissy Teigen ripped Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry for video chatting with young women on the Raya dating app. She tweeted: "I agree celebs shouldn't be making these creepy desperate video replies on raya but it's tacky to release private messages. Ya both wrong, congrats."

Kaley Cuoco tells E! News that she is open to a Big Bang Theory reunion show. “I would definitely be open to some sort of reunion show. I can’t wait for the Friends one, and so I’m definitely open to doing one ourselves as well. It does still feel like yesterday that we wrapped. I think everyone is kind of trying out their new paths and seeing what their next project is, and I’m excited to see how everyone flourishes. I think in a few years or whenever anyone’s open to it, I definitely will be down for that. It was a life-changing experience for all of us, and it’d be great to do that for the fans, too, because we had such an amazing fan base that stuck with us for so long.”

TMZ says Jim Carrey recently gave a new car to a ''Sonic 2'' crew member. Jim is filming the movie in Vancouver and wanted to do something fun for the cast and crew. He bought a $40,000 Chevy Blazer before holding a raffle. A crew member, working as a grip, won the SUV. A grips' responsibility is to build and maintain the equipment that supports cameras.

The NY Post says Gwyneth Paltrow drank whiskey almost every night while in lockdown. The paper quotes her as saying, “I was drinking seven nights a week and making pasta and eating bread. I went totally off the rails. I mean, who drinks multiple drinks seven nights a week? Like that’s not healthy. I love whiskey and I make this fantastic drink called the Buster Paltrow, which I named after my grandfather who loved whiskey sours. And it’s this great quinoa whiskey from this distillery in Tennessee with maple syrup and lemon juice. It’s just heaven. I would have two of those every night of quarantine.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells MovieWeb that he still wants to play Batman while he is young enough. "At the top of my list has always been Batman, that's always been my favorite superhero. And talking about Flashpoint has been very fun, I get asked about it a lot. I love the story of Flashpoint Batman. Who knows? Who knows with DC? Who knows with how these franchises work? I suppose I probably have like another two, three-year window, and then I'm gonna be too old."

Vanity Fair says Ryan Reynolds wished Blake Lively a Happy Mother's Day with the following post: "It can’t be said enough, you’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares. I’m grateful for the light and for the kindness you smuggle into each and every second of our lives." He continued, "every laugh. Every blink and every thoughtful moment of vulnerability. The tender grit it takes to be a mother in 2021 is an act of pure strength and heroism. Never could I have predicted anonymous airport bathroom sex would lead to this. Or how you’d hire Dog The Bounty Hunter to find me."

WHAT DO PEOPLE BUY ON IMPULSE? … According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Slickdeals

Food/groceries 48%

Household items 42%

Clothing 40%

Coffee 33%

Toys 29%

Takeout 28%

Books 26%

Vehicles 25%

Technology 22%

Spa services 20%

Survey: "What funny, expensive, weird or useless impulse purchases have you made off the Internet while quarantining? What did your partner or family say when the purchase arrived?''

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