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Fonseca Trending 04/21/22


- Restaurant Business Online says McDonald's is now rewarding its employees based on customer shoutouts. The company has a new ''Thank You Crew' initiative and website where customers can post stories about great employees. Franchisees have been rewarding employees with balloons and $500 checks.

- We Got This Covered says ''The Tinder Swindler'' has become Netflix's most watched documentary. Over 166 million hours of the documentary have been streamed

Pop Culture magazine says Fast and the Furious 10 is going to be called ''Fast X.''

- Showbiz411 says only 2.4 million people watched the series finale of ''Black-ish'' on Tuesday night


MIT Oreo Study: WBZ says MIT researchers recently conducted a study to find out why Oreo cream only sticks to one cookie and not the other. Researchers created an Oreometer, which splits the cookie in half while measuring the amount of torque it takes to rotate the cookies apart.

Researcher Crystal Owens says, “We learned, sadly, that even if you twist an Oreo perfectly, the cream will almost always end up mostly on one of the two wafers, with a delamination of the cream, and there’s no easy way to get it to split between wafers. I hope people can use this information to improve their cookie eating when they twist open an Oreo, or when they dunk it in milk.''

Delamination is when something splits apart into layers.

Heat magazine claims Jennifer Lopez has allegedly turned into a bridezilla while planning her wedding to Ben Affleck. A source tells the magazine, "Jen is taking her diva reputation to new heights. She's extremely proud of their combined star power and wants their wedding to reflect that, so she's making some big plans. She's been in talks with organizers and is bending Ben's ear about it non-stop. The wedding planners she's been working with are presenting countless options, featuring the fanciest venues in the US, as well as super luxury honeymoon packages. But it's not enough. She changes her mind constantly about everything and has been ringing up the planners at all hours of the night. She wants it to be the Hollywood equivalent of a Royal Wedding and she's driving everyone up the wall."

The Hollywood Gossip claims Pete Davidson allegedly wants to propose to Kim Kardashian. A source tells the website, "Pete wants to propose, but he'll have to sign a contract. The way Kris sees it, Kim needs a partner who can work with the family and fit with their long-term goals. She wants Pete to agree to commit to the brand for the foreseeable future and give her total control over any decisions around marriage and children. She knows Pete will make a great son-in-law while being an asset to the Kardashian franchise, so she's already making arrangements for a proposal by early summer- possibly sooner. Kim's totally on board."

Law & Crime magazine says Johnny Depp's fans have descended upon the Fairfax County, Virginia courthouse where his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard is taking place. The Depp Heads show up each day at 5 a.m. and wave pirate flags in support of Johnny. Some fans have flown all the way from Los Angeles to show their support.

Katy Perry tells E! News that her daughter got confused when she saw Mickey Mouse. “Daisy saw Mickey and she thought Mickey was a cow, so she mooed at Mickey. She went, ‘Moo, moo.’ And I was like, ‘That’s not the sound,’ but I don’t know what the sound is, actually. What is the sound that Mickey Mouse makes?”

The Daily Mail says a scam artist is impersonating Hugh Jackman. He is asking people for money on the Internet. Hugh Instagrammed; I have never and will never ask for your credit card [number], personal information, Social Security [number], bank information etc. If anyone is asking for this information, and pretending to be me it is a scam!!!! Please never give anyone your personal information. Be safe, love HJ.'

Blake Shelton tells Music Mayhem magazine that Snoop Dogg once got so high before a taping of ''The Voice'' that he fell asleep. “I remember my team came out and I’m sitting there just almost just like this. Our contestants are singing, and we were about three artists in and somebody was just singing their heart out…they’re about halfway through, and I look over at Snoop and he’s asleep. And when the song ended he was still like this. I go, ‘Well it’s… What do you think Snoop?’ And he goes, ‘I think on the second verse you need to…’ And he was taking it all in, but he was so high. He was just on another dimension, you know what I mean. He’s so good. He was really that high and being that smart at the same time.”

Newsweek magazine says the producers of this year's Tony Awards sent out a letter to attendees saying violence, like the kind that occurred at the Academy Awards between Will Smith and Chris Rock, will not be tolerated. The letter read: The Tony Awards has a strict no violence policy. If an incident violating that policy occurs, the perpetrator will be removed from the event immediately."

Billboard magazine says Jada Pinkett Smith kicked off a new season of her Facebook show "Red Table Talk" by posting the following announcement on screen: “Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focusing on deep healing, Some of the discoveries around our healing will be shared at the table when the time calls. Until then… the table will continue offering itself to powerful, inspiring and healing testimonies like that of our incredibly impressive first guest. Thanks for joining us.”

Yogi Bear Statue Stolen: WLBT says thieves recently stole a giant Yogi Bear statue from the Jellystone Park Camp Resort, in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. The statue was found on Highway 43 at 3 a.m.. Yogi is shown wearing a green tie and green hat while waving. Cops have surveillance video of the thieves and are pursuing them

WHAT DO MOMS LOVE GETTING FOR MOTHER’S DAY? … According to a new survey by One Poll

  1. Homemade gifts

  2. Personalized gifts

  3. Chocolate, fruit arrangements or other edible gifts

  4. Gift cards/certificates

  5. Flowers

  6. Jewelry

  7. Electronics

  8. Household gifts

  9. Clothing/shoes

  10. Getaways/vacations

Online Survey

A new survey by Parents Together reveals that 80% of parents believe their children's mental health would improve if they spent less time on social media. Other findings:

- 70% of parents are concerned about their children becoming addicted to social media and online games

- 66% of parents argue with their children about how much time they spend online

Driving Survey

A new survey by Volkswagen reveals that 30% of people believe they would fail their driving test if asked to take it again today. Only 50% of people believe they could re-pass the written portion of their driver's test

Wasting Food Survey

A new survey by OnePoll reveals that Americans throw away 103 pounds of spoiled food from their fridges every year. Other findings:

- the average person throws away 6,180 pounds of food in their lifetime

- the average person throws away four spoiled items from their fridge every week (worth $53.81)

- the average person throws away $2,798 worth of food each year

- the average person has $102 worth of food in their fridge at any given time

- the most commonly wasted foods include fruit, bread, milk, and meat

Dear Fonseca

My daughter-in-law and I are fighting. The fight started shortly after she and my son got married. He assumed that she was going to do his laundry. She refused and said, ''I'm not your mother''. I took that as an insult. I believe it's a woman's responsibility to take care of her household and that includes doing the laundry. My daughter-in-law disagrees and thinks I made my son lazy. She also says my thinking is outdated. Is it? What are your thoughts on this?

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