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Fonseca Trending 04/08/21


- The New England Journal of Medicine has published a new article that reveals the Moderna vaccine protects against covid-19 for at least six months. Pfizer and Moderna are working on booster shots.

- The NY Post says Disney has canceled all of their cruises through the end of June because of the coronavirus

- Eat This, Not That says Jif and Skippy peanut butter prices are going to skyrocket because of Winter storms, the pandemic, truck driver shortages, shipping fees and the recent Suez Canal blockage. Groceries are 3.5% more expensive than they were at this time last year.

- TMZ says Nike has suspended their endorsement agreement with DeShaun Watson because of the sexual assault allegations made against him. They say, "We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and have suspended Deshaun Watson. We will continue to closely monitor the situation."

- Sounds Like Nashville says Chrissy Metz and Rita Wilson are joining ''The Masked Singer'' as guest judges in the next month.

- Totally The Bomb says Starbucks has added a new Fruit Loops drink to their secret menu. The iced matcha latte is infused with coconut milk, three pumps of vanilla, two pumps of raspberry syrup, sweet vanilla cold foam and Fruit Loops.


New Vaccine Scam: The FBI is warning people about a new coronavirus vaccine scam. Con artists are sending people Emails and text messages asking them to fill out a post-vaccine survey. The hackers tell their unsuspecting victims that they will receive cash and prizes for completing the questionnaire. The questionnaire asks for names, addresses and banking info. The FBI says the survey is a scam.

Ketchup Packet Shortage Update: CBS says Heinz is increasing their ketchup production by 25% because there is a ketchup packet shortage. The demand for packets has increased during the pandemic because restaurants are using more of them to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Ketchup sales rose by 15% in 2020.

** UPDATE **

The NY Post says ketchup packets are being sold on eBay. One hundred packets are being sold for $12 while 250 are being sold for $17. Two people bought 500 packets for $28 a piece. Ketchup scalping is expected to continue

Ritt Momney tells Atwood magazine that there's no real significance behind his name. “No, there’s literally no significance behind it. This guy who was in the band a long time ago was like, “What if we called it Ritt Momney”, because we’re from Utah. But now there’s no significance behind it. If there’s one thing I like about the name it’s that means more now than it did before and it’s kind of a contrast between the stupid jokey name and a lot more serious subject matter. It doesn’t matter – it doesn’t keep me up at night. Anyone who already knows about Ritt Momney doesn’t think about the name all the time.”

Tate McRae tells that she feels older than her years. “I've just always been that child that spent a lot of time around adults when I was younger. I feel like I am super observant of everything everything around me, and I think that makes me a little wise beyond my years. People say I'm like a 40-year-old in a 17-year-old's body.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells Euphoria magazine that she has a lot in common with her character in the "High School Musical" Disney+ TV series. "This experience has been life-changing. I've grown so much as an actor, singer, songwriter and even as a person working on this project. Playing Nini has been such a wonderful challenge. She is written so truthfully as an authentic 21st-century teenager finding herself in the world. I find so many bits of myself in her. Sometimes it's scary how similar her experiences are to my own. I really hope audience members will be able to find pieces of themselves in her too!"

Taylor Swift tells Elle magazine that people sometimes think she writes too many sad songs. "I remember people asking me, 'What are you gonna write about if you ever get happy?' There's a common misconception that artists have to be miserable in order to make good art, that art and suffering go hand in hand. I'm really grateful to have learned this isn't true. Finding happiness and inspiration at the same time has been really cool."

Bruno Mars tells Vogue magazine that he loves huge collared shirts. “I wanted collars down to my elbows. There’s something magnificent and powerful about a collar being big. It gives confidence to whomever’s wearing it; it feels like a cape.”

The Weeknd tells Music Ally magazine that he recently raised $2 million by selling some of his songs as non-fungible tokens. "I've always been looking for ways to innovate for fans and shift this archaic music biz. And seeing NFTs allowing creators to be seen and heard more than ever before on their terms is profoundly exciting."

Showbiz411 says Jeopardy's ratings are falling because of guest hosts Katie Couric and Dr. Oz. An average of 5.3 million people watched Katie Couric during her guest-hosting stint. That number dropped to 5.2 million during Dr.Oz's stint. Alex Trebek had an average of 6 million viewers a night

We Got This Covered says Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson is being eyed to play a Terminator in an upcoming movie. No word on if he would be a good or bad Terminator. John Cena, Margot Robbie and previous Terminator star Edward Furlong are also being mentioned for the next Terminator project.

Woman's Day magazine claims Meghan Markle allegedly wants to star in Marvel's new Captain Britain movie. A source tells the magazine, “The irony of her playing a guardian angel to Captain Britain won’t be lost on the British public who are still sore from losing their number two prince.” Megan did voice work for Disney in ''Penguins.''

Ray Romano tells ABC that he accidentally passed gas on a Zoom call. “I had to learn the ins and outs of Zooming. I did a Zoom with a bunch of friends and it wasn’t until after that I realized that when you pass wind on Zoom, I thought, I don’t care, they don’t know. And then my friend told me after, ‘Dude, your box lights up. When there’s a noise, you light up'. So I lost about nine friends in lockdown.”

Survey: ''What's the most embarrassing, weirdest or funniest thing you or someone you know has gotten caught doing on a Zoom call?"

Instant Phoner ... this woman is a babysitter
Download MP3 • 490KB
Instant Phoner ... this woman was on a Zoom c
Download MP3 • 331KB

Tara Reid tells Entertainment Tonight that another American Pie movie may happen."It might happen. OK, I can't tell you when, because I don't really know when, because we have to get all the actors and at the same time to get our schedules together. There is a script out there. I'll put it that way. It's one of the best ones of the series.''

The Verge says Jon Stewart is returning to television with a new Apple TV Plus show titled ''The Problem with Jon Stewart.'' It will debut in the Fall. The show's description reads, “‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ is a multiple season, one-hour, single-issue series which will explore topics that are currently part of the national conversation and his advocacy work. Each season of the series will be further explored in a companion podcast to continue.''

NBC says animal expert Jack Hanna, a favorite of late night talk shows, has Alzheimer's disease.

His family released a statement saying, “His condition has progressed much faster in the last few months than any of us could have anticipated. Sadly, dad is no longer able to participate in public life as he used to, where people all over the world watched, learned and laughed alongside him. While Dad’s health has deteriorated quickly, we can assure you that his great sense of humor continues to shine through. And yes - he still wears his khakis at home. We are grateful that the many hearts he’s touched over the years are with him during this journey, which gives us strength. Thank you, and we appreciate your understanding.''

In touch Weekly Magazine says Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, Michael Polansky, are allegedly planning an Italian wedding. A source tells the magazine, “She and Michael have deliberately kept their romance private, and it’s made them closer than ever. Of course, she said yes when he asked her to marry him. And while she loves her hometown of New York and her Malibu mansion, she’s decided to go back to her roots and is planning an amazing wedding in Italy. The food will be local cuisine, and she wants an old-school feel, like a classic Federico Fellini film vibe. She wants it to be only family and a few close friends. Bradley Cooper will be there. She’s even trying to convince him to sing their duet, “Shallow.” But otherwise, the whole thing, even her gown, will be much more traditional than people might expect”

The Globe says Gwen Stefani allegedly wants to fly to Mexico so she and Blake Shelton can elope there. A source tells the magazine, “She’s got him so mixed up he can’t think straight. For the longest time, she wanted the Hollywood-style wedding with all the bells and whistles and was very particular about details. Now, she’s telling him to ditch those plans, which have already cost them a small fortune, and book a trip somewhere exotic so they can just ‘get it over with'.''

TOP THINGS PEOPLE PLAN TO DO WITH THEIR TAX REFUND …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Affirm

  1. Put it in savings - 43%

  2. Make a credit card payment - 40%

  3. Invest it - 40%

  4. Donate to charity - 40%

  5. Make a student loan payment - 24%

  6. Spend it on something nice for myself - 18%

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