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Fonseca Trending 04/02/21


- A new study by Pfizer reveals that their coronavirus vaccine remains 91% effective after six months.

- Newser says last night's Washington Nationals - New York Mets game was postponed because a player tested positive for the coronavirus. Yesterday was opening day in baseball.

- Business Insider says Apple's Siri assistant no longer uses a female as its default voice. The company added two new English voices to its lineup this week, including Irish and Indian accents. The move comes after Apple received criticism for promoting the idea that assistants should be women.

- The NY Post says CBS is denying reports that they paid Sharon Osbourne $10 million to leave ''The Talk''. They say she left on her own accord

- Fansided says Hidden Valley Ranch tried to prank people yesterday on April Fool's Day by posting pictures of a new flavor called Dentyne Fire. They said their dipping sauce tastes like spicy cinnamon.

- Asia One says Burger King restaurants in Singapore are serving Chocolate Whoppers until April 15th. The Whoppers are topped with chocolate instead of ketchup. Burger King is also selling vanilla soft serve ice cream with chocolate sauce and French fries. They swear their new offerings are not an April Fool's joke


Toilet Paper Prices Skyrocketing: Newser says toilet paper prices are going to skyrocket in the next several months. The price hike is going to occur because the cost of wood pulp has jumped by 35% over the last year. Cottonelle, Scott and Viva will all adjust their prices in late June.

Biden's April Fool's Prank: Raw Story says Joe Biden made fun of his dog, Major, biting people by posting a job ad for a Presidential Dog Trainer. The April Fool's ad said the job pays $133,000 a year. The job location is Washington DC.

Tate McRae tells Forbes magazine that she looks up to Post Malone and Zendaya. “Post Malone is one of my biggest inspirations. I just love his songs and his writing. He's a genius. Then person-wise, I'm a huge fan of Zendaya. I love her. I watch her interviews and everything she does all the time because I think she's just such a crazy good human being.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells The Los Angeles Times newspaper that she doesn't want to perform music written by people that are out of touch. “Gen Z-ers have a particular insight on the world that sometimes adults don’t have. If you have a bunch of old white guys in a room trying to write a song for a teenage girl, their experience is never going to be the same as a teenage girl living in 2020.”

Taylor Swift tells Elle magazine that she has a much better skincare routine now than she did as a teen. "After my teen years and early twenties of sleeping in my makeup and occasionally using a Sharpie as eyeliner (DO NOT DO IT), I felt like I needed to start being nicer to my skin. I now moisturize my face every night and put on body lotion after I shower, not just in the winter, but all year round. Because why can’t I be soft during all the seasons?!?"

Dua Lipa tells CBS that she convinced her parents to let her move from Kosovo to London with a friend when she was only 15. "I think there were moments of them wondering whether it's, like, the right thing to do. My mom just claims that I was very confident and my parents have always been my closest friends at the same time. But we became even closer when they allowed me to go to London. And I didn't wanna, like, misuse that trust."

Ava Max tells Billboard magazine that she would never get plastic surgery.“People think I got nose surgery. Ha! I won’t even go in to fix my deviated septum. I’ve only been under once for my wisdom teeth being pulled out and even that I did only two of them cuz I’m a scared chicken to do all 4.”

24kGoldn tells that basketball helps him relax. “I love basketball for my cheat days because you have to get your head in the game. I’m an aggressive basketball player. If you really want to play a good game of basketball your mind can’t be anywhere else but in the game and on the court and focusing on what’s going on with you and the players around you. It’s like meditation, it’s a little therapeutic, it takes your mind off of the ‘oh, well we got this song coming out and I have to promo this and that.’ It just lets me have fun. I’m still a 20-year-old kid, like I still have to have fun.”

The Weeknd tells Vanity Fair magazine that he got his musical inspiration from his mother and Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough,” from Off the Wall, is actually the song that helped me find my voice. It’s the reason I sing. The sadness I inherit is from the Ethiopian music my mother would play. A lot of sad songs about heartbreak. Even though I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, I could feel it.”

The Irish Mirror newspaper says Piers Morgan played an April Fool's Day prank yesterday when he said he was returning to work at ''Good Morning Britain.''

He posted: "UPDATE: Following the Archbishop of Canterbury's confirmation that Meghan Markle was talking a load of old flannel in her Oprah interview, ITV just offered me my @GMB job back & I've decided to accept."

Piers resigned several weeks ago because of controversial comments he made about Meghan

Life & Style Weekly Magazine says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son, Archie, is ready to become a big brother. A source tells the magazine, “Archie can’t wait to meet his baby sister and loves putting his hand on his mummy’s tummy and feeling the baby move. He’s such a caring, bright, loving little boy and is super advanced for his age. Archie’s a real water baby and loves being in the pool. Harry can’t wait to teach him to swim this summer.”

Ace Showbiz says Ariana Grande is being paid between $20 million and $25 million to be a coach on ''The Voice'' next season. Kelly Clarkson earns $15 million while John Legend and Blake Shelton each earn $13 million a season

Woman's Day magazine claims Tom Cruise is allegedly selling his Telluride, Colorado home because he needs money for the production costs of ''Mission Impossible 7.''A source tells the magazine, “He’s tried to sell Telluride many times, but this time he’s dropped his asking price by a third because he really needs the cash. All his money is tied up in production costs. Cruise hadn’t budgeted for needing several mobile medical units onsite, each with its own trained staff.”

Ken Jennings tells My Edmonds News that he doesn't know if he is going to be the permanent host of ''Jeopardy.'' "I do know there will be a permanent host next year. I'm not being coy. I don’t know who that is. Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are multimillion dollar properties for Sony TV. Those things just print money, and they are going to take this decision very seriously. I did feel like at the end, I was almost starting to get comfortable, I was starting to enjoy it a little bit," he said of his guest hosting stint. "I think with time I am starting to figure this out. So I do hope I get another chance.”

The Irish Mirror says Al Pacino's pinstripe suit from Scarface is going to be auctioned off later this month. It is expected to sell for as much as $85,000. Pacino wore the suit during his final action scene as he yelled, “Say hello to my little friend”. The fake blood stains have been removed from the suit

The National Enquirer claims Sandra Bullock's boyfriend, Bryan Randall, is allegedly concerned about her spending several months filming a new movie with Brad Pitt. A source tells the magazine, ''Brad’s company has him really concerned. They’re both divorced, they’ve each adopted kids from other countries, and they both have an interest in architecture. They also have several friends in common, including George Clooney, and his wife, Amal, who would love nothing more than to see get them together. Bryan knows Sandra’s free to start a relationship with Brad if that’s what she wants. He’s very worried Brad could swoop in.''

The National Enquirer claims performing at Joe Biden's inauguration has made Jennifer Lopez think about running for a political office. A source tells the magazine, “Jennifer is one of the most powerful stars in the world, yet nothing she’s experienced compared to the power she felt being in Washington D.C. Lopez plans to spend a lot more time in D.C. — expect her to be way more involved with political issues.”


"Great, now people think I'm sick." - 37%

"Oh no, I hope they don't think I'm sick." - 35%

"I promise I'm not sick." - 29%

"Hold it in!" - 27%

"I hope I don't have snot in my mask." - 24%

"It's just allergies, I swear." - 24%

"Where's my hand sanitizer?" - 18%

"Oh no, am I sick?" - 12%

"I need to get allergy medicine." - 10%

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