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Fonseca Trending 04/07/21


- WROC says a Superman comic recently sold for $3.25 million. The comic was published in 1938 and explains how Superman came to Earth from another planet. The previous record for a comic sale was $ 3.2 million.

- Consequence of Sound says Ozzy Osbourne and William Shatner are being inducted into the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame.

- Radar Online says Rege-Jean Page allegedly turned down $50,000 per episode for a second season of ''Bridgerton.'' He declined the offer possibly because his film career is taking off. When asked about replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond, Page said, “Ah, the B word. I think that if you are British and you do anything of note, that other people take notice of, then people will start talking about that. I think that’s fairly normal and I’m flattered to be in the category of Brits that people have noticed.”


Olivia Rodrigo tells MTV News that she writes songs like Taylor Swift does.“Listen to music like a songwriter. I have grown exponentially from doing this. I literally will listen to music that Taylor Swift made, watch all of her interviews, then go back and be like, ‘Okay. I’m going to write a song as if she were writing this song,' It completely broadens your horizon and helps make your music that much better.”

Dua Lipa tells W magazine that the pandemic has given her a chance to reflect.“It was nice for me to realize the importance of patience. So much of my life is a big to-do list—what do I have to do, where do I have to fly next? It was stressful but also refreshing to have time to reflect on everything that’s happened so far.”

Billie Eilish tells GQ magazine that she wanted to be a dancer until she suffered an injury. “I took a couple of ballet classes aged around eight. I hated it. But I was interested in tap. Loved it. So I took tap and that led me to hip hop dance and then contemporary. I got into a company, started getting good and then I got injured. I just moved weird; I didn’t even land badly. Turns out I tore my growth plates. Took me out completely. Never danced competitively again.”

Ava Max tells that she doesn't read YouTube comments because they come from haters. "I cannot look at YouTube comments anymore. Every time I look at them I find something that hurts me. When I come across them, I really want to write back and say really bad things to that person. But I don’t. And I haven’t, yet. But you never know. It gets to me. So for my mental health to be clear, and have a clear vision for the future, I don't want to get blurred by all these negative words on the internet."

24kGoldn tells Dork magazine that he loves being able to connect with his fans at the push of a button. “The internet has been a gateway for me to connect with my fans on a more personal level than ever before. Like, no other time in history has any artist been able to press a button on their phone, and instantly connect with thousands of their fans in live time and have their fans watch them give a review of a chicken sandwich! It allows people to remove themselves from whatever situation they’re in temporarily and just vibe with me. My good energy rubs off on them because it’s contagious! Even through the computer screen.”

The Daily Mail, citing Axios, says Caitlyn Jenner is actively exploring a run for Governor of California. She is reportedly meeting with political consultants to see what her chances of winning are . Jenner is registered as a Republican

OK! magazine claims Aaron Rodgers could play for the Green Bay Packers and host ''Jeopardy'' at the same time because the game show only tapes 46 days a year. The magazine quotes Aaron as saying, "At the same time, I feel like I could host Jeopardy!. I'd love to/ And I feel like I could do both, which would be a lot of fun and a great challenge."

Forbes Magazine says Kim Kardashian has made their billionaires list. She is worth $1 billion up from $780 million in October. Kim makes a large amount of money from her beauty and Skims line.

Entertainment Tonight says Netflix has paid $30 million for a Kanye West documentary. Filmmakers have spent the last 21 years chronicling the rapper's life. The documentary will include private home videos and never-before-seen footage. It will premiere later this year

Ace Showbiz says Chris Hemsworth is trying to convince Russell Crowe to make a sequel to ''Gladiator''. A source says Chris wants to produce the film. "Chris is in awe of Russell. He hangs off his every word and Russ has really taken him under his wing." The two are currently filming the new Thor movie in Australia says Adam Levine and his entire family recently wore tie-dye dresses while taking a family photo. Adam posted a picture of him, his wife and his two daughters along with the caption: “girls just wanna have fun.”

A new survey by the consumer research platform Piplsay reveals that 58% of people would like to see Matthew McConaughey run for Governor of Texas and Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson run for President. Other findings:

13% of people say actors should just stick to acting.

22% of people would like to see Tom Hanks run for President.

21% of people would like to see Will Smith run for President

17% of people would like to see George Clooney run for President

30% of people would like to see Angelina Jolie run for President

27% of people would like to see Oprah Winfrey run for President

12% of people would like to see Dolly Parton run for President

BMW's Heated Seat Burns Man's Butt: The Daily Mail says Londoner David Murch is demanding a recall of the BMW 650i after his heated seat caught fire and burned his butt. Murch was waiting in a parking lot with the heated seat turned on when his rear-end suddenly felt hot. He immediately noticed a burn hole in the back of his sweater. Murch took the car to a mechanic before learning that the heating device had short-circuited. BMW later said there is nothing that they can do because the vehicle is 14 years old.

Murch says, "'It was just a little bit above my right buttock. I got out of the car and wondered what the [heck] was going on. There was a bit of smoke, but not a lot. If it was me [mistreating] the vehicle and it was my fault, then fair enough, I would deserve what I get. But I think they should take some responsibility and issue a warning about similar aged models."

THE AVERAGE MOM’S HOMEMADE GIFT GALLERY FROM THEIR KIDS … According to a new survey by Canvaspop

2.24 Homemade sculpture

2.07 Pieces of painted pottery

5.5 Drawings

3.8 Watercolor paintings

3.95 Finger paintings

1.37 Pieces of spin art

2.23 Macaroni noodle crafts

2.33 picture frames made of popsicle sticks

2.28 Craft creations made out of Legos

1.18 Crayon candles

0.95 Homemade brooch

3.48 Pieces of handprint artwork

2.09 Paper floral arrangements

2.40 Pieces of beaded jewelry

2.44 Painted rocks

2.94 “Best Mom” Awards

1.67 Homemade coupon books

1.33 Mason jar vases

1.24 Shrinky dink keychains

TOTAL: 45.49 Homemade gifts

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