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Fonseca Trending 04/09/21


- Gossip Cop says over 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for LeVar Burton to be named as the new host of ''Jeopardy''

- Business Insider says Apple may have to delay the release of the new iPad and MacBook because of a global chip shortage. iPhone production is not affected by the supply shortage. The iPads and MacBooks may be delivered in the second half of the year once the shortage subsides

- Business Insider says the Masters have banned smartphones on the course because they don't want fans taking selfies with golfers. Rory McIlroy went viral yesterday after he hit a long ball that slammed into his father by accident. Business Insider says some Masters tickets cost as much as $6,000

- A hash brown shortage may occur in Maine NBC says a tractor trailer overturned yesterday on Interstate 295 in Maine. It was carrying frozen tater tots. They spilled all over the road. The road was closed as crews removed the potatoes.


Olivia Rodrigo tells Interview magazine that the success of 'Drivers License' has exceeded her wildest dreams. “I didn’t have any expectations for “Drivers License,” but even if I did have them, I think what actually happened would have just exceeded any of my wildest dreams.”

Billie Eilish tells Vogue magazine that a teacher helped start her singing career."One of my teachers asked if I would either write a song or have my brother write a song to choreograph a dance to. I was like, 'Yes, that's such a cool thing to do!'" So that's where "Ocean Eyes" came from. We uploaded it to Soundcloud and got 1000 listens after only one day. We thought it was a huge deal. We just thought we made it. And then it just kept growing, and then it got really big."

Tate McRae tells The BBC that songwriting comes easy to her. "I didn't really realize how hard songwriting was because I would just get home from dance at 10 and write a song in half an hour. I just thought of it as this outlet at the end of the week, where I would let out all the feelings that I'd been keeping inside of me."

Dua Lipa tells CBS that she feels lucky that her hobby is her job. "I'm so lucky that my hobby is my job. And I get to do all these incredible things. But when I go home, it's very different. I'm just like, I'm just Dua."

The Weeknd tells TheFader.comthat his team has a nickname for him. ““They call me ‘Diapers’ because I always change my mind. I have a knack to be like, ‘I want to do something else. I want to look different. I want to drop more music.’ They’re there to be like, ‘Let’s just keep this focused.’”

The Star Magazine claims Betty White has allegedly updated her will and is now leaving money to her dogs. A source tells the magazine, “It’s bound to leave her friends and family, especially her step kids speechless. Betty pampers her pets like they’re her children. She usually has a dozen mutts running around, plus she fosters more. They have their own playroom and get homemade meals made from the best organic meats and veggies and a vet and groomer who makes home visits. She made sure her will stipulated they have luxury collars and leashes. Plus their own valet and housekeeper.''

The National Enquirer claims Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's friends are allegedly urging them to get back together. A source tells the magazine, “The feeling among friends is they realize they’ll never recreate the magic they shared together. They are still the best of friends. And that spark they shared has never really gone away. The hope is this will happen and it will be forever this time.''

New Idea magazine claims Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend, Ana de Armas, may be interested in dating Brad Pitt. A source tells the magazine, "Affleck knows Ana could have the pick of any guy and it makes him insecure — especially with the likes of Brad leading the line!”

The Drinks Business website says the New York brewery Ommegang is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of ''Game of Thrones'' with a Game of Thrones beer called Mikkeller Iron Anniversary IPA. The brew has an alcohol by volume of 7% and has hints of pineapple, mango, peach, rose petals, vanilla, passion fruit, papaya and berries.

Business Insider says Caitlyn Jenner is working with members of Donald Trump's political team on her potential run for Governor of California. She is seeking advice from Trump's aides and campaign fundraisers.

Uproxx says the Jeni's Ice Cream website crashed yesterday after Dolly Parton's new Strawberry Pretzel Pie flavor went on sale. Jeni's only created 10,000 pints. Fans went wild and took out Jenni's website within five minutes. Some people used as many as three phones to try and order the ice cream

The NY Post says Rob Lowe and his wife have purchased three, Montecito, California mansions for $47 million. The couple sold their Montecito mansion last year for $44.5 million. They bought that estate in 1994 for $2.2 million. Neighbors include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Levine. Rob's trio of mansions are investment properties.

Heat magazine claims Miley Cyrus has allegedly been drunk dialing her former partners. A source tells the magazine, “She’s made some rather ill-advised drunk dials to the likes of Stella Maxwell, Liam Hemsworth, and Cody Simpson. They’ve mostly been ignoring her, especially as the calls come very late at night. Miley doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s always been an all-or-nothing type of person. She’s back to being the badass rock star who loves to get drunk and is encouraging everyone around her to party with her.”

Pandemic Survey

A new survey by Vagaro reveals that 66% of people are actively trying to improve themselves as they get ready to re-enter the post-pandemic world. Other findings:

- 46% of people have let themselves go while quarantining

- 60% of people have gained weight while quarantining. The average weight gain is 17 lb.

- 53% of people have been eating unhealthy because of the pandemic

- 43% of people quit grooming themselves because of the pandemic


Paying more attention to their personal appearance 60%

Having better physical health 58%

Taking better care of their skin 56%

Taking better care of their hair 53%

Taking care of their mental and emotional health 48%

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