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Fonseca Trending 05/03/21


- The Centers for Disease Control says people suffered reactions to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine not because of the vaccine, but because of anxiety. Doctors believe people had a reaction because they were worked up about getting the shot

- Business Insider says the TSA is going to require people to wear coronavirus masks on planes, buses and trains until at least September 13th.

- Tomorrow is Star Wars Day. The Wrap says ESPN is planning a Star Wars-themed broadcast of their game between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros. The announcers will be dressed in Star Wars costumes. The broadcast will feature Star Wars graphics and music.

- A new survey by YouGov reveals that 34% of people say Crocs are fashionable.40% don't like the rubber sandals while 25% are indifferent. The Philadelphia Inquirer says some students are wearing bedazzled Crocs to their proms.

- The Score says Bill Murray's Air Jordans from the original ''Space Jam'' movie were recently auctioned off for $22,400. They came in their original box and were accompanied by the shirt Murray wore under his jersey.

- Whiskey Riff says a man was arrested at Kid Rock's Nashville bar over the weekend for removing his colostomy bag and swinging it around. The police encountered the man earlier in the night. He is now facing several charges.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. Demon Slayer - $6.4M

2. Mortal Kombat -$6.2M

3. Godzilla vs. Kong- $2.74M

4. Separation - $1.8M

5. Raya and the Last Dragon - $1.33M

6. Nobody - $1.26M

7. The Unholy - $1.06M

8. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (re) - $720K

9. Tom & Jerry - $515K

10. Together Together - $313K

Person Calls Cops On Mannequin For Not Wearing Coronavirus Mask: A Nova Scotia resident recently called the police on the Ardmore Tea Room for breaking Halifax's coronavirus protocols. The caller told cops that a person was in the restaurant wihout a coronavirus mask. Officers went to the Ardmore Tea Room and discovered that the person was a mannequin, who had been placed in a booth to help the restaurant socially distance customers. The caller mistook the mannequin for a real person.

The restaurant posted a picture of the mannequin along with the caption: "Please don't call the police on us. We are only open for takeout and delivery. No eat in, she's a mannequin to help with social distancing.''

Baby Born On Flight: Fox News says a baby was recently born on a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu. Flight attendants helped deliver the baby before the captain made an announcement and congratulated the mother. The other passengers cheered. Medics took the mother and baby to the hospital as soon as the plane landed.

Survey: Moms, "Did your water break in a weird or funny place? If so, what happened?"

Instant Phoner ... This woman delivered her d
Download MP3 • 293KB
Instant Phoner ... This woman went to the gro
Download MP3 • 346KB
Instant Phoner ... this womans water broke at
Download MP3 • 430KB

The Daily Mail says Camila Cabello is taking driving lessons in Miami. The 24 year old is working with a driving school in order to get her license. She tweeted: 'I CANT RIDE A BIKE EITHER OMG!!!!!!!'

Billie Eilish adorns the cover of the new British Vogue magazine. She is wearing a gold corset and says, “‘If you’re about body positivity, why would you wear a corset? Why wouldn’t you show your actual body?’ My thing is that I can do whatever I want.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells Seventeen magazine that she just wants to be herself no matter what she does. "I think songwriting has really helped me hone in on what I like about myself and my art. I just want to be effortless, I guess. Whether it’s in my fashion or my songs or my social media, I want to just be like, 'Yo, this is me. And I’m sometimes weird as [heck], and I’m sometimes polished and put together.' I think that’s the antithesis of a brand."

Bruno Mars tells The San Diego Union-Tribune that he is a student of music. “I take the artist side of what I do very seriously. I feel it’s my job to continue being a student of music if I want to continue being an artist and a producer of other artists. You have to keep filling your mind with other music. You have to be ahead of the curve.”

Justin Bieber tells GQ magazine that his first year of marriage was rough. “The first year of marriage was really tough because there was a lot, going back to the trauma stuff. There was just lack of trust. There was all these things that you don’t want to admit to the person that you’re with, because it’s scary. You don’t want to scare them off by saying, ‘I’m scared.’ ”

Showbiz411 says Lady Gaga has written and recorded the title song for "Top Gun Maverick". The film is scheduled to be released this Fall. Cruise was seen at a Gaga show in December 2019 wearing a suit and tie.

The NY Post says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are spending time together again in Los Angeles. A source tells the newspaper, “Security picks him up at a nearby location and drops him off after spending a few hours at her house. They are friends … they’ve never not been.”

A source tells In touch Weekly Magazine, “A lot of time has passed, they’ve both matured. Jennifer still cares for Ben, she never really stopped. Apparently, they reconnected like no time had passed. All the last-minute, broken engagement drama is behind them. They had hashed that out years ago, even though Jen still gives him grief about it, which he admits he deserves … it’s all in the past. Ben and Jennifer are smiling from ear to ear, catching up on all they’ve been through, talking about their kids, projects, it’s like two old friends reuniting.”

A source tells the NY Post that the couple is just friends

A source tells People magazine, "They have spent time together in L.A. over the past week. They have a lot of love for each other. They have always admired each other."

OK! magazine claims George and Amal Clooney are arguing over how to spend his 60th birthday on May 6th. A source tells the magazine, “George wants a big, booze-soaked, sky’s-the-limit birthday bash in an exotic locale like Mexico or Italy with his old drinking buddies, like Rande Gerber. Amal is pushing for a quiet family celebration at home with their children, Alexander and Ella, which has led to a few arguments. Amal’s not into the idea of a week-long party with celebs she has nothing in common with. He wants Amal and the other wives to come and join in on the fun, but watching George get wasted certainly isn’t her idea of a good time. She sees nothing wrong with dinner at home.''

The NY Post says Kelly Clarkson has sold her $6.9 million Tennessee mansion.The home was on the market for four years. She originally wanted $8.75 million for the seven bedroom, 11 bathroom house. The house has a home theater, a wet bar, a dock, a pool, two spas and a double staircase

OK! magazine says Tristan Thompson's latest alleged mistress, Sydney Chase, has turned her affair with him into a reality TV deal. The new show is going to follow her and her best friends. It will air on the Zeus Network.

Bautista tells the movie site JoBlo that he wants to be a better actor than The Rock. “He feels very professional wrestling to me. I don’t want to be that guy. I want to be an actor. I want to act, I want people to judge me for my acting, my subtlety. I want to take roles that require that. I don’t want to be a big action guy who just says cool shit and kills a lot of people and gets the girl. I don’t want to be that guy. I want to guy that makes people cry, who makes people think, who inspires people. I want to be a dramatic actor. I just love it. I love acting.”

The Star Magazine says Prince William is allegedly struggling to forgive Prince Harry for leaving the Royal Family. A source tells the magazine, “Kate convinced William it’s the right thing to do. And even though Kate and Meghan don’t see eye to eye, they both agree their husbands need to sort out their differences. Meghan’s idea for how to start healing included Harry showing William photos of Archie and scans of the new baby. It’s an opportunity to start repairing the damage. The Duke is struggling to forgive Harry for trampling all over the royal family and is finding it hard to see past what, in his opinion, are Harry’s endless attempts to sabotage the monarchy.''

OK! magazine says Orlando Bloom loves being a stay-at-home father. A source tells the magazine “Katy’s work life is moving at 100 miles per hour, and Orlando has the flexibility in his acting schedule that Katy doesn’t have. He’s heating bottles, feeding, burping, changing diapers, doing laundry — the whole shebang. The situation is similar to how things worked out when he had his first kid [9-year-old son Flynn], with Miranda [Kerr] at the height of her career. He knows the drill — and he loves it.”

Gaming Survey

A new survey by EE reveals that 30% of people play games on their phone while on the toilet. Other findings:

- 15% of people play games on their phone when they should be working

- 20% of people play games on their phone to kill time

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